Servisair bargaining update: Aug 6th

Servisair on the line

Servisair on the line

After spending the weekend picketing, PSAC members began leafleting workers and the public at the airport, warning them of possible flight delays and encouraging them to call ahead prior to traveling.

After spending the weekend at home, Servisair representatives returned to Vancouver on Tuesday August 3rd and informed the bargaining team they had left some of their documents at home. They finally presented the team with a second “best and final” – which actually contained less than the previous offer – and have since not been heard from.

Servisair are no longer returning phone calls from the Union or from the mediator.

In the meantime PSAC has taken out advertisements in local papers, warning the public of possible delays and members continue to picket and leaflet at the airport. A blanket leaflet action is planned for tomorrow, with help from some of the other unions at the airport.

PSAC is examining legal means of forcing Servisair back to the table to bargain in good faith, and we are also investigating reports of serious health and safety violations at the airport and discussing these with Transport Canada.

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