PSAC members all over the Province, coordinated by their Area Councils, are spending the summer letting the public & politicians know the value of strong public services – services that should be protected and improved. They are attending events in their communities, meeting with the public, distributing fans and leaflets with the Public Services Are Cool message and website address, and encouraging people to send a message to Ottawa …

Federal public employees are on the job every day to protect our health, safety, environment, culture and standard of living. Our quality of life would be poorer in Canada without them. As workers, citizens, and neighbours, they contribute to strong communities.

I expect their employer, the Government of Canada, to treat them with the respect they deserve. That means compensating them fairly for their labour, providing them with the equipment and infrastructure they need to do their jobs well, and ensuring there is enough of them to get the job done properly.

I support federal public emplyees because their work supports me. Quality public services bring us quality of life. They help keep us safe, healthy and secure. Social programs and benefits support us in difficult times: when we’re ill or unemployed, or facing economic hardship. They provide security in old age.

Quality public services promote social equality and cohesion, and are vital to our prosperity and a sustainable environment.

Quality public services: they’re the ties that bind us together.

Visit to send a message to your MP, sign on to the petition, and enter to win an enviro-friendly bike.

Here are some photos taken at various events around the province …

psac01 psac02 psac03
At the Canada Day celebrations in Vancouver


abb01 abb02
With the Fraser Valley Labour Council at the Canada Day parade in Abbotsford.


surrey1 surrey2 surrey1 pubsvccool-15.jpg
At Canada Day celebrations in Cloverdale


At the COPE fundraising BBQ

PSAC members also attended events on Vancouver Island, the Interior and Northern BC. The campaign will continue through the summer at community events, bbqs, meetings, and the like. If you would like to get involved with the Public Services Are Cool summer campaign, contact your local Area Council Representative, or Regional Office.

Stay tuned for more!

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