Milestones Restaurant, Kelowna

In Attendance: Susan Yaciw, UTE 20003, Martha Johnson, UVAE 20035, Kelly Megyesi, CEIU 20915, Annette Hale, USGE 20153, Roberta Gourlie, CEIU 20915, Darrell-Lee McKenzie, AGR 20043, Linda Woods, NAT 20140, Joy Harrison, AGR 20027, Maria-Luiza Romano, AGR 20027, Regina Brennan, PSAC Reg’l Rep

The meeting was called to order at 11:35a.m. with Susan Yaciw in the chair.

Minutes: Minutes from Apr 12, 2010 were reviewed with responses (in red) that came in after meeting.                        m/s/c

Treasurer’s Report:

– Financial year to date statement distributed and reviewed                                        m/s/c

– Dues for 2010 ($1 per local Okanagan member), for those locals not yet paid, are now overdue.  Please forward cheques payable to OAC, and mail to:

Darrell-Lee McKenzie
#5 – 799 Creekside
Penticton, BC, V2Z 1C5

Old Business:

1) Formation of South Okanagan Area Council

It is being decided that this will not be pursued currently.  Maybe in future after Martha is more familiar with the operation of an Area Council.  Her local has voted to affiliate with the Okanagan Area Council.  The OAC may attend functions in the South or North Okanagan in conjunction with their meetings.

2) Workplace Watch:

Regina advises that Garry Fraser is leading PSACs Workplace Watch campaign and is looking for reports regarding differences in services such as EI wait times, appeals, personal stories.  If any, advise Regina by e-mail, who pass on to Garry.

Standing Items:

1) Regional Council Update:

– Susan Yaciw attended Leadership Phase II earlier this month.  She reports that it was good but a little repetitive with UDP content.

– The BC Regional Convention is May 13 – 15, 2011 in Vancouver.

2) Regional Office Update:

– Hetty Alcuitas was successful for Vancouver Regional Office Secretary competition.  She was working part-time and will now be full-time.  Katherine Kirkwood has been hired to fill part-time position.

– Joanna Schultz starting maternity leave June 25.  Luc Guevremont will be A/Reg’l Coordinator during Joanne’s leave.

– Garry Fraser successful in 6 mo term Regional Rep Competition and has been given the Political Action Project.

3) Education:

The following courses were held since our last meeting:

– UICA/Grievance Handling course schedule in Apr in Vernon was cancelled, only 3 registrants.

– Duty to Accommodate in Penticton Sept 25/26.

– Stewards training in Fall in Kamloops?

– Union School, November 5 to 7.

4) Labour Council Meetings:

– Next North Okanagan District meetings are Sept 8, 2010 in Kelowna at 7 pm and Oct 6, 2010 in Vernon.  Website for North Okanagan Labour Council:

– Next South Okanagan District meeting is Sept 7, the first Tuesday after the first Monday of each month.

New Business:

1) Kootenays Field Trip:

Discussion surrounding a road trip to worksites in the Kootenays.  A tentative date as been established for Aug 12 to 17 with a “Meet and Greet” in Nelson on the evening of the 13th.  Regina, Roberta, and Susan will definitely participate as part of their regional roles but anyone else wishing to come along, e-mail Susan.

Round Table:

Linda Woods – August 25th house concert with Rabble Berries

– Sept 10 is World Suicide Prevention Day.  There will be a walk in Kelowna from the Sails to Island Stage.

Joy Harrison – attended APSAR meeting in May.  There is a rumour that the “magic 85” for retirements may become “90”, changing the minimum retirement age from 55 to 60.

Darrell-Lee   –  Letter from S. Okanagan Labour Council was read, thanking the Area Council for our May Day booth contribution.

Next Meeting:  September 10 in Kelowna in conjunction with World Suicide Prevention Day.

Adjourned at 12:25pm

Download a PDF copy of: June 26 OAC minutes

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