TC bargaining team meets in Ottawa to set priority demands

The TC bargaining team met in Ottawa last week to prioritize bargaining demands in preparation for collective bargaining with Treasury Board.

Key issues identified by delegates at the TC National Bargaining Conference were examined in detail.

The negotiating team will meet again soon to review demands prior to the exchange of proposals with Treasury Board.

Read more at the national website.

PSAC exchanges FB group proposals, sets bargaining dates with Treasury Board

The FB bargaining team met with Treasury Board/CBSA March 8 and 9 in Ottawa to exchange demands and begin bargaining.

PSAC negotiators made it clear to the employer our objectives in this round of negotiations are to achieve parity with other enforcement workers in the federal public sector, to have problems in CBSA workplaces addressed and to protect what we have.

The demands are available at the the national website.

New collective agreements signed for PA and EB groups – What happens now?

  • On December 1, 2010, PSAC ratified collective agreements for the PA, SV and EB groups
  • Upon ratification, the first step was to re-open the current collective agreements for these groups.
  • This “re-opener” entailed modifying current collective agreements to include non-monetary improvements negotiated.
  • On March 1, 2011, the new collective agreements were signed for the PA and EB groups
  • The SV collective agreement will be signed on April 6, 2011 after which point certain provisions will be implemented.
  • The following are the provisions that took effect December 21, 2010 (date of re-opener), March 1, 2011 (date of signing for PA and EB), and that will take effect in June and July, 2011(PA and EB)

Read the key provisions of the new collective agreements at the national website.

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