Victoria Regional Women’s Committee General Meeting February 15, 2011

In Attendance: Cindy Little, Brenda Esplen, Kay Ahmadi, Leanne Hughes, Virginia Vaillancourt,

Regrets: Giselle Henry, Dyan Day, Jeanette Lum, Rosemary MacKenzie (PSAC Staff)

Meeting called to order at 5:35pm

Reviewed and approved minutes of January 24, 2011. m- Kay/s-Cindy/c – unanimously

Discussed March 8th IWD 100th Anniversary Event plans

  • menu
  • movie(s)
  • room set up
  • seating/lighting

Update on MP Lobbying on Childcare and Pensions

  • Virginia has contacted Garry Fraser PSAC Rep and he is working on setting up lobbying meetings with Local MP’s for Brenda, Kay, Giselle and Virginia. More info will be sent to the 4 members interested in lobbying MP’s.
  • Discussed Petition in Support of CBSA members in the Vancouver Recourse Division. Members in attendance at the meeting tonight signed the petition and Virginia will forward to PSAC Vancouver RO
  • a copy of the petition is at the end of the minutes for members to be able to print off and obtain signatures.

Discussed Status of Women website & material available on line at:

Discussed Resolution to the BC Triennial Convention on the Long Gun Registry

  • Whereas the Conservative Government have already tried to scrap the Gun Registry under Bill C-391; and
  • Whereas PSAC, CLC and like-minded partners were successful in defeating Bill C-391; and
  • Whereas the Conservative Government have vowed to abolish the gun registry resulting in the loss of over 200 PSAC members jobs
  • Be it Resolved that the PSAC demand that the Conservative Government withdraw any and all actions related to the abolishment of the gun registry; and
  • Be it Further Resolved that the PSAC lobby all Federal Parties to keep the gun registry in place; and
  • Be it Further Resolved that the PSAC continue to work with the CLC and other like-minded partners on the gun registry campaign

Motion to send Resolution to BC PSAC Triennial Convention m – Kay/s – Cindy /c – unanimously/

Meeting adjourned at 6:16pm

Petition below:


TO: The Honourable Vic Toews

We, the undersigned members and friends of the Vancouver & District Branch of the Customs & Immigration Union strongly request that our members in the Vancouver Recourse Division of CBSA be allowed to remain working in that location. Due to a flawed Strategic Review initiative by the CBSA, the employer is intent on closing this Division to the detriment of the Canadian importing public. We ask that you revoke such decision and allow the employees in Recourse Division in Vancouver to continue providing professional service to Canadians.


Return petitions to:
CIU 20040 c/o PSAC Vancouver RO
200-5238 Joyce Street
Vancouver BC V5R 6C9

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