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Vancouver Area Council Meeting Minutes 27 April 11

In Attendance: Jamey Mills (President) UTE 20027, Sharon Tieman (Treasurer) UPCE 20101, Cheryl Oenema (Secretary) UNDE 21008, Tracy Shudo CEIU 20949, Cindy Zhou GSU 20008, Terri Lee AGR 20044, Fe De Casto GSU 20008, Rhonda Johns UPCE 20095

Guests: Joanne Hay UPCE 20095 – Kelowna, Marion McLarty NAT 20150
Staff Rep: Monica Urrutia
Regrets: Sam Weise

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Marie Lygo has stepped down as secretary so an interim election was held to elect a new secretary. Cheryl Oenema is the new secretary of the VAC.

Guest speaker: Joey Hartman, President of the Vancouver and District Labour Council (VDLC). Joey is the first female president of the VDLC. Members are encouraged to get their locals to affiliate to the VDLC, there are currently 3 locals that are affiliated. The cost is $0.35 per member per month. This cost can be split if the local has members in area of other district labour councils. For more information you can email Joey at . You do not need to be a delegate to attend meetings or to participate in the various committees, such as, the Women’s Committee, the Youth Committee, International Affairs and the Standing Strike Support Committee. For more info check out the VDLC website and sign up for the email list to get updated on upcoming events.

Affiliate Reports:

• CEIU 20949 – Day of Mourning buttons to be distributed to co workers. Sending four delegates to the BC Regional Convention.

• GSU 20008 –Union management meeting, one of the biggest issues is staffing, looking for more transparency in hiring practices. Going towards competency based, inventory of skills staffing practices, had some positive and negative feedback. Transfer of Compensation workers to NB. The employer is holding a diversity learning event. National Day of Mourning will be handing out pins in front of the office. Held a boat cruise for members and will be doing another cruise. Lunch and learns to discuss the changes to the collective agreement

• AGR 20044 – General meeting, summer social event, National Council meeting. AGR members to be in phase 1 of the transfer of compensation workers to NB. CFIA bargaining conference to be held in May, there will be 24 equity seeking seats available. French language teachers are being laid off and the jobs are being contracted out. CFIA policy changes which will result in less inspections. Looking to get some media attention in response to the CBC feature, Country of Origin. Sending two delegates to the BC Regional Convention. Bob Jackson is running for REVP.

• NAT 20150 (Newly created local) – Plans to affiliate. Department of Indian Affairs has a unique hiring target of 50% aboriginal staff, currently around 35%. Union management meeting, no longer allowed to post aboriginal only jobs to the public. Creation of the Aboriginal Declaration form as opposed to self ID to prove aboriginal status.

• UPCE 20101 & 20095 – Laying off of contact centre employees moved to July from September. Closing of the Ottawa contact centre in October, and contracting out of these jobs. Membership has been decreased by 1/3. Convention to be held in September. Sending one delegate to the BC Regional Convention. Has a member working in the PSAC office in organizing. Waiting to see what happens 25 May in regards to the CUPW strike, they will support as needed. Purolator employees may be asked to do Canada Post work.

• UTE 20027 – Got an automatic defibrillator in the office building along with training. There were renovations to the main floor of the building, further reducing the client service area open to the public. Staffing issues a big concern. Low morale amongst staff and an outside consultant, being hired, the biggest issues are staffing and harassment. UTE convention in Montreal in July, President Betty Bannon is retiring. Sending five delegates and two observers to the BC Regional Convention.

Discussed some of the resolutions from the BC Regional Convention. Looks like the resolutions submitted by the VAC are in concurrence with the resolutions committees.

Upcoming Events:
• National Day of Mourning 28 Apr 11. Rally at Hastings Park @ 8:00 am.
• May Day Rally and Parade 1 May 11 to celebrate the International Day of the Worker, 1:00 pm at Clark Park @ 13th and Commercial to McSpadden Park.
• NDP Rally 30 Apr 11 @ 12:30 pm in Burnaby 4088 First Ave at Gilmour, 1St Ave Film Studios.

Fair Taxation Conference – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Being held at the Maritime Centre on 27-28 May 11.
Motion – The VAC will provide funding for $75.00 for Cindy Zhou to attend the fair taxation conference. M/S/C Jamey, Rhonda

WCB Regulation rollback and petition, in regards to safety for night time workers. Monica to forward email from the BC Fed, please distribute widely.

Summer Event (June or July). Talk of organizing a fun event for the VAC and others, such as a Vancouver Canadians Game and buffet BBQ. Jamey and Monica to find out more info.

CLC Conference: The Regional Council is helping to fund council members to attend the CLC convention.

Motion: Move that the VAC provides $200.00 in funding to assist the BC Regional Council in sending delegates to the CLC Convention taking place in Vancouver. M/S/C Jamey, Sharon

Motion: Move to donate $50.00 to the BC Regional Convention host committee for the express purpose of donating to a basket for the basket raffle fund raising. M/S/C Jamey, Rhonda

There will be an executive meeting or conference call in July to discuss the Labour Day Event.

Round Table:
• 2011 Aboriginal Peoples Conference, 30 Sept – 2 Oct 11. Application and Resolutions deadline is 13 May 11.
• Get out and Vote!!

Okanagan Women’s Committee Meeting May 13th 2011

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In attendance: Annette Hale, Kelly Megyesi, Susan Yaciw, Joy Harrison, Roberta Gourlie, Kareen Stanich, Linda Woods, Martha Johnson, Regina Brennan, & guest Sheila Dunnachie.

The committee took advantage of being together at the PSAC Convention in Vancouver.  In support of women, everyone wore pink and participated in “See Yew Friday”.

Kelly Megyesi is running for the BC Women’s position and most of the committee were able to assist with her campaign. Voting to be held at breakfast meeting Sat morning.

Sheila is a retired union member/activist and it was interesting to hear about her role in supporting women within the union.

The meeting was mostly informal discussions, which ranged from the Federal election, participation in the Okanagan Committee, PSAC elections, ideas for upcoming activities, strategies, etc.

Joy Harrison was congratulated for her presentation on APSAR that day. She presented to the floor and set-up a booth outside of plenary with information and registration forms.

It was wonderful to have all of our active Okanagan members at convention. Everyone is fully participating, whether a delegate or an observer. It has been rewarding to see the growth & solidarity of our group.

Members were asked to keep the date of June 24th, 2011 open as the Human Rights Group (Annette, Martha, Kelly, & hopefully Maria Luiza will be back from Brazil) will be hosting their first event which is a Amnesty Dinner – Taste of Justice.

Unable to report out on financial information as meeting is in Vancouver but there has been no major change since last meeting. Financial will be updated at our next meeting.

Date for next meeting to be advised.

Okanagan Area Council meeting – May 13

continue reading below, or download the minutes as .pdf

In attendance: Darrell-Lee McKenzie, Annette Hale, Kelly Megyesi, Susan Yaciw, Joy Harrison, Roberta Gourlie, Kareen Stanich, Linda Woods, Martha Johnson, & guests speakers Kay Sinclair, & Bob Jackson.

Once again the Okanagan Committee took advantage of being together at the PSAC Convention in Vancouver. Dinner was canceled, as all council members were too busy with campaign and caucus work. Meeting was held upstairs at the Four Seasons in Kareen’s suite. It was felt that a more private location would work better for the all-candidates meetings.

A review of the first day of convention and the meetings leading up to convention took place. Susan Yaciw and Roberta Gourlie are on regional board committees for convention.

Special thanks you to Joy for both speaking at the convention on APSAR and for organizing the basket donated on behalf of the Okanagan Area Council. It was an amazing basket!!

Currently there are two regional representatives for the Okanagan/Kootenay’s area. It was felt that having one rep in the Okanagan and one in the Kootenay’s would be better from participation standpoint. Susan will be running again and Roberta will step down and run as alternate. Roberta has found someone to run that resides in the Kootenay area.

Bob Jackson and Kay Sinclair were invited separately to talk to the area council. Council members asked questions of each candidate and there were good discussions. Voting for the representative will be the following day.

May Day: The participation in the Penticton Labour Council May Day for the second year was a success. Thank you to everyone on the council that contributed. Each year it gets better and we are already looking forward to next year. (Letter of thanks received after the meeting is attached)

Upcoming Events/Actions: Susan talked about wanting to be involved in more political actions and the council seemed game. This will be an on-going topic for discussion at upcoming meetings.

Reg 15A: Kelly & Martha were invited to participate in a forum on voting early Friday morning. This was last minute so input was solicited from as many people as possible. If anyone would like more information on this subject please contact either participant.

Next Meeting TBA

Bob Jackson at the Langley City Parade

Despite the gray weather PSAC BC launched the popular “Think Public!” summer campaign at Car Free Day on Commercial Drive in Vancouver last weekend. REVP Bob Jackson marched in the Langley City Parade, and had an opportunity to meet with MP Mark Warawa to talk about how the government’s plan to cut program spending will affect public public services and the workers that provide them in Langley.

Keep an eye out at community events and festivals in your neighborhood! Over the summer PSAC BC will be attending many events such as these. Staff and members will speak to the public about the value of strong, quality public services and the impact cuts will have on them. The public will also be invited to play “Spot the Public Services” – a game designed to educate and inform around the variety and importance of the work federal public servants perform.

Click for some more photos.

CUPW members need solidarity against attacks on their union rights

June 23 is the United Nations World Public Services Day. This year, unions from around the globe are uniting to launch the Quality Public Services – Action Now!Campaign which advances quality public services for all people through international solidarity.

This solidarity and action is needed now more than ever. The Conservative government’s actions in both the CAW/Air Canada and CUPW/Canada Post negotiations are proof that the right to free collective bargaining is under serious threat in this country. Despite this right being upheld by the Supreme Court of Canada as well as by international conventions, the Conservative government’s back-to-work legislation is a clear attack on the rights of Canadian workers.

Read more at the national website.

For far too long the federal government has ignored the needs of Aboriginal Peoples in Canada.

They are able to do so because most people are unaware of the history of Canada’s First Peoples and believe the myths and misconceptions that surround them.

This campaign intends to raise public awareness about the issues and provide the tools necessary to help ensure that the rights of Aboriginal Peoples in Canada are respected.


Our FB contract with Treasury Board expires Monday June 20th. We are in negotiations with Treasury Board/CBSA this week as well. To date we have made virtually no progress in bargaining.

We made progress in the last round of bargaining in a number of critical areas. But there is much work to do. There are on-going scheduling issues that need to be addressed, from ensuring that management bargains in good faith when we negotiate work schedules, to guaranteeing that everyone’s seniority is appropriately recognized, to having telework available to non-uniformed personnel. We need protections in place in the context of the arming initiative. And we want a commitment from the government that there be an early retirement plan for enforcement workers in the FB bargaining unit that is in line with other federal enforcement workers.

We work hard. We ensure that Canada’s borders are secure. What we are asking for already exists elsewhere in the federal public sector.

We deserve nothing less.

Recently the Harper Government has attacked workers’ collective bargaining rights by threatening back to work legislation for Air Canada workers and Canada Post workers. We denounce these actions and we will not be intimidated by reckless and potentially unconstitutional behaviour on the part of the federal government. We will uphold our rights as unionized workers in this country and we will use every means under the law to achieve what we deserve in this round of bargaining with CBSA/Treasury Board.

We’ll be sure to update as things progress. If you have any questions speak with a member of our team, a member of your Branch Executive.

Vancouver Island Human Rights Committee Notification of Regular Meeting

  • Open to: All PSAC Members on Vancouver Island
  • Date/Time: June 21, 2011 at 6:30 p.m.
  • Location: PSAC Victoria Regional Office 210-1497 Admirals Road
  • Teleconference: Please call 250-953-1050 or 1-866-953-1050 for ‘call in’ coordinates, no later than June 20 at 12:00 noon.

Come out or Telephone in & See what your newly formed Vancouver Island Human Rights Committee (VIHRC) has been doing for you!

New members and allies are always welcomed to observe or join VIHRC! VIHRC is particularly keen in welcoming any member from 4 equity groups:

  • Aboriginals;
  • Access (Persons with Disabilities which also includes invisible disorders such as ADHD, Brain injury, OCD etc.);
  • Pride (Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals, Transgendered, Transsexual etc.);
  • Racially Visible

Regular meeting atmosphere is casual. Please contact 250-953-1050 or email PSAC Victoria Regional Office at for more info.


Members Present:

  • Ken Waldron – UNDE 21013
  • Nick Humphreys UEW 20169
  • Ian Wiggs – UNDE 21008
  • Mark Miller UNDE 21016
  • Steve Portlock – UNDE 21010
  • Graham Goodmanson UEW 20169
  • Paul Jones – UNDE 21008
  • Pete Wills – UEW 20076
  • Jim Sidel – DCL 20500
  • Scott Parker – UTE 20028
  • Cindy Little – UTE 20028
  • Bert Farwell – UCTE 20220
  • Virginia Vaillancourt UVAE 20030
  • David Ramahlo UNDE 21011
  • Peter Neelands NRU 20088
  • Marcelo Lazaro UNDE 21016
  • Ernest Hooker UCTE 20220
  • Lance Jesson UNDE 21016

PSAC Victoria RO Staff Present:

  • Dave Jackson – PSAC Rep
  • James Little – PSAC Victoria

Download the May 3 Victoria Area Council meeting minutes (pdf) or continue reading below.

1. Call to order Chairperson Sister Little called the meeting to order at 5:30 pm

2. Introductions Roundtable introductions of members and guest

3. Adoption of Previous Minutes Meeting minutes – m/s/c Steve Portlock/Dave Ramalho

4. Financial Statement Financial Statement Presented by Treasurer Waldron – m/s/c Waldron/Sidel

5. Federal Election Debrief

  • Roundtable discussion
  • Impact of majority, jobs, severance, mobilizing
  • Local’s members calling members worked well and probably changed the result in Esquimalt-Juan de Fuca

6. Discussion of Resolutions for BC Regional Conventions

  • 11 delegates from Area Council
  • Resolution Committee members explained rationale for priority and concurrence/non-concurrence on submitted resolutions.
  • Convention Committee Representatives from Area Council
    • Paul Jones- General
    • Virginia Vaillancourt- By-Laws
    • Finance- Cindy Little, Nick Humphreys, Peter Neelands

7. Host Committee

  • Virginia Vaillancourt reported on the BC Regional Convention Host Committee. The Area Council was asked to consider a $100 Basket donation for the raffle. Proceeds to go to Terrace Unemployment Charity. m/s/c Jones/Sidel Vancouver Island theme with Portlock/Ramalho to help buy.

8. Notes

  • Add Bert Farwell to mailing list

9 Adjournment

  • Motion to adjourn meeting. Meeting adjourned at 18:50 Little/Sidel m/s/c

UPDATED: The rally now takes place JUNE 17th at 5:30

After holding an effective series of rotating strikes, forty-five thousand members of CUPW were locked out by Canada Post yesterday. At issue are significant concessions demanded by the Corporation, including the introduction of a two-tiered wage system for new employees, a reduction in the amount of full-time employees, and roll-backs to the sick leave plan. Picket lines are now up at postal facilities across the country.

Rally For CUPW in Vancouver

  • Friday June 17, 5:30PM
  • Library Square, corner of Georgia & Richards, downtown
  • Look for the PSAC flags andbanners!

Rallies will soon be scheduled for other communities across the province – contact your Regional Office, or check back here – we will post information as it becomes available.

Other ways to support CUPW
  • Visit a CUPW picket line or attend a rally. Here is a list of picket line locations in BC – for more information about rallies and other events, contact your PSAC Regional Office.
  • Do not perform work normally done by CUPW members – for example, do not deliver or drop off packages that are normally sent between work sites using regular mail or Priority Courier.
  • Join the Support Postal Workers Facebook event and invite your friends, family, and co-workers.
  • Talk to your friends, family and neighbours about the importance of keeping Canada Post an accessible, quality public service. Fact sheets are available at the CUPW website
  • Encourage your Local to pass solidarityresolutions, and send messages of support or  strike support funds to CUPW.
  • Show your support by placing posters in your window or at your work site download the images at the Support Postal Workers website.
  • Contact Canada Post President Deepak Chopra and encourage him to drop the concessions. Tell him to negotiate solutions with postal workers.
  • Stay up to date on CUPWs struggle against Canada Post by visiting the CUPW website.

As of June 13th, negotiations between the Canadian Auto Workers Local 2002, representing sales and service agents at airports and reservation offices, and Air Canada are ongoing. The possibility of a strike at airports across Canada is high.

CAW members remain committed to achieving a fair and equitable settlement from Air Canada. This employer is asking for major concessions that cut deep into workers’ pay, benefits, pensions and job security.

If you face a CAW picket line at your workplace, you should take the following steps

  1. Ask to speak to the picket captain. Identify yourself and that you work at the airport. Find out what the major issues are.
  2. Ask for a management representative from your workplace to escort you through the picket line.
  3. Volunteer your support to CAW. Join CAW members on the picket line before and/or after work, make a donation to the Local strike or coffee fund.

What you can do to support CAW members if you do not work at an airport

  • In the event of a labour dispute, CAW is asking supporters to refrain from using Air Canada and its regional airlines. If you are flying you may wish to cancel scheduled flights or switch your ticket to an alternate carrier.
  • Air Canada has advised customers they will not charge the usual fees for making these changes. You should verify this at the time of making these changes.
  • Join CAW members on the picket lines or at Solidarity rallies.
  • Encourage your Local to make donations to the CAW strike fund and/or send a message of support to CAW Local.

For more information, visit or contact your Regional Office.

The B.C. Federation of Labour is hosting special regional meetings to strategize for the coming provincial election. At these meetings, we will discuss the HST campaign, fall pre-election campaign strategies, and key issues of importance in each community. We will also give participants a behind-the-scenes view of the BC Fed’s election campaign.

You can register for the meetings and get more information at the BC Fed website.

Meeting Schedule:

  • JUNE 16 – Vancouver
  • JUNE 20 – South Van. Island
  • JUNE 21 – North Van Island
  • JUNE 22 – Surrey/Mission
  • JUNE 23 – Burnaby/Tri Cities
  • JUNE 27 – Kamloops and area
  • JUNE 28 – Cariboo
  • JUNE 29 – Prince George
  • JUNE 30 – Okanagan

(note meetings will be held from 7:00pm – 8:30pm)

Victoria Regional Women’s Committee General Meeting February 15, 2011

In Attendance: Cindy Little, Brenda Esplen, Kay Ahmadi, Leanne Hughes, Virginia Vaillancourt,

Regrets: Giselle Henry, Dyan Day, Jeanette Lum, Rosemary MacKenzie (PSAC Staff)

Meeting called to order at 5:35pm

Reviewed and approved minutes of January 24, 2011. m- Kay/s-Cindy/c – unanimously

Discussed March 8th IWD 100th Anniversary Event plans

  • menu
  • movie(s)
  • room set up
  • seating/lighting

Update on MP Lobbying on Childcare and Pensions

  • Virginia has contacted Garry Fraser PSAC Rep and he is working on setting up lobbying meetings with Local MP’s for Brenda, Kay, Giselle and Virginia. More info will be sent to the 4 members interested in lobbying MP’s.
  • Discussed Petition in Support of CBSA members in the Vancouver Recourse Division. Members in attendance at the meeting tonight signed the petition and Virginia will forward to PSAC Vancouver RO
  • a copy of the petition is at the end of the minutes for members to be able to print off and obtain signatures.

Discussed Status of Women website & material available on line at:

Discussed Resolution to the BC Triennial Convention on the Long Gun Registry

  • Whereas the Conservative Government have already tried to scrap the Gun Registry under Bill C-391; and
  • Whereas PSAC, CLC and like-minded partners were successful in defeating Bill C-391; and
  • Whereas the Conservative Government have vowed to abolish the gun registry resulting in the loss of over 200 PSAC members jobs
  • Be it Resolved that the PSAC demand that the Conservative Government withdraw any and all actions related to the abolishment of the gun registry; and
  • Be it Further Resolved that the PSAC lobby all Federal Parties to keep the gun registry in place; and
  • Be it Further Resolved that the PSAC continue to work with the CLC and other like-minded partners on the gun registry campaign

Motion to send Resolution to BC PSAC Triennial Convention m – Kay/s – Cindy /c – unanimously/

Meeting adjourned at 6:16pm

Petition below:


TO: The Honourable Vic Toews

We, the undersigned members and friends of the Vancouver & District Branch of the Customs & Immigration Union strongly request that our members in the Vancouver Recourse Division of CBSA be allowed to remain working in that location. Due to a flawed Strategic Review initiative by the CBSA, the employer is intent on closing this Division to the detriment of the Canadian importing public. We ask that you revoke such decision and allow the employees in Recourse Division in Vancouver to continue providing professional service to Canadians.


Return petitions to:
CIU 20040 c/o PSAC Vancouver RO
200-5238 Joyce Street
Vancouver BC V5R 6C9

Postal workers in Victoria took their turn in country-wide rotating strike actions yesterday. Members of the South Island Area Council were there to support and encourage their CUPW sisters and brothers, and members of the North Central Area Council joined delegates at the BC Federation of Labour Regional Conference in Prince George at a rally last weekend.

Check out the photos here and read about what you can do to ensure that Canada Post remains an accessible, quality public service.

CAW Local 2002, representing 3800 Air Canada airport and office workers across the country, will be in a legal strike position at midnight on June 13th. Air Canada is tabling demands that would see the pension plan cut by over 40% and the introduction of a two-tier pension system, as well as numerous other concessions.

Rallies and demonstrations of solidarity have been held in airports across the country – and more are planned – but as of yet, CAW has not requested that the labour movement stop flying with Air Canada.

For more information, contact your PSAC regional office, or visit We will post more information and updates on the situation as it becomes available.

Monday, June 20, 2011
5:30 p.m.
PSAC Vancouver Regional Office
200-5238 Joyce St.
Vancouver, B.C.

Agenda: Elections for the following positions: Co-Chair; Treasurer and Secretary.

Please RSVP to: Jennifer Ho at e-mail: and cc:

A light meal will be served.

Please RSVP and submit any further agenda items to Janelle Ho-Shing

Download a PDF of poster: Vancouver RWC Meeting Poster_June 2011

Ottawa – The federal budget that was tabled in Parliament today by the Harper Conservatives aims to reduce the deficit on the backs of hard working Canadians by slashing essential services, said the Public Service Alliance of Canada. In response, the PSAC launched a national campaign to reach out to Canadians in workplaces and communities across the country.

“Cutting public services and jobs is the wrong priority at the wrong time,” said John Gordon, National President of PSAC. “A majority in Parliament does not give Harper the license to ignore the Canadian public.”

The national campaign will begin with a Google and Facebook ad campaign that will direct people to send a message to Stephen Harper and Tony Clement in favour of public services. PSAC is also calling on everyone to Tweet their support for public services to @TonyClementCPC.

A secret Cabinet committee led by Tony Clement will make the final decisions on cuts to services. But the vast majority of Canadians did not give Harper a mandate to cut the services they depend on. Instead of listening to Canadians, the Harper Conservatives have decided to transfer $4 billion from vital public services to corporate bank accounts with no strings attached.

“Tony Clement has a responsibility to safeguard the public services Canadian families depend on,” said Gordon. “He also has a legal obligation to uphold collective agreements.”

Standing together with its partners, PSAC will work to ensure this government respects its obligations to protect quality public services and jobs for all Canadians.

In the coming months, PSAC will organize its members to engage their communities from coast to coast to coast, and meet with Parliamentarians in their constituencies to ensure public services are not eroded in favour of corporate tax cuts. In addition, the union will be contacting and bringing thousands of its members together to train them in their rights and in a campaign to defend services.

For more information, visit

PSAC supports CUPW

Forty-five thousand members of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers will be on strike against Canada Post Thursday at midnight.

In this round of negotiations Canada Post has tabled contract language that will:

  • Introduce a two-tiered wage system that pays new employees 30% less and gives them reduced benefits, an inferior pension, and weaker job security.
  • Increase the amount of temporary employees and reduce the number of full-time employees.
  • Increase the amount that retirees have to pay for their extended health care plan.
  • Replace the current sick leave plan with a complicated and inferior short-term disability plan.
  • Force letter carriers to adopt a new delivery procedure that compromises their health and safety.

CUPW members are standing up to an employer determined to roll back negotiated gains, pursue an agenda of privatization, and weaken public services.

PSAC and CUPW share Canada Post as an employer and our unions have faced the same issues and fought the same struggles. We must stand with CUPW and help them achieve an agreement that is both fair for workers and protects Canada Post as a quality public service.

What you can do:

  • Visit a CUPW picket line or attend a rally. For picket line locations or more information about rallies and other events, contact your PSAC Regional Office.
  • Join the “Support Postal Workers” Facebook event and invite your friends, family, and co-workers.
  • Talk to your friends, family and neighbours about the importance of keeping Canada Post an accessible, quality public service. Fact sheets are available at the CUPW website.
  • Encourage your Local to pass solidarity resolutions, and send messages of support or  strike support funds to CUPW.
  • Show your support by placing posters in your window or at your worksite – download the images at the Support Postal Workers website.
  • Write a letter to the editor of your local paper, or call your local radio station, to explain why you support postal workers.
  • Stay up to date on CUPW’s struggle against Canada Post by visiting CUPW’s website

via email to PSAC BC Young Workers Caucus

The year has so-far been filled with several events and opportunities!

Coming up from July 13-17 at the University of Victoria, there will be a Summer Institute for Union Women. The theme is “Putting Women in their Places…in our Union, in Politics and in our Communities”.

We are pleased to be able to support PSAC-BC Young Women who are interested in taking part in this skills and leadership-building learning opportunity.

If you are interested in being considered, please send a 300-word paragraph on how you would use the what you’ve learned at this event in your Union, in Politics or in your Community to Monica Urrutia by June 10, 2011. This could be as simple as you are wanting to run for a Local Executive position, to you are considering getting involved in politics at the municipal, provincial or federal levels, or you want to advance issues at the community level, such as Childcare or Retirement Security for All.

If you are interested in applying for PSAC’s support to attend this event, please do not register directly with the organizers. Please send your expression of interest in to us first. If accepted, then we will submit your registration to the organizers on your behalf.

More information about the event can be found at the BC Federation of Labour website (pdf)

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