A settlement is in sight

We are into our second week of negotiations and we’re close to a settlement. There will be no further bulletins until a settlement is announced.

Thanks again to all our members for your continuing support.

Members across the province have been plant-gating and attending bargaining info sessions – here is a report on activities at Burnaby Fraser TSO from Terry Ruyter, President UTE Local 20007.

We met at the office this morning at 6:30 and handed out stickers & tattoos that said I support my Bargaining Team. We also handed out a leaflet that gave the
members all the websites and links that they could go to when looking for bargaining updates. We also handed out the Think Public (whats going on in your workplace)

The members were very supportive and were happy to know that the bargaining Teams were still at the table. I explained that every-time that we do something like
this Management has to file a report. They said that they were supporting the Team and will continue to wear the bands and now the tattoos. For the most
part the membership is very positive and supportive and are awaiting a Contract.

And a report from UTE Local 20050

UTE 20050 held a bargaining info session yesterday at the North Surrey Recreation Centre. The Local Executive supported the sessions at various times in the afternoon. Members could drop-in for rolling info sessions between 3 and 6 pm. The local distributed different chocolate bars with stickers on them hoping for a “sweet deal” to come. Erica Yang shared information on the New Steward course and highlighted the Union School and helped the local get the contact information of their membership.

Monica Urrutia, as CRA-RSC, gave a bargaining overview and fielded several questions. With the latest bulletin promising that a deal was soon to come, many members had questions about what the next steps would be, and included discussion on what kinds of political action they can take to prevent the government from intervening on any tentative deal.

And here are some photos from UTE 20002 (Prince George), UTE 20007 (BFTSO) and UTE 20050 (BFCC)”!

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