Whose priorities will count with our next federal government?

Since he was first elected in 2006, Stephen Harper has pursued an ideology that believes less government is better and little or no government is best of all. The Conservative government has been conducting an ongoing program of cuts to federal public services by stealth to avoid public, media and opposition party scrutiny.

These cumulative cuts ultimately lead to an erosion of public services and harm Canadians and their families who depend on them.

As a member of the PSAC, whether you work for the federal, territorial or municipal government, in a hospital, transition shelter or at a university, you understand that drastic cuts lead to poor quality services. Harper’s priorities are not in line with what Canadians want when he spends money on self-promotion, super-jails and corporate tax cuts, ignoring serious issues like stable jobs, poverty, child care and retirement security.

In addition to whittling away at public services, the Conservatives have managed to turn governing into a one- man, top-down operation that punishes anyone with an opposing view. Our democracy is under threat. The lack of respect for the people we elect, and the complete disregard this government has shown for our democratic traditions cannot be ignored. Ask your candidates some hard questions.

Find out what their priorities are and if they deserve your vote.

We’ve had five years of misplaced priorities under the Harper Conservatives.

When you visit the ballot box, vote for candidates who believe in public services and an accountable government.

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