Without any consultation with the Union or the public, CBSA has announced plans to close the Recourse Division Office in Vancouver.

Seven Recourse Officers who process and adjudicate requests for review and appeals regarding decisions made by CBSA on the origin, tariff classification, and value of imported goods will be made surplus. This is a highly specialized field of work that takes years of training and experience to become proficient in.

Canadians deserve to have their appeals processed in a timely manner. This closure represents a 21% reduction in the number of Recourse Officers nationally: this significantly reduces the number of experienced, knowledgeable and dedicated employees that perform this highly technical function and will increase the amount of time to process appeals significantly.

Call or email your MP! Let them know the closure of the Vancouver Recourse office is bad for the Canadian importing public.

For more information visit the Customs and Immigration Union website and read the resolution passed by delegates to the recent BC Federation of Labour Convention in Vancouver.

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