The Supreme Court of Canada will hear PSAC’s pay equity case against Canada Post.

The union asked the Supreme Court for the right to appeal a February 2010 Federal Appeal Court decision that upheld an earlier decision to overturn a human rights tribunal decision in PSAC’s favour.

The current legal battle began in October 2005 when the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal upheld PSAC’s pay equity complaint against Canada Post.

But the corporation fought back – as it has been doing since 1983 when first PSAC filed a complaint over unequal pay.

“We’re very pleased the Supreme Court has agreed to hear our appeals, said John Gordon. “The lower court’s interpretation of the equal pay for work of equal value provisions of the Canadian Human Rights Act raise questions the Supreme Court realizes it must answer.”

The union hopes the Supreme Court will endorse the 2005 Canadian Human Rights Tribunal decision.

Meanwhile we will continue to do everything in our power to obtain justice for current and former employees of Canada Post affected by this compliant, Gordon said.

Gordon cautioned that the Supreme Court will take more than a year before hearing the union’s appeals.

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