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Monday, June 20, 2011
5:30 p.m.
PSAC Vancouver Regional Office
200-5238 Joyce St.
Vancouver, B.C.

Agenda: Elections for the following positions: Co-Chair; Treasurer and Secretary.

Please RSVP to: Jennifer Ho at e-mail: and cc:

A light meal will be served.

Please RSVP and submit any further agenda items to Janelle Ho-Shing

Download a PDF of poster: Vancouver RWC Meeting Poster_June 2011

Bikeshop, Kelowna

In Attendance: Susan Yaciw UTE 20003, Martha Johnson UVAE 20035, Kelly Megyesi CEIU 20915, Annette Hale USGE 20153, Roberta Gourlie CEIU 20915, Darrell-Lee McKenzie AGR 20043, Linda Woods NAT 20140,
Joy Harrison APSAR, Regina Brennan PSAC Reg’l Rep

The meeting was called to order at 4:30pm with Kelly Megyesi in the chair.

Minutes: Minutes from June 26, 2010 were reviewed and accepted m/s/c

Treasurer’s Report: m/s/c
Kelly to email to Martha for inclusion in minutes

Old Business:
1) Kelly – Road trip
Discussion: wherever possible we must try to anticipate costs and budget for them
Reimbursement to Kelly of $119.24 costs incurred as result of road trip.
Motioned: Kelly, Seconded: Martha No objections: Motion Carried

Standing Items:
Discussion: upcoming events covered in Area Council Meeting
** Need for young workers
Some Day International
Kelly motioned that the Women’s Committee donate $100.00; Seconded by Darrel-Lee; no
objections: motion carried
Web link:
Promotional Pens – provider ended up having to pay for pens & has offered to committee for
purchase at ½ price (approximately $0.60 each)
Susan motioned to purchase; Seconded by Annette; No objections: motion carried.
Have a Clue – concept – propose set up 1 day program (ie – mini conference) for women on
May 1st & our Committee Host Penticton & Vernon Areas. Location – possibly Naramata.
− Minimal charge per person to include meals
− possible avenues for funding from PSAC to be explored
Adjourned at 6.30 pm

Bikeshop, Kelowna

In Attendance: Susan Yaciw UTE 20003, Martha Johnson UVAE 20035, Kelly Megyesi CEIU 20915, Annette Hale USGE 20153,Roberta Gourlie CEIU 20915, Darrell-Lee McKenzie AGR 20043, Linda Woods NAT 20140,
Joy Harrison APSAR,Regina Brennan PSAC Reg’l Rep

The meeting was called to order at 4:30pm with Susan Yaciw in the chair.

Minutes: Minutes from June 26, 2010 were reviewed and accepted m/s/c

Treasurer’s Report:
-UVAE 20035 Dues cheque received
Kelly to contact Kelowna CEIU re: outstanding dues
Roberta to follow up with Penticton CEIU

Old Business:
1) Kootenay Road Trip went well and high number of attendees were helpful
2) Regina completed report & will forward for attachment w/ minutes
3) Darrell-Lee and Martha commented on face to face meeting with Stockwell Day.
Written reports to follow with minutes.
Reports to be forwarded to Alex Atamanenko

Standing Items:
1) Regional Council Update:
– BC Fed Convention November 29 – December 3/10
– Regional Convention call-out: November 2010
– PSAC National Women’s Conference – October 21 – 24 – Ottawa
Darrell-Lee motioned to sponser observer to National Women’s Conference to max of $500.00
Roberta seconded. Motion carried
– The BC Regional Convention is May 13 – 15, 2011 in Vancouver
– Roberta and Susan – BC Reg’l elections to follow
Patrick will be having banners made for each Area Council featuring new logo & colours

2) Regional Office Update:
– Catherine Kirkwood – ½ time administration
– Patrick – FT communications
– Seth Sazant – transfer from Ottawa – negotiator for next year
– Erica Yang – new youth rep
** anyone needing business cards please ask Regina

3) Education:
Union School November 5 – 7 – application deadline Oct 4/10
September 25 & 26 – DTA – Penticton
Adjourned at 5.25pm

Summerland Research Station, Summerland

In Attendance: Susan Yaciw UTE 20003, Joy Harrison APSAR, Kelly Megyesi (phone) CEIU 20915, Annette Hale USGE 20153, Roberta Gourlie CEIU 20915, Carolyn McGillivray CIU 20045, Darrell-Lee McKenzie AGR 20043, Martha Johnson UVA 20035, Gaby Villecourt USGE 20153 Grace MacIver NHU 20031, Andrea Johnson USGE 20153

The meeting was called to order at 11:15a.m. with Kelly Megyesi in the chair via teleconference.

Minutes: Minutes from September 14, 2009 were reviewed. m/s/c

Roberta distributed copies of Kelly’s report for year ending December 31, 2009, year-end
financial statement, transaction breakdown, bank statement ending December 31, 2009,
and a 2010 budget.

Treasurer’s Report:
– The year-end financial statement was reviewed. $2108.00 balance.
– Donations were lower last year than year previous due to anticipated funding for
observer attendance at PSAC Convention. Observer became delegate so $600
funding returned.
Motion: Kelly moved, Susan seconded THAT 2009 Treasurer’s Report be
accepted as distributed. Carried
Motion: Darrell-Lee moved, Susan seconded THAT 2010 Budget be
accepted as distributed. Carried.

Old Business:
1) Andrée Coté Event:
– Andrée unable to attend meeting so event cancelled as previously notified via emails.
New Business:
1) International Women’s Day:
– Suggestions requested by Kelly regarding IWD activities and/or recognition.
Unanimous agreement to use Gaby’s logo that was on the sticky notes last year,
on a different product this year.
Motion : Roberta Gourlie moved, Susan Yaciw seconded THAT up to $500
be budgeted for creation and purchase of promotional item endorsed
with Gaby’s logo. Carried
Action: Kelly will check into items such as safety carabineer or other item and
send e-mail with options to vote on.
2) BC Regional Women’s Conference:
– Conference being held in June 2010.
– Kelly on organizing committee and Annette Hale volunteered to help when able,
including participating in up-coming conference call.
3) Elections:
Elections were held for all positions with the following results:
Chair – Kelly Megyesi acclaimed.
Vice-Chair – Maria-Luiza Romano acclaimed.
Secretary – Roberta Gourlie acclaimed (assistance later in year from others
depending upon results of formation of South Okanagan Area Council)
Treasurer – Kelly Megyesi acclaimed.
Round Table:
Kelly suggested the Okanagan establish a PSAC Human Rights Committee. Support from
remaining members present to support and pursue this option.
Action: Kelly will obtain further information on what’s involved in establishing
a local committee and sent out via e-mail.
Next Meeting: TBA
Adjourned at 11:50 a.m. m/s/c

Milestones Restaurant, Kelowna

In Attendance: Susan Yaciw, UTE 20003, Martha Johnson, UVAE 20035, Kelly Megyesi, CEIU 20915, Annette Hale, USGE 20153, Roberta Gourlie, CEIU 20915, Darrell-Lee McKenzie, AGR 20043, Linda Woods, NAT 20140, Joy Harrison, AGR 20027, Maria-Luiza Romano, AGR 20027, Regina Brennan, PSAC Reg’l Rep

The meeting was called to order at 11:35a.m. with Susan Yaciw in the chair.

Minutes: Minutes from Apr 12, 2010 were reviewed with responses (in red) that came in after meeting.                        m/s/c

Treasurer’s Report:

– Financial year to date statement distributed and reviewed                                        m/s/c

– Dues for 2010 ($1 per local Okanagan member), for those locals not yet paid, are now overdue.  Please forward cheques payable to OAC, and mail to:

Darrell-Lee McKenzie
#5 – 799 Creekside
Penticton, BC, V2Z 1C5

Old Business:

1) Formation of South Okanagan Area Council

It is being decided that this will not be pursued currently.  Maybe in future after Martha is more familiar with the operation of an Area Council.  Her local has voted to affiliate with the Okanagan Area Council.  The OAC may attend functions in the South or North Okanagan in conjunction with their meetings.

2) Workplace Watch:

Regina advises that Garry Fraser is leading PSACs Workplace Watch campaign and is looking for reports regarding differences in services such as EI wait times, appeals, personal stories.  If any, advise Regina by e-mail, who pass on to Garry.

Standing Items:

1) Regional Council Update:

– Susan Yaciw attended Leadership Phase II earlier this month.  She reports that it was good but a little repetitive with UDP content.

– The BC Regional Convention is May 13 – 15, 2011 in Vancouver.

2) Regional Office Update:

– Hetty Alcuitas was successful for Vancouver Regional Office Secretary competition.  She was working part-time and will now be full-time.  Katherine Kirkwood has been hired to fill part-time position.

– Joanna Schultz starting maternity leave June 25.  Luc Guevremont will be A/Reg’l Coordinator during Joanne’s leave.

– Garry Fraser successful in 6 mo term Regional Rep Competition and has been given the Political Action Project.

3) Education:

The following courses were held since our last meeting:

– UICA/Grievance Handling course schedule in Apr in Vernon was cancelled, only 3 registrants.

– Duty to Accommodate in Penticton Sept 25/26.

– Stewards training in Fall in Kamloops?

– Union School, November 5 to 7.

4) Labour Council Meetings:

– Next North Okanagan District meetings are Sept 8, 2010 in Kelowna at 7 pm and Oct 6, 2010 in Vernon.  Website for North Okanagan Labour Council:

– Next South Okanagan District meeting is Sept 7, the first Tuesday after the first Monday of each month.

New Business:

1) Kootenays Field Trip:

Discussion surrounding a road trip to worksites in the Kootenays.  A tentative date as been established for Aug 12 to 17 with a “Meet and Greet” in Nelson on the evening of the 13th.  Regina, Roberta, and Susan will definitely participate as part of their regional roles but anyone else wishing to come along, e-mail Susan.

Round Table:

Linda Woods – August 25th house concert with Rabble Berries

– Sept 10 is World Suicide Prevention Day.  There will be a walk in Kelowna from the Sails to Island Stage.

Joy Harrison – attended APSAR meeting in May.  There is a rumour that the “magic 85” for retirements may become “90”, changing the minimum retirement age from 55 to 60.

Darrell-Lee   –  Letter from S. Okanagan Labour Council was read, thanking the Area Council for our May Day booth contribution.

Next Meeting:  September 10 in Kelowna in conjunction with World Suicide Prevention Day.

Adjourned at 12:25pm

Download a PDF copy of: June 26 OAC minutes

A Publication of the Workers Health & Safety Centre – December 20, 2010

Canadian researchers are creating a database profiling approximately 170 substances they’ve determined to be high, possibly high and moderate priority occupational carcinogens.

These researchers, working collectively as CAREX Canada and funded by Health Canada believe “This database will be an important resource not only for the CAREX project, but for all involved in workplace exposure prevention and research.”

With just 33 profiles completed to date (December, 2010) estimates for Canadians exposed to carcinogens at work already exceed 7,000,000. The most common exposure is 2,800,000 Canadians who work shifts with potential for circadian disruption. The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) classifies shift work as probably carcinogenic to humans (Group 2A). Other examples include more than 800,000 Canadians exposed to diesel engine exhaust, 42,000 to formaldehyde and 17,000 to antineoplastic drugs.

Additional exposure information being entered into the database for each profiled carcinogen includes carcinogenic evidence, common uses, regulatory information and potential sources for both worker and environmental exposures. According to CAREX Canada, the database allows for further breakdown of worker exposure estimates by province or territory as well as industries and occupations.

In their preliminary priority report published April 1, 2009, CAREX Canada noted the major limitation for prioritizing which carcinogens to target first is that similar data were not available for all substances considered. Also of note was their decision to not include workplace environmental tobacco smoke and occupational sun exposure as high priority carcinogens (even though they explained both would deserve this prioritization). They explained “Both sun and tobacco have well-established prevention programs in Canada supported by strong networks and institutions. The same cannot be said for most other exposures considered in this prioritization.”

Workers and the general public continue to pay the price for this lack of preventive action when it comes to workplace and environmental carcinogens. Many researchers believe between eight and 16 per cent of all cancer deaths are work-related. Based on these estimates and statistics provided by Canadian Cancer Society, between 6096 and 12,192 Canadians will die in 2010 from work-related cancer.

Other researchers though caution against the attempt to attribute percentages of exposures to a single type of carcinogen. “Due to advances in molecular biology, researchers now know that cancer develops from a complex multi-factorial web of causes,” writes renowned cancer researcher, Richard W. Clapp and his associates in their 2007 follow up review of environmental and occupational causes of cancer (Their first review was published in 2005.). They conclude though, this complexity should not stop us from taking action, quite the contrary:

In the 1970s there were approximately a dozen substances or exposures that were considered “established” human carcinogens by international agencies. That number now approaches 100, with many more considered “likely” to cause cancer in humans.  As we noted in our previous review, incidence rates for many types of cancer in the U.S. continue to rise, although we welcome the apparent decline in lung cancer in males and soon in females. The cancer burden, defined as the number of people living with cancer, with the attendant economic and human costs, will inevitably continue to grow. This justifies urgent action to limit exposures to avoidable environmental and occupational carcinogens and to find safer alternatives to present chemical and physical risks. To repeat the call of ecologist Sandra Steingraber, “From the right to know and the duty to inquire flows the obligation to act.”

Andy King, national health, safety and environment department leader, United Steelworkers Union (USW) and member of the CAREX Canada Advisory Committee agrees with the need for action. “CAREX Canada gives us the power to identify people at risk all across Canada.  The ball is now in our court to take this info to our members and communities to make the difference.  Our training and activism must reflect this. “

Want to know about the many WHSC training programs designed to raise awareness about carcinogens and the steps needed to prevent or control worker exposure? Call 1-888-869-7950 and ask to speak to a training service representative or contact a WHSC near you ( ).

Want to view the current list of profiled carcinogens from the CAREX Canada? (

Want to read a CAREX fact sheet Estimating carcinogen exposure using existing Canadian data? ( )

Want to read WHSC fact sheets on asbestos, lead, diesel exhaust and other carcinogens? ( )

Want to read a recent WHSC article on shift work? ( )

Published by:
Workers Health & Safety Centre
802 – 15 Gervais Drive
Toronto, ON  M3C 1Y8
Tel: (416) 441-1939
Toll Free: 1-888-869-7950
Executive Director: Dave Killham
Director, Information Services: Loretta Michaud
Editor: Marty White

Submissions are encouraged. Reproduction is permitted, provided the source is acknowledged and a copy sent to the Director, Information Services.

Please send comments and suggestions to

Updated Oct 14/2010. Here are some photos taken at the vote meeting in Victoria.

Here are the CRA ratification vote dates & locations

City Location Date Time Resource Person(s)
Penticton Penticton Lakeside Inn and Resort, 21 Lakeshore Drive, Penticton, Room: Salon A Tuesday, October 5, 2010 Presentations start at 2:30 pm; 3pm; 3:30pm; 4pm; 4:30 pm; 5pm; 5:30 pm. PA
Victoria St. John the Divine Church Hall, 925 Balmoral Avenue Thursday, October 7, 2010 Presentations start at 3:15pm; 3:45pm; 4:15pm; 4:45pm; 5:15pm PA
Kelowna Accent Inn, 1140 Harvey Ave Tuesday, October 12, 2010 Presentations start at 4pm; 5pm PA
Prince George Hospital Employees’ Union Hall, 1197 3rd Avenue Wednesday, October 13, 2010 Presentations start at 4:15 pm; 5:15 pm PA
Vancouver Fairmont Hotel Vancouver – 900 West Georgia Street, Vancouver, Room: Waddington Thursday, October 14, 2010 Presentations start at 3:30 pm; 4:30 pm, 5:30 pm PA, KS
Surrey North Surrey Recreation Centre, 10275 135 Street – Room: Youth Centre Monday, October 18, 2010 Presentations start at 3:30 pm; 4:15 pm; 5 pm PA, KS
Surrey Surrey Alliance Church – 13474-96 Avenue Tuesday, October 19, 2010 Presentations at 3:30 pm; 5:30 pm PA, KS

Pamela Abbott (PA), Bargaining Team member, and Kay Sinclair (KS), REVP, will be in attendance at the meetings.

Dates and locations for other cities will be posted as they become available.


This email is best viewed in your web browser. Click the link below to see it:

In this issue:
– New year, new campaign ideas
– U-Pass BC announcement
– 3 actions in 3 minutes
– Back-to-school editorial
– Student discounts in your area
– 0% interest in Newfoundland
– Students weigh in on copyright reform

New year, new campaign ideas

The Education Shouldn’t be a Debt Sentence [] campaign is a student-driven campaign to make post-secondary education in BC more affordable. The campaign brings together students [] and our supporters in the community to pressure government to reduce tuition fees and to reduce student debt.

For the year ahead, students can get involved in a variety of new ways, including do-it-yourself video.

Sign up to stay in the loop [].

U-Pass BC announcement

By working together through the Canadian Federation of Students-British Columbia, students have won Canada’s first province-wide U-Pass program!

Final details are being negotiated right now, but you can sign up [] to get more details as they become available.

3 actions in 3 minutes

The core of the Education Shouldn’t be a Debt Sentence campaign is demonstrating support for affordable education.

Take three minutes to contribute to the campaign:1. Become a fan of the Facebook page [].
2. Sign the online petition [].
3. Tell your MLA [] that reducing student debt is a priority.

Back-to-school editorial

Check out our editorial [] that ran in the Vancouver Sun on September 2, 2010. Share it [] with your friends and family.

Student discounts in your area

For most students, money is tight.

With the International Student Identity Card [] (ISIC), you can get exclusive student discounts on thousands of goods and services, from clothing to WestJet flights.

The ISIC is a free benefit of membership to all full-time members of the Canadian Federation of Students. Non-members must pay $20 for the card.

To inquire about getting your ISIC, visit your students’ union office or visit

0% interest in Newfoundland


Students in Newfoundland and Labrador celebrate one year anniversary of the provincial government’s decision to eliminate interest [] charged on student loans.

Students weigh in on copyright reform []
The Canadian Federation of Students has released a new video [] outlining the issues at stake in copyright reform in Canada.

PSAC has joined with unions from across Canada, to show solidarity with the people of Pakistan who are struggling to gain access to disaster relief after weeks of devastating floods. The union announced a $30,000 donation to Oxfam Canada this week, contributing to more than $200,000 pledged by the Canadian labour movement to various relief efforts.

“Food crops and seeds have been decimated and nearly a million homes washed away. An estimated 8 million people have been affected by the floods and are in urgent need of emergency aid,” said John Gordon, PSAC National President. “Unless humanitarian aid reaches the affected communities soon, more people will succumb to water borne diseases and potential starvation.”

PSAC’s donation is being channelled through the union’s Social Justice Fund, which was established in 2003 to support initiatives to help eliminate poverty and injustice in Canada and around the world. Operating from a position of solidarity not charity, the fund advocates for political change and works with union partners around the world to help defend and re-build public services.

“Poor people are facing the worst of the impact from extreme climate change around the globe,” said Gordon. “Our union is committed to supporting people affected by natural disasters, while also advocating for the Canadian government to unfreeze its aid budget and take substantive steps to lower Canada’s green house gas emissions.”

PSAC urges its members to give generously to help the people of Pakistan during this critical time by donating to Oxfam or the charity of their choice.

International Youth Day 2010

It is with great pleasure that I wish you a very happy international youth day!
Please find attached this years Canadian Labour Congress statement in poster and text format.  You may also view the information on our website at:
This year’s statement is a call to action around ILO Convention 138 and we need your help! If you are interested in getting involved in the new young worker driven minimum age campaign, please send me an email with your details (including location) and I will put you in touch with your provincial or territorial team!! 🙂
Also stay tuned for an excited “International Year of Youth” project the CLC young workers working group has underway!
In Solidarity Always,
Erin Harrison-Taylor
National Representative
2841 Riverside Drive
Ottawa, ON
K1V 8X7
tel 613-521-3400 ext.234
fax 613-521-0423

Download PDF – CLC Statement – English;

Download PDF – CLC Statement – French;

Download PDF – Copy of Poster; IYD-Poster-2010-08-12-BIL

Racialized Communities Ask Provincial Premiers to Help Stop the Attack on Federal Employment Equity Program

As Premiers and Territorial Leaders gather in Manitoba, the Colour of Poverty Campaign (COPC) today releases an Open Letter to Stephen Harper, asking the Prime Minister to call off the attack on the Federal Employment Equity Program by members of his cabinet. The Open Letter has been endorsed by over 100 community groups, labour organizations, businesses and individuals across Canada who believe all Canadians should enjoy equal opportunity to employment without discrimination.

The Open Letter is a response to comments by Ministers Stockwell Day and Jason Kenney who have both suggested that the Federal Employment Equity program bars qualified Canadians from job opportunities in the federal public service and that unqualified candidates may have gotten hired because of their race.


PSAC BC has been out and about this summer promoting our Think Public, Workplace Watch and other campaigns.  Here are some photos from the Surrey Pride Festival at Holland Park last July 11th.

Thursday July 22, 2010     NEWS RELEASE    For Immediate Release

Servisair now admits major flight delays at Vancouver International Airport due to lockout of refueling supervisors – files legal application detailing extensive delays & complaints from Air Canada, WestJet, international airlines – after Servisair and YVR administration denied delays previously

Vancouver – Servisair now admits in a legal document filed this afternoon that there have been major flight delays at Vancouver International Airport since it locked out refueling supervisors on Monday – delays it and YVR management denied publicly until now, says the supervisors’ union.

A Servisair application to the Canadian Industrial Relations Board states that WestJet complained of “quite significant” delays and that “Air Canada advised Servisair that it could not afford a repeat” of delays experienced Monday July 19 when replacement workers took over from existing trained supervisors, says Stephen Dunsmore, Regional Vice-President Pacific of the Union of Canadian Transportation Employees – a component union of the Public Service Alliance of Canada.

The Servisair application says Air Canada complained of “cost attributable to fuelling delays” and that United, KLM, Continental, Cathay Pacific, Air New Zealand, US Airways and Air North all reported fuelling delay, Dunsmore said.

A WestJet official quoted in the documents says the delays were significant and impacted well over 140 other flights in the WestJet system.

Says Dunsmore: “This CIRB application is a legal document that demonstrates irrefutably that both Servisair and Vancouver International Airport management deliberately misled the public and the media about what Servisair admits have been quite significant delays due to their lockout of experienced refueling supervisors.”

“The solution is obvious – negotiate a fair first collective agreement immediately, as the union has been trying to do from the start – and end this lockout now,” Dunsmore said.  “We were at the bargaining table Sunday night when Servisair walked away without even hearing our counterproposal and instead locked out our members.”

Dunsmore said the Servisair application is a clumsy attempt to blame refueling workers who are continuing to work under their own existing collective agreement for problems when the obvious reality is that inexperienced replacement supervisors don’t know how to manage Vancouver International Airport’s complex refueling procedures.

“There have been many documented mistakes – some of which are health and safety concerns – that these replacement supervisors are making,” Dunsmore said.  “We are now documenting safety concerns and will be making the appropriate complaints shortly to bring this to the attention of authorities.”

Dunsmore said the union is confident that the CIRB will reject the Servisair allegations, noting that the union advised refueling workers prior to the dispute that they must obey their collective agreement even if supervisors were locked out.

Employer Servisair is a Paris-based company that provides fuel to Air Canada, WestJet and other airlines at Vancouver International Airport as well as at more than 128 locations worldwide.


For further information contact: Stephen Dunsmore UCTE at cell 778-998-1491 or Bill Tieleman, West Star Communications at cell 778-896-0964 or 604-844-7827.

Information Session: July 24, 2010

7:00 p.m.
#200-5118 Joyce St.
Vancouver, B.C.

Please check out this event. It is an info session on the 17th World Festival of Youth & Students which will be held in South Africa this December! The Festival is the largest international youth gathering and the largest expression of youth resistance in the world. At the last Festival, over 16,000 youth and students from around the world attended. You’re invited! Come find out more.

Also check out the Festival website at

For more information, contact the WFYS Vancouver Committee at or check us out on Facebook.

Download a PDF version of the poster: WFYS poster

Tonight, at approximately at 22:25 hours our Union received notice that the Employer intends to lockout members at GlobeGround/Servisair effective 00:01 Monday July 19, 2010.

In spite of this set back, our Union remains committed to reaching a negotiated first agreement and we have asked the Federal Mediator to convene another bargaining session at 17:00 hours on Friday July 16.

A bargaining update meeting will be held at #113-5200 Miller Road this Saturday July 17, at 12:00 noon. This is a very important meeting and all members are strongly encouraged to attend.

The Union met with the Company in mediation on Monday July 12.  The employer provided only a few responses to some of the Union’s proposals, but was unable to agree or respond to most of our package.  The employer chose to spend all of Tuesday July 13, working on further responses to the Union.

As the deadline for a possible Strike/Lockout approaches, we recognize that members are concerned about what this will mean. Please be assured that the Union’s bargaining committee remain committed to reaching an agreement before the time expires 12:01 July 17, 2010.

In the event of a Strike/Lockout either party is legally required to give the 72 hours notice of their intentions to do so. At that time, the Union will notify you of our Strike/Lockout headquarters office where you can report for a membership meeting and schedule for picket duty.

If there is a Strike/Lockout, for those members who work in the Fuelers bargaining unit no strike action will be authorized. You will have to continue to work under the terms of your collective agreement and the Canada Labour Code. This means you will have to report to work and perform your usual duties. However, section 94 of the Canada Labour Code and the collective agreement both provide that you have the right to refuse to perform struck work.  If a member is concerned for their safety in crossing a picket line, the employer has to provide an escort to ensure your safety.

At this time solidarity is very important for all PSAC members who work for GlobeGround Fuel Services/Servisair. We need to work collectively to send a clear message to the employer that we are a strong group of union members.

For more information contact Janelle Ho-Shing at 604.430.5631.

Regular updates will be posted at or

Click here to download a PDF poster: The-Right-to-Refuse-struck-work-final2

In attendance: Brenda Esplen, Jeannette Lum, Sharon Hazelwood, Gwen Williams, Leanne Hughes, Cindy Little, Virginia Vaillancourt (Chair), Rosemary MacKenzie (PSAC Staff) Regrets:   Dyan Day, Mandi Schubert.

Meeting called to order at 5:40 pm

Review of April 13, 2010 minutes and approval

Jeannette Lum / Cindy Little /  Carried

Continue reading below, or download a copy of Victoria RWC May 27 minutes (pdf)


New signers are now on the account and we’re figuring what’s in our account.   Brenda will explain what we have in each account.   We will discuss budget for the upcoming year.   One requirement for the Victoria RWC is to submit a budget to the REVP each year.
After a cursory glance here is our balance as of March 31, 2010 :

  • $1175.54 in our Business Chequing
  • $129.47 in our Equity Shares Account
  • $700.98 Plan 24 Savings Account

Our next meeting is June 21st, so here is some suggestions re:  funding line items to think about.

  • Assistance to conferences
  • Meeting (foods / movie rentals etc)
  • December 6th event / March 8th
  • Contingency Fund / Miscellaneous
  • Donations

If you think of anything more before June 21st, just let me know (Virginia).

Funding for Women who’ve been selected to the BC Regional Women’s Conference

Re:   $75 registration fee.   Is any assistance needed by anyone?

As well, each RWC has been asked to bring a “basket” for the silent auction.   Suggestions?  How much do we wish to make up the basket for?  Tangible items……………

  • Murchies # 10 blend tea / Empress Tea
  • A candle from the Day of Mourning Event
  • Roger’s Chocolats , Smoked Salmon
  • Bottle of wine from a local winery, Maybe something from Butchart Gardens, Books from a local author
  • Postcards from Victoria

As well, we’ve been asked to assist in funding a beverage for the participants from the RW Conference.  Up to $200.  There will be 63 participants registered, plus the staff etc. Everyone was in agreement.

Air Travel to RW Conference.

We’ve be able to purchase two Harbour Air tickets from a local who had two extra flight tickets, willing to sell them to us for a reduced costs.

Gwen Williams and Sharon Hazelwood will be utilizing these tickets, as they are travelling as a team.

Delegate for the PSAC National Women’s Conference

It was asked if anyone was interested in going to the National Women’s conference as a delegate.   Only Virginia was interested.  Brenda said she would try and apply to go via her local.

Virginia will be the delegate
Brenda will be the alternate.

Meeting adjourned at:   6:40 pm


DATE: June 21, 2010 (Monday)
TIME: 5:30 P.M.
LOCATION: PSAC Boardroom, 210-1497 Admirals Rd., Victoria, BC

AGENDA: To be announced.

Please forward any agenda items to the Chair, Virginia Vaillancourt at:

Please R.S.V.P as various snack food will be provided – email Rosemary at

Note: the building door is locked by 5:30, so if you can, please arrive a few minutes earlier. Thanks.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010
PSAC Vancouver Regional Office
200-2538 Joyce St. Vancouver, B.C.

(Buzz 200 to enter)

Agenda items:
Plan for the rest of 2010
Report from Access Conference

Food will be provided.  Please RSVP to Regina Brennan at:

Download a PDF poster for the event here: Van HRC poster_jun23

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