Vancouver Area Council Meeting Minutes 27 April 11

In Attendance: Jamey Mills (President) UTE 20027, Sharon Tieman (Treasurer) UPCE 20101, Cheryl Oenema (Secretary) UNDE 21008, Tracy Shudo CEIU 20949, Cindy Zhou GSU 20008, Terri Lee AGR 20044, Fe De Casto GSU 20008, Rhonda Johns UPCE 20095

Guests: Joanne Hay UPCE 20095 – Kelowna, Marion McLarty NAT 20150
Staff Rep: Monica Urrutia
Regrets: Sam Weise

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Marie Lygo has stepped down as secretary so an interim election was held to elect a new secretary. Cheryl Oenema is the new secretary of the VAC.

Guest speaker: Joey Hartman, President of the Vancouver and District Labour Council (VDLC). Joey is the first female president of the VDLC. Members are encouraged to get their locals to affiliate to the VDLC, there are currently 3 locals that are affiliated. The cost is $0.35 per member per month. This cost can be split if the local has members in area of other district labour councils. For more information you can email Joey at . You do not need to be a delegate to attend meetings or to participate in the various committees, such as, the Women’s Committee, the Youth Committee, International Affairs and the Standing Strike Support Committee. For more info check out the VDLC website and sign up for the email list to get updated on upcoming events.

Affiliate Reports:

• CEIU 20949 – Day of Mourning buttons to be distributed to co workers. Sending four delegates to the BC Regional Convention.

• GSU 20008 –Union management meeting, one of the biggest issues is staffing, looking for more transparency in hiring practices. Going towards competency based, inventory of skills staffing practices, had some positive and negative feedback. Transfer of Compensation workers to NB. The employer is holding a diversity learning event. National Day of Mourning will be handing out pins in front of the office. Held a boat cruise for members and will be doing another cruise. Lunch and learns to discuss the changes to the collective agreement

• AGR 20044 – General meeting, summer social event, National Council meeting. AGR members to be in phase 1 of the transfer of compensation workers to NB. CFIA bargaining conference to be held in May, there will be 24 equity seeking seats available. French language teachers are being laid off and the jobs are being contracted out. CFIA policy changes which will result in less inspections. Looking to get some media attention in response to the CBC feature, Country of Origin. Sending two delegates to the BC Regional Convention. Bob Jackson is running for REVP.

• NAT 20150 (Newly created local) – Plans to affiliate. Department of Indian Affairs has a unique hiring target of 50% aboriginal staff, currently around 35%. Union management meeting, no longer allowed to post aboriginal only jobs to the public. Creation of the Aboriginal Declaration form as opposed to self ID to prove aboriginal status.

• UPCE 20101 & 20095 – Laying off of contact centre employees moved to July from September. Closing of the Ottawa contact centre in October, and contracting out of these jobs. Membership has been decreased by 1/3. Convention to be held in September. Sending one delegate to the BC Regional Convention. Has a member working in the PSAC office in organizing. Waiting to see what happens 25 May in regards to the CUPW strike, they will support as needed. Purolator employees may be asked to do Canada Post work.

• UTE 20027 – Got an automatic defibrillator in the office building along with training. There were renovations to the main floor of the building, further reducing the client service area open to the public. Staffing issues a big concern. Low morale amongst staff and an outside consultant, being hired, the biggest issues are staffing and harassment. UTE convention in Montreal in July, President Betty Bannon is retiring. Sending five delegates and two observers to the BC Regional Convention.

Discussed some of the resolutions from the BC Regional Convention. Looks like the resolutions submitted by the VAC are in concurrence with the resolutions committees.

Upcoming Events:
• National Day of Mourning 28 Apr 11. Rally at Hastings Park @ 8:00 am.
• May Day Rally and Parade 1 May 11 to celebrate the International Day of the Worker, 1:00 pm at Clark Park @ 13th and Commercial to McSpadden Park.
• NDP Rally 30 Apr 11 @ 12:30 pm in Burnaby 4088 First Ave at Gilmour, 1St Ave Film Studios.

Fair Taxation Conference – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Being held at the Maritime Centre on 27-28 May 11.
Motion – The VAC will provide funding for $75.00 for Cindy Zhou to attend the fair taxation conference. M/S/C Jamey, Rhonda

WCB Regulation rollback and petition, in regards to safety for night time workers. Monica to forward email from the BC Fed, please distribute widely.

Summer Event (June or July). Talk of organizing a fun event for the VAC and others, such as a Vancouver Canadians Game and buffet BBQ. Jamey and Monica to find out more info.

CLC Conference: The Regional Council is helping to fund council members to attend the CLC convention.

Motion: Move that the VAC provides $200.00 in funding to assist the BC Regional Council in sending delegates to the CLC Convention taking place in Vancouver. M/S/C Jamey, Sharon

Motion: Move to donate $50.00 to the BC Regional Convention host committee for the express purpose of donating to a basket for the basket raffle fund raising. M/S/C Jamey, Rhonda

There will be an executive meeting or conference call in July to discuss the Labour Day Event.

Round Table:
• 2011 Aboriginal Peoples Conference, 30 Sept – 2 Oct 11. Application and Resolutions deadline is 13 May 11.
• Get out and Vote!!

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