Cheers to Garry Fraser and Jennifer Ho (NAT 20088) for these photos and report from the PSAC Think Public booth at Surrey Fusion Festival, July 17 and 18!

PSAC BC set up a Think Public Booth at the Surrey Fusion Festival on July 17th and 18th. Many members volunteered to help promote Public Services and encourage the public to sign a petit…ion to the House of Commons urging them to reverse the decision to eliminate the mandatory long form Canada Census questionnaire.

The event was a celebration of community diversity in the second largest city in BC, Surrey. We had many good discussions with the public on why Public Services are critical for Canada. Many people played our game of spot the Public Service and were given a Think Public prize.

It was amazing how many people were aware of the elimination of the Census long form and wanted to sign the petition. Music filled the air from the four stages, and thirty countries had booths and samples of their countries cuisine, an international buffet. We all had a great time and many members both current and retired dropped by the booth to say hello. We had many comments from members from other Unions that they were happy to see us promoting Public Services and were surprised not to see their Union participating.

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