Thinking about getting involved in the election? Yes, you can – even if you work for the federal government. Here are a few examples of ways to get involved, outside of your workplace and on your own time:

  • Wear a candidate button in public
  • Place an election sign on your property
  • Work as a canvasser
  • Volunteer in a campaign office
  • Take part in election day activities
  • Attend peaceful demonstrations on political topics
  • Solicit funds from the public for a candidate
  • Write a letter to the editor endorsing a candidate or party

Some restrictions may apply to some PSAC members, especially if you are covered by the Public Service Employment Act. Keep these in mind:

  • Don’t identify yourself as a federal public sector worker when canvassing, making phone calls, soliciting donations, or engaging in other public campaign activities.
  • Don’t wear your uniform or your government identification at public events.
  • Don’t drive a government identified vehicle when participating in election activities.

If you feel your rights are being restricted or if you’re disciplined in any way for your political activity, contact PSAC right away.

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