Members Present:

  • Virginia Vaillancourt – UVAE 20030
  • Ian Wiggs – UNDE 21008
  • Steve Portlock – UNDE 21010
  • Nick Humpreys – UEW 20169
  • Paul Jones – UNDE 21008
  • Pete Wills – UEW 20076
  • Jim Sidel – DCL 20500
  • Scott Parker – UTE 20028
  • Cindy Little – UTE 20028
  • Ernest Hooker – UCTE 20220
  • Sharon Hazelwood– NAT – 20140
  • Kenan Sweezie – AGR 20064
  • Brenda Esplen – UTE 20028
  • Kay Ahmadi – UTE 20028
  • David Ramalho – UNDE 21011
  • Derek Williams – PSAC 20064

PSAC Victoria RO Staff Present:

  • Dave Jackson – PSAC Rep
  • Rosemary MacKenzie – PSAC Victoria


  • Kay Sinclair – PSAC BC REVP


  • Ken Waldron – UNDE 21013
  • Jason Wallach – GSU 20001
  • Mandi Schubert – CEIU 20975

1. Call to order

  • Chairperson Sister Little called the meeting to order at 5:30 pm

2. Introductions

  • Roundtable introductions of members and guest

3. Adoption of Previous Minutes

  • Annual General Meeting minutes September 15, 2009 m/s/c P.Jones/D.Ramalho
  • General Meeting minutes June 10, 2010

4. Budget

  • Treasurer unavailable to attend meeting as he is a SV Bargaining Team Member and has been called back to Ottawa for discussions with Treasury Board.
  • Queries on budget:
    • Cumberland Miners – This is a memorial event that is put on in Cumberland; to Commemorate the miners who worked and lost their lives in the mines of Cumberland and other workplaces throughout BC. Victoria Labour Council rents a bus to Cumberland and donations are made to the event.
    • Under Miscellaneous – This line item is where donations came from why was amount decreased this year.
    • Query on Miscellaneous will be forwarded to treasurer and response will be sent out.
  • Motion to accept budget. m/s/c J. Sidel/P. Jones, D. Ramalho would like to be recorded as opposed.

5. By Law Amendments

  • Reviewed changes to the By-Laws. Discussion re: Section III Subsection 5 – query re when dues can be changed? Reference: Section X for process; Section IV – reviewed addition of specified term of office;
  • Section IX – query re where auditors report was? Auditors report is currently unavailable as the financial statements are not complete due to recent recall to Treasury Board Bargaining.
  • Motion to accept By Laws as presented. m/s/c P. Jones/J. Sidel

6. Elections

  • Elections conducted by Sister Kay Sinclair and Brother Dave Jackson
  • Position of President
    • Cindy Little Nominated by S. Parker, Seconded by N. Humphreys
    • Sister Little accepted – acclaimed
  • Position of Vice President
    • Ian Wiggs Nominated by V.Vaillancourt, Seconded by D. Ramalho
    • Brother Wiggs accepted – acclaimed
  • Position of Treasurer
    • Ken Waldron Nominated by D. Ramalho, Seconded by J. Sidel
    • Brother Waldron advised in writing his wish to accept – acclaimed
  • Position of Secretary
    • P. Wills Nominated by N.Humphreys, Seconded by S.Portlock
    • Brother Wills accepted – acclaimed

7. Living Wage Campaign

  • Nick provided an update. New Westminister now has a living wage bill. Coun. Randall Garrison from Esquimalt is on board with a living wage. Seth Klein will be attending the Victoria Labour Council Breakfast and will be doing a presentation on living wages. The living wage will be an ongoing topic at the Labour Council Breakfasts.
    There will be a By-Election this November for Greater Victoria City Council.
  • Kay advised that PSAC made a $1500.00 to the Coalition on Living Wage Campaign. There will be a PSAC rep who will attend the meetings in Vancouver.

8. December 6th event

  • Victoria Regional Women’s Committee is holding a Candle Light Vigil on December 6th at 5pm at the Legislature Grounds
  • Motion to donate $100.00 to the Victoria RWC to assist with costs of event. m/s/c V.Vaillancourt/J. Sidel

9. Hotels in Vancouver

  • Negotiations with 4 hotels in Vancouver. Hyatt Regency Hotel, the Westin Bayshore, the Four Seasons, and the Renaissance Vancouver Harbourside (Marriott). Strike votes will be held in about 2 weeks. A delegation of unions will be meeting with management. PSAC will no longer be booking at these hotels and the hotels will be advised of this.

10. TB Bargaining

  • Treasury Board Bargaining Team members have been called back to Ottawa for expedited bargaining with Treasury Board.
  • If members have questions they are encouraged to email TB-Q& Responses will be posted on the PSAC Website

11. CRA Bargaining

  • CRA is currently in Ottawa bargaining. They will be returning to Ottawa to continue bargaining for 2 weeks following Thanksgiving.
  • CRA has Red Bracelets that they are wearing to support their Bargaining Teams.

12. BC Regional Convention

  • May 11 – 13, 2011 in Vancouver. The call out letter will come out in October. Resolutions Deadline TBA, it will be around January. The confirmed date for resolution submissions will be in the Call Out letter.
  • Area Council is entitled to 1 Delegate.

13. Adjournment Motion to adjourn meeting.

  • Meeting adjourned at 6:45 pm m/s/c

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