Everyone should have the right to join a union if they want to.

Did you know that students who work under the Federal Student Work Experience Program are banned from joining a union? The definition of employee in the Public Service Labour Relations Act excludes student, casual, and short-term workers from access to collective bargaining.

This provision prevents these workers from becoming union members and enjoying the rights and protections afforded to them by membership in a union, including the right to bargain collectively and access to the grievance process.

The PSAC thinks this is unfair and has filed a lawsuit against the Canadian government that argues that this violates the Article 2 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the freedom of association.

We are also undertaking a number of initiatives to demonstrate that our charter challenge has the support of student workers and of the public at large.


We have hired 13 student organizers across the country who have been tasked with locating summer students and finding opportunities to speak with them about unions in general and the PSAC in particular. They will be asking these students to sign a card as affirmation that they believe they should have the right to choose to join a union as well gathering support for our campaign by asking the general public to sign a petition.

The student organizer in B.C. is Alison Timmons. Alison will be contacting National Officers, Regional Council members, Local executives, PSAC Committees, and members for assistance.

How can you help?

For more information or for copies of the student cards please contact Alison Timmons at timmona@psac-afpc.com or 604-430-5631 or 1 800 663 1655

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