Victoria Regional Women’s Committee General Meeting January 24, 2011

In Attendance: Cindy Little, Jeanette Lum, Brenda Esplen, Astrid Stoker, Kay Ahmadi, Giselle Henry, Virginia Vaillancourt, Rosemary MacKenzie (PSAC Staff)

Meeting called to order at 5:35pm

Introductions – The Committee welcomes Astrid to the meeting.

Continue reading below, or download the RWC Victoria January 24 2011 minutes (pdf)

The Committee reviewed and approved the November 9, 2010 meeting minutes. (m) Kay (s) Cindy Carried

Debrief on December 6th Candle Light Vigil

Discussion was had regarding the Candle Light Vigil, what went well, suggestions for changes, reviewed donations received and reviewed event costs. There is one expense to be submitted which will be added to the event costs and shared with the committee at the following meeting.

  • point out Info Table
  • great pictures
  • men saying name and laying rose & candle had a great impact
  • hot paws were a great addition
  • need to ensure we have 3 tables for next year
  • work on getting the word out further, committee members to talk about the event at their locals’, in their community, with friends/family; each committee member to bring 2 people with them to event
  • everyone did a great job in working together to put on another successful event
  • speakers were great, opening by Aboriginal Elder was enjoyed by all, Aboriginal mourning song was very touching – look at having again at 2011 event
  • it was nice having the sound system to use, reduced event costs
  • logistics of parking
  • symbolism of shoes had an impact though took quite a while to set up and arrange – may be easier to do up posters to commemorate the aboriginal women who have gone missing/murdered but still collect shoes to donate to Women’s Organizations
  • have chairs at 2011 event for people to sit if needed
  • the gentleman from William Head Institute who made the Dec 6th poster frames for the committee was in prison for killing his wife
  • have family members/women who have suffered from violence/abuse come to speak/share their stories
  • thank you letters are being worked on and will be sent to the donators/speakers
  • Helping Spirit Lodge received 100 pairs of the donated shoes and the Victoria Transition House received 200 pairs of the donated shoes. A total of 488 pairs of shoes were donated

Media coverage for the event included: CFAX 1070 interview day of event; Times Colonist interview day prior to event; A Channel News attended event; 100.3 TheQ advertised event on their morning program. The event was posted on BC PSAC Website, UVAE Local Website, sent out to all Locals on Vancouver Island and was put on Facebook Events.

BC Triennial Convention Delegate Elections

Committee Members interested in going to the BC Regional Triennial Convention May 13 – 15, 2011, as the Victoria RWC Delegate are: Kay, Brenda, Giselle

  • Elections run by Rosemary and Rosemary and Jim Little counted the votes.
  • 1st election was held. Brenda and Giselle received the most votes, and as per the BC ByLaws Kay was removed from the election process.
  • Motion to destroy ballots made by Virginia. Seconded by Brenda. Carried unanimously.
  • 2nd election was held. Brenda is the Victoria RWC Delegate and Giselle is the Alternate.
  • Motion to destroy ballots made by Cindy. Seconded by Kay. Carried unanimously.

The committee will be covering the registration cost of the BC Triennial Convention for the Victoria RWC Delegate as well as loss of salary for the Friday, which is not covered.

Victoria RWC Budget 2011

  • Meetings $400.00
  • Donations $200.00
  • Events $500.00
  • SWAG $200.00
  • Conferences $300.00
  • Total $1600.00

2011 Meeting Dates

  • February 15th, 2011
  • March 8, 2011 – IWD Event 6pm – 8:30pm
  • May 30, 2011
  • September 13, 2011
  • October 26, 2011 Annual General Meeting – Elections
  • November 14, 2011
  • December 6, 2011 – Candle Light Vigil Event

Meeting with MP’s re Childcare and Pensions

  • Giselle, Kay, Virginia and Brenda are interested in meeting with Local MP’s to discuss Child Care and Pensions.
  • Virginia will coordinate with PSAC to arrange a meeting.

March 8th Event – 100th Anniversary of International Women’s Day

  • Ideas for March 8th
  • pampering night (massage, nails, etc) – Giselle knows a couple of estheticians, Virginia will also check with a couple
  • movie night (Kay has video which she has used at her Local’s Women Committee)
  • comedian
  • The March 8th event will run from 6-8:30 pm. The Committee will be putting on a Pamper Movie Night; which will include information on notable women in history. Virginia will send out event poster.

Meeting adjourned at 7:10pm

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