Our FB contract with Treasury Board expires Monday June 20th. We are in negotiations with Treasury Board/CBSA this week as well. To date we have made virtually no progress in bargaining.

We made progress in the last round of bargaining in a number of critical areas. But there is much work to do. There are on-going scheduling issues that need to be addressed, from ensuring that management bargains in good faith when we negotiate work schedules, to guaranteeing that everyone’s seniority is appropriately recognized, to having telework available to non-uniformed personnel. We need protections in place in the context of the arming initiative. And we want a commitment from the government that there be an early retirement plan for enforcement workers in the FB bargaining unit that is in line with other federal enforcement workers.

We work hard. We ensure that Canada’s borders are secure. What we are asking for already exists elsewhere in the federal public sector.

We deserve nothing less.

Recently the Harper Government has attacked workers’ collective bargaining rights by threatening back to work legislation for Air Canada workers and Canada Post workers. We denounce these actions and we will not be intimidated by reckless and potentially unconstitutional behaviour on the part of the federal government. We will uphold our rights as unionized workers in this country and we will use every means under the law to achieve what we deserve in this round of bargaining with CBSA/Treasury Board.

We’ll be sure to update as things progress. If you have any questions speak with a member of our team, a member of your Branch Executive.

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