Vancouver Area Council AGM Minutes

  • Date: Oct 27, 2010
  • Chair: Jamey Mills, President 2010
  • Minutes: Marie Lygo

Locals Represented and Present: GSU-20008, UTE-20027, UPCE-20101, UPCE 20095, UVAE- 20045, CEIU- 20938, CEIU 20949, AGR-20044, UEW 20147
Guest locals: NHU-20031, NAT-20088, UNDE 21008

Regional Representative PSAC – Monica Urrutia

Attendees: Cindy Zhou, Marie Lygo, Sharon Tieman, Cheryl Oenema, Allen Schofield, Deanna Wilson, Jamey Mills, Fe De Castro, Marie Carter, Terri Lee, Sam Weise, Rhonda Johns, Megan Adam.

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1. Agenda m/s/c – Marie Lygo, Sharon Tieman, UNANIMOUSLY ACCEPTED. Meeting called to order at 5:35 pm.

2. President’s report: see attached (pdf) m/s/c Sam Weise, Allen Schofield. Moved and carried.

3. Treasurer’ report: (available at RO)

  • Presentation of the Finance Report for 2010 was made by Sharon Tieman:
  • Questions of clarification came from the floor and president regarding procedures and terminologies, conversation ensued. MOTION to ACCEPT REPORT: made by Rhonda Johns and Allen Schofield, Moved and Carried unanimously.
  • Proposed Budget changes: $20 Under Income – Investment Income line item was added for $20; Under Expenses – Conventions, Conferences & Education was changed to $600 and District Labour Council affiliation dues was changed to $850 – m/s/c as amended (Sharon/Rhonda)
  • Treasurer and President expected a net loss of approximately $650.00. No further questions or motions.

4. Affiliates Reports:

  • Allen Schofield CEIU-20938 – Human Rights and Race Relations Resolution focus resulted in GBLT added as equity group under the EE Act . Recognition of Faith Nolan as speaker and singer, whom addressed his membership and was very motivational and entertaining. Successful advances for Term Casual Employees- of which his department has a lot from the YMCA and Co-op Students. There is now a mentor ship program under way and better Employment Equity agreed upon procedures and standards. Doing position review via their local to keep a close eye on the term employees and they have a speaker scheduled regarding the questions regarding the new contract.
  • Terri Lee from AGR-20044 – Attended the PSAC National Women’s Conference dealt with pay equity issues and abolishment of CIO is in it’s 2nd reading. Pensions was at the fore front with ON NET LOBBYING, Child care was the other major subject of discussion at the conference. The conference had great speakers, including lobbying specialists, PSAC reps in all three areas and MP’s assistants and “Wanna – B’s”for future political positions. The Liberal Assistant to the MP was there for the region, the new contract was sent for ratification while the conference was on, so 1 hour allotted to discuss FB and PA. Also in attendance was Patty Ducharme, Robyn Benson and Maria Fitzpatrick. At same time the OHS conference was going on across the street, so there was a great deal of intermingling to discuss mutual issues after hours.
  • Jamey Mills UTE-20027 – Lost Treasurer to HR, interim election to replace. One of the big projects was signing up Rands, most are terms. We’re getting ready and well prepared for Collective Bargaining and a Strike Structure in place, now may not be necessary but yet to be seen. PST employees (approx 900) coming from the province due to commencement of HST and this will effect many locals. PIPSC may receive the majority but 45 auditors and 45 collection EE’s will be absorbed slowly over next few months. The Provincial Workers are only guaranteed 2 years of employment.
  • Sharon Tieman UPCE-Van Local 20101- this is their 1st year of no sick leave allotment and family leave. They now have only short term disability. Although those who have claimed have received it quickly, but families and workers are feeling the pinch in their wages due to these contractual changes. There local has lost most all of it’s executive staff due to buy outs and disability. *They have filed a Human Rights Complaint. As well CUPW is into bargaining now. They are losing 30% of membership due to burn out, and then Contract Centres and contracting out in 2011 will see the loss of approximately 300 members.
  • Sam Weise CEIU-20949, which includes Citizens Services, OAS, EI and Passport intake. Cuts to terms (sunset clause) and indeterminate hired. This may be last of term employees, as there is move a foot to centralise services even more. Employer is now saying that employees have to work at specific locations yet files are virtual? State as well, that clerical audits must move downtown. TB policies on Values and ethics being sighted.
  • Rhonda Johns UPCE-20095- Purolator, They have a new president, and therefore lots of memos and notes. They have eliminated some higher end jobs and they are combining jobs with the post office re upper positions and duties.
  • Marie Lygo UVAE-20045- VAC, They have contracted out all payment functions to Blue Cross and cut back our authority. They are not replacing EE’s and so far have relied on attrition. We have been advised, no guarantee of employment at VAC for more than 3 to 5 years. It of course is not running as planned, and we are inundated with backlog. New local president, Jas Nagra as I stepped down in July 2010. I have asked the new executive to come to Area Council, I attending UDP levels 1,2,3 and those local building skills worked as our new executive has 2 people under 30. I am co chair of VWC – PSAC and local’s OHS until Jas ready to take over.
  • Megan Adam, UEW-20147, was on the bargaining committee, for FB and PA groups with Treasury Board. She took the time to explain why they decided it was prudent to accept the severance cut part of the contract and equally as important to have the membership vote. Questions ensued after her bargaining report. Then went on to report they were expecting to absorb approximately 60 provincial EE’s and they are running an open competion. The commission has applied many changes and there will be a coming enquiry regarding the missing sockeye salmon in the Fraser River. It appears that John Cummings is scape goating DFO and the public Service Members. There will be some reclassifications into PIPSC and PMs to other bargaining units. Some Officer positions now down grading as AS2 to AS1.
  • Fe De Castro, GSU-20008, their local is going to have their AGM in November 2010. Last two experienced executive Jack Seto and Rob Terres have retired and they need some young blood in their executive and in leadership positions. Bill Plemming is looking for volunteers. Getting very negative feed back re the loss of severance in the contract. They have a very high number of terms, they are working on a plan of action for sunset plan. They have had a Finance reclass and a new manager asking for upgrading. Pay modernization at the call centre and the retirement agreement have people very upset
  • Deanna Wilson, NAT-20008 – Heritage Canada National has now been split from INAC. Internal service review being done, in both Finance and Communications. National Health and Welfare NEQ is very upset about the severance issue.
  • Marie Carter, NHU-20031: She has had an excellent orientation from PSAC business agent and has more training to come. Some of the issues are terms, casuals and sunset issues primarily.
  • Agriculture AGR-20044: Food Safety Action plan in the works and taking a lot of energy and attention, Hired indeterminate. There is an important food lobby in respect to imported foods. They have a very bad manager presently and the area manager from Calgary is blind to the problems and not taking action. Agreed the Cda Compensation advisors are not being back filled. Each person is doing about 5 peoples’ work and people are having trouble coping. She is going to first human rights conference. It has taken 6 – 8 years to pass act, hoping it will go through at conference. Reminded the attendees, about Garry Fraser – PSAC Regional Representative has work force watch at e mail for all of you “”.

5. Bargaining

  • More discussing and questions for Megan Adam: the Macro – severance, wages and term benefits. Selected 5 major demands. Successful re renewal of JLP, occupation group structures, budgeting in individual departments and by contracting on time it will not be so devastating to individual department budgets as freeze doesn’t come off until 2013. To prevent lay off’s it was agreed and Bubble Financing would then be avoided . They tried hard re the severance but were unsuccessful. Employer was adamant. They got improvement s to False reporting, pay increases and avoided some job deportation. However 1200 jobs were lost to private contracting or provincial government at HRDC effecting the CEIU membership. The union realised that considering the hostile bargaining and financial atmosphere at present, we did better than expected and some strides for term casual employee made re sick leave and benefits. PA’s agreed but FB walked away due to special demands. Now bargaining agreement for SV,PA EB.

6. Elections:

  • Monica Urrutia, PSAC Regional Representative took over presiding over the meeting:
  • President: Jamey Mills was nominated by Marie Lygo and 2nded by Megan Adam. He agreed to stand. Voted in by Acclamation as no other nominations from the floor.
  • 1st VP Allen Schofield nominated by Jamey Mills and 2nded by Sharon Tieman. He agreed to run and no other nominations from the floor. Voted in by Acclamation.
  • 2nd VP- Sam Weise nominated by Jamey Mills and 2nded by Marie Lygo. She agreed to stand. No other nominations from the floor. Voted in by Acclamation.
  • Secretary S.Marie Lygo, nominated by Sam Weise and 2nded by Rhonda Johns, no other nominations from the floor. She agreed to stand. Voted in by Acclamation.
  • Treasurer, Sharon Tieman nominated by Sam Weiss and 2nded by Marie Lygo, she agreed to stand. No other nominations from the floor. Voted in by Acclamation.
  • 3 Members at Large: Nominated Teri Lee by Sam Weise, and 2nded by Jamey Mills. Agreed to stand. Voted in by Acclamation.
    Nominated Rhonda Johns, Nominated by Sharon Tieman, and 2nded by Marie Lygo. Agreed to stand. Voted in by Acclamation.
    Nominated Fe De Castro by Megan Adam, and 2nded by Sam Weiss=e, she agreed to stand. Voted in by Acclamation.

Monica turned the chair back over to Jamey Mills, newly re-elected President of Vancouver Area Council. This will be his second term.

Subject open for discussion per Jamey re events the Area Council Members have on their radar and wish to participate and support.:

  • Bill – C10
  • Gender identity as a Human Right
  • Bullying in the work place
  • April 28, NH day of mourning
  • Presentation of JLP by Karla Backer
  • Women’s Committee

Some Aims and interests:

  • Metro Vancouver Alliance. Affiliate is George Harasle
  • Maintain the Labour Centre at Triumph and Victoria
  • Public Forum with New Zealand
  • Studies on coalitions
  • Continuing Events we already support

Put to floor to form an Ad hoc Committee to get some things underway:

Volunteer members are Sam Weise, Allen Schofield, Jamey Mills and Marie Lygo

  • Submission to social justice funds and world social forum and summit of the Americas
  • Make Poverty History and campaigns about the working poor to get the message back out there and not let it die in this current economy.
  • Jane Doe legal aid.
  • The Women’s Regional Committee for PSAC
  • And any local worth calls that catch our attention we wish to lend our support to.
  • Will E-mail Kay Sinclair re 1 delegate needs to be in by November 14, 2010
  • Next Meeting is Jan 12, 2011
  • Ad hoc committee will meet the 3rd week of January 2011, either 13,14,15

Some more Retirement Allowance discussion (1.92) lost the first year of the contract. Perks, UPCE, CUPW, APOC, CPAA, and sick leave improvements. Jamey ended conversation as meeting was running over. Follow up on all subjects will ensue.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:55 pm and Monica swore in the new Area Council Executive.

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