OTTAWA – Dangerous contracting out of positions vital to physical and technical security at one of the country’s most important defence installations, the Communications Security Establishment (CSE), means Canada’s national security is at risk.

Public sector workers won’t stay silent and let it happen. A new hard hitting radio ad, launched by the Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) and its component the Union of National Defence Employees (UNDE), started playing across Canada today.

This national radio advertising campaign comes after months of quiet government meetings, conversations with senior leadership at CSE and lobbying by retired CSE officers.

“When retired CSE employees are speaking out, I would have thought the government would have listened. They didn’t listen and now we are working to ensure they know Canadians care about our national security,” said John MacLennan, UNDE National President.

The radio campaign will be heard across the country on News Talk stations in both French and English.

“This is a truly national campaign. We want to sound the alarm that contracting out positions doesn’t make financial sense – and in this case it’s even more troubling because of the extremely sensitive nature of the work at CSE,” said John Gordon, National President of the PSAC.

The campaign website is supported by an innovative Google and Facebook ad campaign that has already successfully alerted the highest government leaders about the briefing note, FAQ and, most importantly, the video testimonials of current and retired workers from CSE.

The campaign will feature several ads over the next three weeks; to download the first set of ads visit

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