Human Rights Committee – meeting minutes  January 5, 2011

In attendance:

  • Shawna Hall
  • Dean Bordokas
  • Tracy Shudo
  • Katie Moran
  • Sargy Chima
  • Jennifer Ho
  • Deanna Wilson
  • On phone – Kay Sinclair
  • staff resource person – Regina Brennan (minutes)


  1. Previous Minutes and business arising
  2. Terms of Reference and structure of the HR Cttee
  3. Sick Leave Credits
  4. Movie Night
  5. Delegate election
  6. Racially Visible Conference
  7. Round Table
  8. Next Meeting

Continue reading below, or download the January 5th Human Rights Committee meeting minutes (pdf)

Opening round and introductions plus we celebrated the coming New Year.

1. We passed the previous minutes and added the agenda item on the Racially Visible conference to this meeting to followup on the business arising.

2. Terms of Reference and structure of the HR Cttee. The terms of reference are from 2004. We agreed to hold a steering committee meeting on January 19th, at 5:30pm in the boardroom, of Sargy, Tracy, Regina, Kay and ask Pam Jabal to join by phone if she would like to. This meeting would be to discuss the structural questions that were raised and to make a recommendation for any changes required to our terms of reference.

Tracy made the following suggestions:

We should have more than two signing officers

The cheques should be kept at the Regional Office and be available at the meetings.

Tracy agreed to send Sargy, Regina and Kay a copy of the Island Terms of Reference.

3. Sick Leave Credits. Dean brought the issue of the Canada Post Short Term Disability plan issues to the committee. Discussion about possibly filing a Human Rights Complaint, a grievance, or organizing a campaign. The plan affects people with chronic illnesses adversely. The Local will keep an eye on things and provide representation where needed.

4. Movie Night. We agreed that the movie night was a big success and we would like to do more of them. Katie will look into Made In Dagenham and let us know times and dates so we can go as a group. Regina will check on the movies we currenly have in-house that would be good. Regina will also check with Marion McLarty to see if she has any access to the Cliff Movies.

February 11 to 13 is the World Community Film Festival at Langara College.

Carol will email information on the passes available once she knows the information.

5. Delegates to the PSAC Regional Convention. We will hold our election on Monday, February 7th. We previously agreed to send one delegate and up to two observers, and spend up to $600.00 on the observers. We will have some expenses for the delegate too. The registration fee of $100.00 plus one days pay will not be covered for the delegate out of the PSAC funding. In order to run for one of these positions, you need to be a member in good standing, and you need to self identify with the PSAC.

6. We were asked to provide ideas and contact information for entertainment for the upcoming Racially Visible conference. We are allowed to have a table there, and we have plenty of posters to hand out. Regina to check with Seema to see if white people can staff the table too, or if the conference is only open to racially visible people. The conference is from April 1 to 3.

7. Round

Jennifer thanked the committee for the funding for the December 6th event and gave us a report on how it went. Great event.

Tracy reminded us about the movies on February 11-13 organized by Co-Dev.

8.. Next meeting will be on Monday, February 7th, as decided in point 5 above.

Meeting Adjourned at 7:30pm

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