Campbell River & District Area Council Meeting Banner’s Restaurant Meeting Room, Campbell River June 3, 2010 7:05pm – 9:00pm

Attendance: Mike Ballard, Dave Jackson, Deb Clemenson, Tom Hopkins, Sharon VanderDonck

Tom Hopkins called the meeting to order at 7:05pm

Welcome and Introductions

Approval of the Agenda

  • MOTION: To approve the June 3, 2010 Agenda – Sharon VanderDonck moved and 2nd by Tom Hopkins. Carried

Minutes of March 24, 2010

  • MOTION: To approve the March 24, 2010 Minutes – Sharon VanderDonck moved and 2nd by Tom Hopkins.  Carried

Financial Report

  • MOTION: To approve the Financial Report – Tom Hopkins moved and 2nd by Mike Ballard. Carried
  • Sharon VanderDonck will email affiliation dues breakdown to Dave Jackson.

Committee Reports:

  • Woman’s Committee – BC Regional Woman’s Conference is being held June 12, 2010 and 61 women will be attending this conference.
  • Political Action – Add Mike Ballard to the Political Action Committee. Mike Ballard suggested that Tom Hopkins contact Claire Trevena re: HST
  • Convention Committee – It was suggested that Tom, Deb & Sharon work on Convention Resolutions and have them ready for the PSACBC Convention in May 2011.
  • Education Committee – Discussion took place regarding the different Education Programs coming up such as the July 10 Health & Safety PSAC – CLC Part II Canada Labour Code Workplace Inspections etc. The PSACBC website has all of these programs and members are encouraged to attend the different programs. PSAC 2010 Union School Nov 5-7 in Vancouver at the Hilton in Burnaby.
  • Labour Council Report – Comox nursing care and cutting nursing positions is in the works and all should check out the Healthcare website to learn more.
    Tom spoke regarding the de-staffing of Lighthouses and said that the Labour Council will be writing a Letter of support and stating how this will be a detriment to many boaters and local citizens who depend on the lighthouse keepers for their safety
  • Miners Memorial Day – It was discussed that Tom Hopkins, Deb Clemenson and Mike Ballard attend the Miners Memorial Day Celebration in Cumberland June 18 – 19 and represent the CR & District Area Council
  • BBQ Planning – It was discussed that a BBQ take place at Sharon’s home in Campbell River for Members and their families to attend. A tentative date of late August early September has been decided and Tom will look at the tides and email the dates and times out to all that plan on attending. The CR & District Area Council will sponsor the BBQ.
  • Pension Campaign – ongoing and Dave Jackson submitted a sheet on Workplace Watch Report Back Form and also suggested to take a look at the PSAC website for more information regarding the different Pension concerns.

Special Guests:

Dave Jackson spoke regarding the information and Bargaining sheet along with the Program Demands booklet which are on the PSAC website.

Mike Ballard spoke regarding his recent visit to Bolivia to look at mine sites and meet with the woman and families that reside at these mine sites. Different resources help with the supplies at the mine site. An outfit from Germany supplied homes and the PSAC Social Justice Program funded health and nutrition, daycare for preschool aged children. Families residing in this mine site Village are living in extreme poverty and they seem to still have the sense of a happy tight knit community. They grow their own food and live off of the land as much as possible. The PSAC Social Justice Program became involved to help increase a healthier and longer lifestyle, these mines are run from very corrupt associations. Garbage over the edge becomes road material, they raise pigs at these sites, and dogs have ribs sticking out of them. It was a very valuable experience to see how fortunate people living in Canada are as opposed to the Bolivia experience. The second half of the journey was on Climate change and the Bolivian Government hosted it. Presidents from Nicaragua and Brazil were in attendance. Indigenous people coming together to show that we all belong to Earth and that Earth does not belong to us. Some of the workshops had 3200 people attend and it was a real eye opener however much more work is needed to be done.

Area Council Promotion – More members need to attend and hopefully with the BBQ etc this will happen. Perhaps an area council conference may be useful to attract more members to attend and become involved with the CR & District area Council meetings.


MOTION: To adjourn at 9:00pm – Moved by Sharon VanderDonck. Carried

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