Attending: Jamey Mills, Deanna Wilson, Sharon Tieman, Cecilia Parsons, Allen Schofield, Marie Lygo, Bill Pleming, Paul Croes, Rhonda Johns, Monica Urrutia, Terri Lee, Jack Seto, Megan Adam

 Agenda Adopted (Megan/Rhonda)

  • Minutes Adopted (Megan/Jamey)
  • Presidents Report:
    • Elections recap/federal, provincial, municipal
    • Taxation and Bill C-10
    • $10 now campaign
    • Area Council involvement in May 1st
  • Financial Statement (Sharon/Rhonda)
    • Amended to move $100 from donations to political action budget (Paul C/Megan)
  • Proposed Budget (Sharon/Rhonda)
    • Request from Megan Adam for $300 to Local 20147 for VDLC affiliation dues 2009/10 year. (Megan/Terri)
  • Affiliate reports heard from: UTE 20027, UPCE 20101, UPCE 20095, CIU 20040, CEIU 20938, UVAE 20045, AGR 20044, GSU 20008, UEW 20147
  • UTE 20027 – Bill C-10, planning practical actions. Black Monday plantgate (Nov 2nd). Local split/call center moved, new local being formed.
  • UPCE 20101 – 6-week strike, lost sick leave as of Jan 2010 – rough year for local. Mgmt still holding strike against employees. Losing members through retirement – still in court over pay equity.
  • UPCE 20095 – Puralator – Collective agreement, conciliation, settled without a strike, haven’t received retro pay yet.
  • CIU 20040 – Chang in classification PM-FB which worked for most employees – though mgmt positions all went up by a greater increment. Arming initiative issues.
  • CEIU 20938 – Diversity committee organized joint union-mgmt anti-bullying day – wearing pink – issues in workplace re: bullying by manager. Contact Alan Schofield for more information on workplace wear pink day. Had manager removed from supervisory position. Had PRIDE event in workplace on transgender issues – standing room only.
  • UVAE 20045 – Lots going on last year – large enough group in a single location to have its own local. Had books seized due to errant treasurer. Went to both conventions. Down to 63 members – high turnout at meetings.
  • AGR 20044 – Listeriosis outbreak/review/inquiry – in favour of union – more inspectors/employees added. Some people going to provinces.
  • GSU 20008 – Continued downsizing due to privatization. Administrative instead of operational – change over of membership transfer into different unions. Classification issues, outdated work descriptions. Divestiture program under review. Management of Graving Dock under review etc. Dept very involved in Olympics. Most grievances ever in unit. Management going for the bottomline.
  • UEW 20147 – Olympics in the workplace, resolving transportation concerns. Increase in Medical Harassment, grievances.


    • President: Jamey Mills (Megan/Paul) – acclaimed
    • Vice President: Allan Schofield (Paul/Jamey) – acclaimed
    • 2nd Vice President: Rhonda Johns (Jamey/Sharon) – acclaimed
    • Secretary: Megan Adam (Jack/Marie) – acclaimed
    • Treasurer: Sharon Tieman (Marie/Rhonda) – acclaimed
    • Members at Large (3): Paul Croes, Terri Lee, Marie Lygo

 Final note: Jack Seto is retiring and the Area Council would like to do something for him at a future meeting.

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