Vancouver Island Human Rights Committee – February 8, 2011 Meeting Minutes

Minutes prepared by: VIHRC Recording Secretary Laura Gracie

  • Released Unofficially: February 14, 2011
  • Adopted Officially: April 14, 2011

Meeting Called to Order at 6:35 p.m.

Download the 2011-02-08 VIHRC Meeting Minutes (pdf) or continue reading below.


  • Boardroom: Michael Doerfler, Daniel Girard, Laura Gracie, Mark McCavour, Jacqueline Cordova, Virginia Vaillancourt & PSAC Rep: James Little.
  • Teleconference: Tracy Shudo & Robert Mitchell
  • Translators: Mary Butterfield, Mary Warner & Trish MacAuley (student trainee)
  • Regrets: Paul Jones, Eve d’Anjou, Ryan Dowell, Glen Hendry, Cindy Little, Mandi Schubert, Sayed Subzwari, Levan Turner, Anita Hoffman, Nick Humphreys, Maddalena Maher, Sonia Manak, Veronica Mann & Lindsay Nowotny

Roundtable Introduction:

  • At this time we proceeded with a round of introduction of the members that were presented.

Old Business for review:

  • E-mail minutes from our November 23, 2010 reviewed. Hearing no amendments being needed and the motion was made to adopt the minutes by Michael Doerfler
  • Motion: Michael Doerfler moves the motion to accept the previous minutes. Seconded: Mark McCavour. Carried: Unanimously

New Business

Treasurer’s Report:

  • This was presented by Michael. Michael advised everyone that the reason for the two month delay in reconciling is because the bank statements are received approximately 4 to 6 weeks after the month end. So that is why the current accounting is showing a two month delay. January statement will not be out until about the 3rd week in February.
  • Correction was made regarding the total revenue amount which was listed under the revenue section as being Equity Shares – Credit Interest as being $.09 and PSACBC Donation for VIHRC Banner as being $168.00 for a total of $168.09, however in the Total Revenue section it is shown as being $168.00, correction was made to reflect the cent value of $.09 for a total revenue amount of $168.09.
  • Tracy inquired as to why this report was given, was it due to being calendar year end report. It was explained to Tracy that this report is only an update and is given at each meeting to let all the members know what has been spent by VIHRC in the last month. It was also noted that the only time this is given is when there has been changes affecting our finances.
  • Robert inquired as to the monies collected for our fundraising efforts for the Human Rights Museum and if it was included in the $996.39 balance forward from the chequing account.
  • Michael stated that he believed this to be so and also stated that as he had just taken over from Wendy Bruce that he was not completely sure.
  • Mark McCavour stated that the money we collected for this fundraiser was kept separated from the VIHRC Finances.
  • Robert requested that the previous statements be gone through to see if there is any mention of donations being made to the Museum already is that he was under the impression that the money would be held onto until all the fundraising had been completed and that one payment would be made to the HR Museum. Michael found the December treasurers report where it was noted that a $222.44 donation earned for the HR Museum from fundraising in July and on the November treasurers report it was noted that another $52.10 was earned from the Labour Day Picnic. Michael noted that there was a total of donation owed to the HR Museum in the amount of $274.54 to be sent via cheque to the HR Museum.
  • Michael noted that donation monies requested was paid out to the following:
    • PSAC Meet & Greet held in December 2010 for $100.00
    • Women’s Candlelight Vigil in December 2010 for $100.00

Women’s Candlelight Vigil:

  • Women’s Candlelight Vigil held at the Legislative grounds in Victoria was a huge success. The event included the Mayor from Victoria as well as several MLAs. The purpose of this vigil was to bring to the forefront the plight of more than 500 aboriginal women who have either gone missing or have been murdered. Late request for donations of shoes for this event meant a lot of last minute details that evolved for this event. The request for donations of shoes for this event was a huge success and looking at the pictures of all the shoes made a very strong impression. The shoes that had been donated this year were split up between the Victoria Transition House and the Aboriginal Native Centre in Vancouver. Next year this vigil will again request donations of shoes in the hopes that it will bring in more than 500 pairs of shoes.
  • Tracy requested that the information be put onto the PSAC website as she was not aware of the donation of shoes. Virginia mentioned that a poster had been made up for the PSAC website, but due to the lateness of the request for shoes not everyone may have had a chance to see it.
  • Virginia Vaillancourt did a fantastic job in her duty as Grand Marshall for this event. Well Done Virginia!!!!

PSAC Meet & Greet:

  • This event was very successful. Michael encouraged people to attend this year’s event if they have not done so. It’s a great way to network with other committees or members.

PSAC Human Rights National Network (HRNN):

  • This was launched out on January 15, 2011 by Michael Doerfler and currently has 10 members coast to coast. The purpose of this network is to unite every single union member across Canada who is involved in Human Rights at the Local, Regional or National level. This system will allow members to have discussions online. The current system is very restrictive in trying to locate members. For example if one wanted to contact a member from another region they would have to go onto the PSAC site, go to the Region that the other member was at and hopefully be able to find the HR officer. With this network that step would be eliminated and the other member would be much easier to locate. Within this network two positions from an organization would be members of the National Network. These members would in turn report back to their members with any relevant information. Currently the HRNN is currently in operation via e-mail distribution list much like what we use for our own committee list. Once more members join, PSAC will be contacted and a request will be made to set up a web site through them. If you build it they will come!!!!
  • A question was asked regarding the involvement of the PSAC at this level. James explained that due to the logistics of having this network going National that the BC PSAC Regional Communication Officer, Patrick Bragg, should be contacted sooner rather than later to offer guidance and assistance regarding system authorizations that may be needed in order to link this network both regionally and nationally. The current goal is to get between 50 and 100 members prior to seeking the use of the PSAC network. James reminded everyone that Terms of References will have to be completed as well as a clear purpose of goals and functions. He also advised that care and caution must be taken to ensure that there are no groups that are excluded from this network, once it is fully up and running.
  • Tracy asked about whether if CEIU component level is involved within the network, currently the CEIU Vice President of Human Rights is involved with this network. Michael explained that this is in the early stages and they will be visiting this issue as they become more known.
  • Well done Michael and thank you for your efforts in getting this network up and running!!!!!!

VIHRC AGM (2011) Date Change:

  • The date for our AGM in September had to be changed to the following date due to conventions being run at the same time. Please note the new date for our VIHRC Annual AGM will be Thursday, September 8, 2011.

VIHRC Delegate/Alternate to BC Regional Triennial Convention:

  • Michael passed out an e-mail from Kay Sinclair advising of the procedures and requirements for voting of VIHRC delegate and VIHRC alternate to this convention.
  • Nominations for delegate were:
    • Nominee: Michael Doerfler
      Nominated: Robert Mitchell
      Seconded: Tracy Shudo
  • Michael Doerfler for Delegate has won by acclamation.
  • Nominations for alternate were:
    • Nominee: Robert Mitchell
      Nominated: Tracy Shudo
      Seconded: Laura Gracie
    • Nominee: Mark McCavour
      Nominated: Virginia Vaillancourt
      Seconded: Michael Doerfler
  • Mark McCavour respectfully declined; Robert Mitchell will be the alternate delegate.
  • VIHRC Delegate/Alternate Issues:
  • Motion: To pay the $100.00 registration fee on behalf of Michael as well as the lost wages for the Friday as this is not being covered by PSAC was made by Virginia Vaillancourt. Seconded: Tracy Shudo. Carried: Unanimously
  • Discussion ensued; Michael preferred to change his flex day to accommodate this day. Virginia pointed out that the flex day is an earned day and that Michael should be able to have this day of rest. Michael countered that this was his personal choice and that he didn’t want to have VIHRC to pay his lost wages for that day when he could switch his flex day. A friendly amendment was made to change the wording of the motion from Michael to delegate.
  • James requested that the minutes reflect that the motion was changed to state the delegate to the convention and not Michael. This was so that in the unforeseen event that Michael would not be able to go to convention the VIHRC would not be responsible for paying his lost wages.
  • Robert expressed congratulations to Mark McCavour on his receiving the prestigious Spirit Award. Well Done and Congratulations!!!

Meeting Adjourned at 7:34 PM.

Next Meeting: Thursday, April 14, 2011 at 6:30 PM at the PSAC Office in Admirals Walk

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