The Union met with the Company in mediation on Monday July 12.  The employer provided only a few responses to some of the Union’s proposals, but was unable to agree or respond to most of our package.  The employer chose to spend all of Tuesday July 13, working on further responses to the Union.

As the deadline for a possible Strike/Lockout approaches, we recognize that members are concerned about what this will mean. Please be assured that the Union’s bargaining committee remain committed to reaching an agreement before the time expires 12:01 July 17, 2010.

In the event of a Strike/Lockout either party is legally required to give the 72 hours notice of their intentions to do so. At that time, the Union will notify you of our Strike/Lockout headquarters office where you can report for a membership meeting and schedule for picket duty.

If there is a Strike/Lockout, for those members who work in the Fuelers bargaining unit no strike action will be authorized. You will have to continue to work under the terms of your collective agreement and the Canada Labour Code. This means you will have to report to work and perform your usual duties. However, section 94 of the Canada Labour Code and the collective agreement both provide that you have the right to refuse to perform struck work.  If a member is concerned for their safety in crossing a picket line, the employer has to provide an escort to ensure your safety.

At this time solidarity is very important for all PSAC members who work for GlobeGround Fuel Services/Servisair. We need to work collectively to send a clear message to the employer that we are a strong group of union members.

For more information contact Janelle Ho-Shing at 604.430.5631.

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Click here to download a PDF poster: The-Right-to-Refuse-struck-work-final2

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