In attendance – Jamey Mills (President), Sharon Tieman (Treasurer), Fe De Castro, Angela Duhamel, Deanna Wilson, Teri Lee and Monica Urrutia (PSAC resource)

Meeting started at 5:45 pm

-Jamey spoke about the Labor Day Annual event – September 6, 2010, last year it was held at Trout Lake Park but is not being held there as it is booked already. We will participate again and Jamey to let us know where it will be held. Volunteers to work at our table are Deanna Wilson, Sharon Tieman, Jamey Mills and possibly Fe De Castro. Jamey will send out an email to all the members of the area council to give details for a short meeting in early August to set up the schedule for volunteers and should have more information on location. We will have the same games this year as they went over well last year.

– Stephen Von Sychowski from the BC Federation Young Workers attended our meeting to speak to us about a new campaign they were launching – Action & Rights Network. The website they have created for this is

-Monica spoke about the Red Tent Campaign. A motion was made by Jamey Mills and seconded by Sharon Tieman to buy 2 tents at a cost of $100.00 per tent. The $200.00 will be taken out of political action funds- Carried.

-Labor Day organizing, Jamey Mills moved to donate $130.00 out of donations to the BC Fed (organizers of the Labor Day event) and Teri Lee seconded- Carried.

– Jamey spoke about the PSAC Winter School coming up in November, 2010 and encouraged all to apply. Jamey also spoke about the new PSAC campaign – Workplace Watch.

Next meeting – early August 2010, Jamey will arrange and let everyone know.

Our last minutes were not available so Jamey will get them out to all of the members via email to have passed.

Round table – Taxation-lots of retirements and no new hires; Public Works-hiring new employees; Canada Post-also lots of retirements, huge downsizing as many are being offered incentives to leave; Canadian Heritage, as well not staffing positions as employees retire; Food Inspection there is a huge backlog of grievances, lots of H&S issues, hiring new inspectors and moving to a 7 day work week.

Meeting ended at 7:08 pm

Submitted by Sharon Tieman July 7, 2010

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