Bikeshop, Kelowna

In Attendance: Susan Yaciw UTE 20003, Martha Johnson UVAE 20035, Kelly Megyesi CEIU 20915, Annette Hale USGE 20153,Roberta Gourlie CEIU 20915, Darrell-Lee McKenzie AGR 20043, Linda Woods NAT 20140,
Joy Harrison APSAR,Regina Brennan PSAC Reg’l Rep

The meeting was called to order at 4:30pm with Susan Yaciw in the chair.

Minutes: Minutes from June 26, 2010 were reviewed and accepted m/s/c

Treasurer’s Report:
-UVAE 20035 Dues cheque received
Kelly to contact Kelowna CEIU re: outstanding dues
Roberta to follow up with Penticton CEIU

Old Business:
1) Kootenay Road Trip went well and high number of attendees were helpful
2) Regina completed report & will forward for attachment w/ minutes
3) Darrell-Lee and Martha commented on face to face meeting with Stockwell Day.
Written reports to follow with minutes.
Reports to be forwarded to Alex Atamanenko

Standing Items:
1) Regional Council Update:
– BC Fed Convention November 29 – December 3/10
– Regional Convention call-out: November 2010
– PSAC National Women’s Conference – October 21 – 24 – Ottawa
Darrell-Lee motioned to sponser observer to National Women’s Conference to max of $500.00
Roberta seconded. Motion carried
– The BC Regional Convention is May 13 – 15, 2011 in Vancouver
– Roberta and Susan – BC Reg’l elections to follow
Patrick will be having banners made for each Area Council featuring new logo & colours

2) Regional Office Update:
– Catherine Kirkwood – ½ time administration
– Patrick – FT communications
– Seth Sazant – transfer from Ottawa – negotiator for next year
– Erica Yang – new youth rep
** anyone needing business cards please ask Regina

3) Education:
Union School November 5 – 7 – application deadline Oct 4/10
September 25 & 26 – DTA – Penticton
Adjourned at 5.25pm

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