PSAC BC is looking for AS Compensation Advisors

On the eve of the long gun registry vote, Stephen Harper announced that the Government was consolidating Pay and Benefits services in Miramichi, New Brunswick, where the registry is housed.

The PSAC has been calling upon and engaging with the Employer to respect its obligation for meaningful consultation with regards to the transfer of pay administration.

The move to Miramichi would result in the loss of approximately 1100 jobs and most pay and benefits advisors no longer being able to do the compensation work they enjoy and to which they are committed. Instead these members would have to find jobs on the operational side of their departments.

After the PSAC filed a policy grievance the Employer agreed to form a Union-Management Consultation Committee to ensure that workers across departments and agencies are treated in a fair and consistent manner and that information is shared in a timely way. The PSAC approached Components whose members are most affected by this move and formed a reference group to enhance internal communication.

This Committee, consisting of representatives from the Components and PSAC, is now in place.

The Union is doing its utmost to protect the workforce adjustment rights of members but we also want to challenge this dubious and opportunistic move on the part of the Conservative Government by lobbying MPs and by making it a political issue.

To that end we plan to form a working group in of compensation advisor activists in B.C.

This working group will

  • funnel information/questions/reports and provide expertise and advise to PSAC
  • watch for and report any situations where workers are not being treated fairly and transparently
  • help distribute communications materials within the AS group and the broader PSAC membership
  • identify cases or patterns where compensation service levels are getting worse
  • identify and implement strategies designed to encourage the Government to abandon the TPA Initiative

If you are interested in being part of a working group or would like to be on a list for communication purposes, please send an e-mail to Patrick Bragg.

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