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Vancouver Area Council Meeting Minutes 27 April 11

In Attendance: Jamey Mills (President) UTE 20027, Sharon Tieman (Treasurer) UPCE 20101, Cheryl Oenema (Secretary) UNDE 21008, Tracy Shudo CEIU 20949, Cindy Zhou GSU 20008, Terri Lee AGR 20044, Fe De Casto GSU 20008, Rhonda Johns UPCE 20095

Guests: Joanne Hay UPCE 20095 – Kelowna, Marion McLarty NAT 20150
Staff Rep: Monica Urrutia
Regrets: Sam Weise

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Marie Lygo has stepped down as secretary so an interim election was held to elect a new secretary. Cheryl Oenema is the new secretary of the VAC.

Guest speaker: Joey Hartman, President of the Vancouver and District Labour Council (VDLC). Joey is the first female president of the VDLC. Members are encouraged to get their locals to affiliate to the VDLC, there are currently 3 locals that are affiliated. The cost is $0.35 per member per month. This cost can be split if the local has members in area of other district labour councils. For more information you can email Joey at . You do not need to be a delegate to attend meetings or to participate in the various committees, such as, the Women’s Committee, the Youth Committee, International Affairs and the Standing Strike Support Committee. For more info check out the VDLC website and sign up for the email list to get updated on upcoming events.

Affiliate Reports:

• CEIU 20949 – Day of Mourning buttons to be distributed to co workers. Sending four delegates to the BC Regional Convention.

• GSU 20008 –Union management meeting, one of the biggest issues is staffing, looking for more transparency in hiring practices. Going towards competency based, inventory of skills staffing practices, had some positive and negative feedback. Transfer of Compensation workers to NB. The employer is holding a diversity learning event. National Day of Mourning will be handing out pins in front of the office. Held a boat cruise for members and will be doing another cruise. Lunch and learns to discuss the changes to the collective agreement

• AGR 20044 – General meeting, summer social event, National Council meeting. AGR members to be in phase 1 of the transfer of compensation workers to NB. CFIA bargaining conference to be held in May, there will be 24 equity seeking seats available. French language teachers are being laid off and the jobs are being contracted out. CFIA policy changes which will result in less inspections. Looking to get some media attention in response to the CBC feature, Country of Origin. Sending two delegates to the BC Regional Convention. Bob Jackson is running for REVP.

• NAT 20150 (Newly created local) – Plans to affiliate. Department of Indian Affairs has a unique hiring target of 50% aboriginal staff, currently around 35%. Union management meeting, no longer allowed to post aboriginal only jobs to the public. Creation of the Aboriginal Declaration form as opposed to self ID to prove aboriginal status.

• UPCE 20101 & 20095 – Laying off of contact centre employees moved to July from September. Closing of the Ottawa contact centre in October, and contracting out of these jobs. Membership has been decreased by 1/3. Convention to be held in September. Sending one delegate to the BC Regional Convention. Has a member working in the PSAC office in organizing. Waiting to see what happens 25 May in regards to the CUPW strike, they will support as needed. Purolator employees may be asked to do Canada Post work.

• UTE 20027 – Got an automatic defibrillator in the office building along with training. There were renovations to the main floor of the building, further reducing the client service area open to the public. Staffing issues a big concern. Low morale amongst staff and an outside consultant, being hired, the biggest issues are staffing and harassment. UTE convention in Montreal in July, President Betty Bannon is retiring. Sending five delegates and two observers to the BC Regional Convention.

Discussed some of the resolutions from the BC Regional Convention. Looks like the resolutions submitted by the VAC are in concurrence with the resolutions committees.

Upcoming Events:
• National Day of Mourning 28 Apr 11. Rally at Hastings Park @ 8:00 am.
• May Day Rally and Parade 1 May 11 to celebrate the International Day of the Worker, 1:00 pm at Clark Park @ 13th and Commercial to McSpadden Park.
• NDP Rally 30 Apr 11 @ 12:30 pm in Burnaby 4088 First Ave at Gilmour, 1St Ave Film Studios.

Fair Taxation Conference – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Being held at the Maritime Centre on 27-28 May 11.
Motion – The VAC will provide funding for $75.00 for Cindy Zhou to attend the fair taxation conference. M/S/C Jamey, Rhonda

WCB Regulation rollback and petition, in regards to safety for night time workers. Monica to forward email from the BC Fed, please distribute widely.

Summer Event (June or July). Talk of organizing a fun event for the VAC and others, such as a Vancouver Canadians Game and buffet BBQ. Jamey and Monica to find out more info.

CLC Conference: The Regional Council is helping to fund council members to attend the CLC convention.

Motion: Move that the VAC provides $200.00 in funding to assist the BC Regional Council in sending delegates to the CLC Convention taking place in Vancouver. M/S/C Jamey, Sharon

Motion: Move to donate $50.00 to the BC Regional Convention host committee for the express purpose of donating to a basket for the basket raffle fund raising. M/S/C Jamey, Rhonda

There will be an executive meeting or conference call in July to discuss the Labour Day Event.

Round Table:
• 2011 Aboriginal Peoples Conference, 30 Sept – 2 Oct 11. Application and Resolutions deadline is 13 May 11.
• Get out and Vote!!

Okanagan Area Council meeting – May 13

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In attendance: Darrell-Lee McKenzie, Annette Hale, Kelly Megyesi, Susan Yaciw, Joy Harrison, Roberta Gourlie, Kareen Stanich, Linda Woods, Martha Johnson, & guests speakers Kay Sinclair, & Bob Jackson.

Once again the Okanagan Committee took advantage of being together at the PSAC Convention in Vancouver. Dinner was canceled, as all council members were too busy with campaign and caucus work. Meeting was held upstairs at the Four Seasons in Kareen’s suite. It was felt that a more private location would work better for the all-candidates meetings.

A review of the first day of convention and the meetings leading up to convention took place. Susan Yaciw and Roberta Gourlie are on regional board committees for convention.

Special thanks you to Joy for both speaking at the convention on APSAR and for organizing the basket donated on behalf of the Okanagan Area Council. It was an amazing basket!!

Currently there are two regional representatives for the Okanagan/Kootenay’s area. It was felt that having one rep in the Okanagan and one in the Kootenay’s would be better from participation standpoint. Susan will be running again and Roberta will step down and run as alternate. Roberta has found someone to run that resides in the Kootenay area.

Bob Jackson and Kay Sinclair were invited separately to talk to the area council. Council members asked questions of each candidate and there were good discussions. Voting for the representative will be the following day.

May Day: The participation in the Penticton Labour Council May Day for the second year was a success. Thank you to everyone on the council that contributed. Each year it gets better and we are already looking forward to next year. (Letter of thanks received after the meeting is attached)

Upcoming Events/Actions: Susan talked about wanting to be involved in more political actions and the council seemed game. This will be an on-going topic for discussion at upcoming meetings.

Reg 15A: Kelly & Martha were invited to participate in a forum on voting early Friday morning. This was last minute so input was solicited from as many people as possible. If anyone would like more information on this subject please contact either participant.

Next Meeting TBA


Members Present:

  • Ken Waldron – UNDE 21013
  • Nick Humphreys UEW 20169
  • Ian Wiggs – UNDE 21008
  • Mark Miller UNDE 21016
  • Steve Portlock – UNDE 21010
  • Graham Goodmanson UEW 20169
  • Paul Jones – UNDE 21008
  • Pete Wills – UEW 20076
  • Jim Sidel – DCL 20500
  • Scott Parker – UTE 20028
  • Cindy Little – UTE 20028
  • Bert Farwell – UCTE 20220
  • Virginia Vaillancourt UVAE 20030
  • David Ramahlo UNDE 21011
  • Peter Neelands NRU 20088
  • Marcelo Lazaro UNDE 21016
  • Ernest Hooker UCTE 20220
  • Lance Jesson UNDE 21016

PSAC Victoria RO Staff Present:

  • Dave Jackson – PSAC Rep
  • James Little – PSAC Victoria

Download the May 3 Victoria Area Council meeting minutes (pdf) or continue reading below.

1. Call to order Chairperson Sister Little called the meeting to order at 5:30 pm

2. Introductions Roundtable introductions of members and guest

3. Adoption of Previous Minutes Meeting minutes – m/s/c Steve Portlock/Dave Ramalho

4. Financial Statement Financial Statement Presented by Treasurer Waldron – m/s/c Waldron/Sidel

5. Federal Election Debrief

  • Roundtable discussion
  • Impact of majority, jobs, severance, mobilizing
  • Local’s members calling members worked well and probably changed the result in Esquimalt-Juan de Fuca

6. Discussion of Resolutions for BC Regional Conventions

  • 11 delegates from Area Council
  • Resolution Committee members explained rationale for priority and concurrence/non-concurrence on submitted resolutions.
  • Convention Committee Representatives from Area Council
    • Paul Jones- General
    • Virginia Vaillancourt- By-Laws
    • Finance- Cindy Little, Nick Humphreys, Peter Neelands

7. Host Committee

  • Virginia Vaillancourt reported on the BC Regional Convention Host Committee. The Area Council was asked to consider a $100 Basket donation for the raffle. Proceeds to go to Terrace Unemployment Charity. m/s/c Jones/Sidel Vancouver Island theme with Portlock/Ramalho to help buy.

8. Notes

  • Add Bert Farwell to mailing list

9 Adjournment

  • Motion to adjourn meeting. Meeting adjourned at 18:50 Little/Sidel m/s/c

Campbell River & District Area Council Meeting

  • When: April 20, 2011
  • Where: CUPE office, 496-10th Street (Corner of 10th & Fitzgerald) Courtenay BC
  • Meet & Greet: 6:30 p.m.
  • Meeting: 7:00 p.m.


  • “CLC Better Choice Campaign” training
  • Finances (Budget)
  • Tom’s Report
  • Component Reports
  • Members Concerns

For further information contact Tom Hopkins – President

The next Vancouver RWC meeting is scheduled for April 12th, 5:30PM at the Vancouver RO – #200 5238 Joyce Street.


  • Convention resolutions discussion
  • Convention strategies, priorities and networking
  • Subsidy for convention delegates
  • Logo – submissions and discussions

Please RSVP and submit any further agenda items to Janelle Ho-Shing

The next Fraser Valley Area Council meeting is scheduled for April 20th, 5PM

  • April 20th, 5PM – 7 PM
  • Clearbrook Library, 32320 George Ferguson Way Abbotsford
  • Light refreshments will be served


  • PSAC BC Regional Convention – review of Committee reports
  • PSAC Education – We invite members who attended PSAC courses in 2010 to provide brief reports of their experiences
  • Political Action

Download a poster and the FV Area Council bylaws here!

Bikeshop, Kelowna

In Attendance: Susan Yaciw UTE 20003, Martha Johnson UVAE 20035, Kelly Megyesi CEIU 20915, Annette Hale USGE 20153,Roberta Gourlie CEIU 20915, Darrell-Lee McKenzie AGR 20043, Linda Woods NAT 20140,
Joy Harrison APSAR,Regina Brennan PSAC Reg’l Rep

The meeting was called to order at 4:30pm with Susan Yaciw in the chair.

Minutes: Minutes from June 26, 2010 were reviewed and accepted m/s/c

Treasurer’s Report:
-UVAE 20035 Dues cheque received
Kelly to contact Kelowna CEIU re: outstanding dues
Roberta to follow up with Penticton CEIU

Old Business:
1) Kootenay Road Trip went well and high number of attendees were helpful
2) Regina completed report & will forward for attachment w/ minutes
3) Darrell-Lee and Martha commented on face to face meeting with Stockwell Day.
Written reports to follow with minutes.
Reports to be forwarded to Alex Atamanenko

Standing Items:
1) Regional Council Update:
- BC Fed Convention November 29 – December 3/10
- Regional Convention call-out: November 2010
- PSAC National Women’s Conference – October 21 – 24 – Ottawa
Darrell-Lee motioned to sponser observer to National Women’s Conference to max of $500.00
Roberta seconded. Motion carried
- The BC Regional Convention is May 13 – 15, 2011 in Vancouver
- Roberta and Susan – BC Reg’l elections to follow
Patrick will be having banners made for each Area Council featuring new logo & colours

2) Regional Office Update:
- Catherine Kirkwood – ½ time administration
- Patrick – FT communications
- Seth Sazant – transfer from Ottawa – negotiator for next year
- Erica Yang – new youth rep
** anyone needing business cards please ask Regina

3) Education:
Union School November 5 – 7 – application deadline Oct 4/10
September 25 & 26 – DTA – Penticton
Adjourned at 5.25pm

Vancouver Area Council AGM Minutes

  • Date: Oct 27, 2010
  • Chair: Jamey Mills, President 2010
  • Minutes: Marie Lygo

Locals Represented and Present: GSU-20008, UTE-20027, UPCE-20101, UPCE 20095, UVAE- 20045, CEIU- 20938, CEIU 20949, AGR-20044, UEW 20147
Guest locals: NHU-20031, NAT-20088, UNDE 21008

Regional Representative PSAC – Monica Urrutia

Attendees: Cindy Zhou, Marie Lygo, Sharon Tieman, Cheryl Oenema, Allen Schofield, Deanna Wilson, Jamey Mills, Fe De Castro, Marie Carter, Terri Lee, Sam Weise, Rhonda Johns, Megan Adam.

Continue reading below, or download the Vancouver Area Council AGM, Oct 27 2010 meeting minutes

1. Agenda m/s/c – Marie Lygo, Sharon Tieman, UNANIMOUSLY ACCEPTED. Meeting called to order at 5:35 pm.

2. President’s report: see attached (pdf) m/s/c Sam Weise, Allen Schofield. Moved and carried.

3. Treasurer’ report: (available at RO)

  • Presentation of the Finance Report for 2010 was made by Sharon Tieman:
  • Questions of clarification came from the floor and president regarding procedures and terminologies, conversation ensued. MOTION to ACCEPT REPORT: made by Rhonda Johns and Allen Schofield, Moved and Carried unanimously.
  • Proposed Budget changes: $20 Under Income – Investment Income line item was added for $20; Under Expenses – Conventions, Conferences & Education was changed to $600 and District Labour Council affiliation dues was changed to $850 – m/s/c as amended (Sharon/Rhonda)
  • Treasurer and President expected a net loss of approximately $650.00. No further questions or motions.

4. Affiliates Reports:

  • Allen Schofield CEIU-20938 – Human Rights and Race Relations Resolution focus resulted in GBLT added as equity group under the EE Act . Recognition of Faith Nolan as speaker and singer, whom addressed his membership and was very motivational and entertaining. Successful advances for Term Casual Employees- of which his department has a lot from the YMCA and Co-op Students. There is now a mentor ship program under way and better Employment Equity agreed upon procedures and standards. Doing position review via their local to keep a close eye on the term employees and they have a speaker scheduled regarding the questions regarding the new contract.
  • Terri Lee from AGR-20044 – Attended the PSAC National Women’s Conference dealt with pay equity issues and abolishment of CIO is in it’s 2nd reading. Pensions was at the fore front with ON NET LOBBYING, Child care was the other major subject of discussion at the conference. The conference had great speakers, including lobbying specialists, PSAC reps in all three areas and MP’s assistants and “Wanna – B’s”for future political positions. The Liberal Assistant to the MP was there for the region, the new contract was sent for ratification while the conference was on, so 1 hour allotted to discuss FB and PA. Also in attendance was Patty Ducharme, Robyn Benson and Maria Fitzpatrick. At same time the OHS conference was going on across the street, so there was a great deal of intermingling to discuss mutual issues after hours.
  • Jamey Mills UTE-20027 – Lost Treasurer to HR, interim election to replace. One of the big projects was signing up Rands, most are terms. We’re getting ready and well prepared for Collective Bargaining and a Strike Structure in place, now may not be necessary but yet to be seen. PST employees (approx 900) coming from the province due to commencement of HST and this will effect many locals. PIPSC may receive the majority but 45 auditors and 45 collection EE’s will be absorbed slowly over next few months. The Provincial Workers are only guaranteed 2 years of employment.
  • Sharon Tieman UPCE-Van Local 20101- this is their 1st year of no sick leave allotment and family leave. They now have only short term disability. Although those who have claimed have received it quickly, but families and workers are feeling the pinch in their wages due to these contractual changes. There local has lost most all of it’s executive staff due to buy outs and disability. *They have filed a Human Rights Complaint. As well CUPW is into bargaining now. They are losing 30% of membership due to burn out, and then Contract Centres and contracting out in 2011 will see the loss of approximately 300 members.
  • Sam Weise CEIU-20949, which includes Citizens Services, OAS, EI and Passport intake. Cuts to terms (sunset clause) and indeterminate hired. This may be last of term employees, as there is move a foot to centralise services even more. Employer is now saying that employees have to work at specific locations yet files are virtual? State as well, that clerical audits must move downtown. TB policies on Values and ethics being sighted.
  • Rhonda Johns UPCE-20095- Purolator, They have a new president, and therefore lots of memos and notes. They have eliminated some higher end jobs and they are combining jobs with the post office re upper positions and duties.
  • Marie Lygo UVAE-20045- VAC, They have contracted out all payment functions to Blue Cross and cut back our authority. They are not replacing EE’s and so far have relied on attrition. We have been advised, no guarantee of employment at VAC for more than 3 to 5 years. It of course is not running as planned, and we are inundated with backlog. New local president, Jas Nagra as I stepped down in July 2010. I have asked the new executive to come to Area Council, I attending UDP levels 1,2,3 and those local building skills worked as our new executive has 2 people under 30. I am co chair of VWC – PSAC and local’s OHS until Jas ready to take over.
  • Megan Adam, UEW-20147, was on the bargaining committee, for FB and PA groups with Treasury Board. She took the time to explain why they decided it was prudent to accept the severance cut part of the contract and equally as important to have the membership vote. Questions ensued after her bargaining report. Then went on to report they were expecting to absorb approximately 60 provincial EE’s and they are running an open competion. The commission has applied many changes and there will be a coming enquiry regarding the missing sockeye salmon in the Fraser River. It appears that John Cummings is scape goating DFO and the public Service Members. There will be some reclassifications into PIPSC and PMs to other bargaining units. Some Officer positions now down grading as AS2 to AS1.
  • Fe De Castro, GSU-20008, their local is going to have their AGM in November 2010. Last two experienced executive Jack Seto and Rob Terres have retired and they need some young blood in their executive and in leadership positions. Bill Plemming is looking for volunteers. Getting very negative feed back re the loss of severance in the contract. They have a very high number of terms, they are working on a plan of action for sunset plan. They have had a Finance reclass and a new manager asking for upgrading. Pay modernization at the call centre and the retirement agreement have people very upset
  • Deanna Wilson, NAT-20008 – Heritage Canada National has now been split from INAC. Internal service review being done, in both Finance and Communications. National Health and Welfare NEQ is very upset about the severance issue.
  • Marie Carter, NHU-20031: She has had an excellent orientation from PSAC business agent and has more training to come. Some of the issues are terms, casuals and sunset issues primarily.
  • Agriculture AGR-20044: Food Safety Action plan in the works and taking a lot of energy and attention, Hired indeterminate. There is an important food lobby in respect to imported foods. They have a very bad manager presently and the area manager from Calgary is blind to the problems and not taking action. Agreed the Cda Compensation advisors are not being back filled. Each person is doing about 5 peoples’ work and people are having trouble coping. She is going to first human rights conference. It has taken 6 – 8 years to pass act, hoping it will go through at conference. Reminded the attendees, about Garry Fraser – PSAC Regional Representative has work force watch at e mail for all of you “”.

5. Bargaining

  • More discussing and questions for Megan Adam: the Macro – severance, wages and term benefits. Selected 5 major demands. Successful re renewal of JLP, occupation group structures, budgeting in individual departments and by contracting on time it will not be so devastating to individual department budgets as freeze doesn’t come off until 2013. To prevent lay off’s it was agreed and Bubble Financing would then be avoided . They tried hard re the severance but were unsuccessful. Employer was adamant. They got improvement s to False reporting, pay increases and avoided some job deportation. However 1200 jobs were lost to private contracting or provincial government at HRDC effecting the CEIU membership. The union realised that considering the hostile bargaining and financial atmosphere at present, we did better than expected and some strides for term casual employee made re sick leave and benefits. PA’s agreed but FB walked away due to special demands. Now bargaining agreement for SV,PA EB.

6. Elections:

  • Monica Urrutia, PSAC Regional Representative took over presiding over the meeting:
  • President: Jamey Mills was nominated by Marie Lygo and 2nded by Megan Adam. He agreed to stand. Voted in by Acclamation as no other nominations from the floor.
  • 1st VP Allen Schofield nominated by Jamey Mills and 2nded by Sharon Tieman. He agreed to run and no other nominations from the floor. Voted in by Acclamation.
  • 2nd VP- Sam Weise nominated by Jamey Mills and 2nded by Marie Lygo. She agreed to stand. No other nominations from the floor. Voted in by Acclamation.
  • Secretary S.Marie Lygo, nominated by Sam Weise and 2nded by Rhonda Johns, no other nominations from the floor. She agreed to stand. Voted in by Acclamation.
  • Treasurer, Sharon Tieman nominated by Sam Weiss and 2nded by Marie Lygo, she agreed to stand. No other nominations from the floor. Voted in by Acclamation.
  • 3 Members at Large: Nominated Teri Lee by Sam Weise, and 2nded by Jamey Mills. Agreed to stand. Voted in by Acclamation.
    Nominated Rhonda Johns, Nominated by Sharon Tieman, and 2nded by Marie Lygo. Agreed to stand. Voted in by Acclamation.
    Nominated Fe De Castro by Megan Adam, and 2nded by Sam Weiss=e, she agreed to stand. Voted in by Acclamation.

Monica turned the chair back over to Jamey Mills, newly re-elected President of Vancouver Area Council. This will be his second term.

Subject open for discussion per Jamey re events the Area Council Members have on their radar and wish to participate and support.:

  • Bill – C10
  • Gender identity as a Human Right
  • Bullying in the work place
  • April 28, NH day of mourning
  • Presentation of JLP by Karla Backer
  • Women’s Committee

Some Aims and interests:

  • Metro Vancouver Alliance. Affiliate is George Harasle
  • Maintain the Labour Centre at Triumph and Victoria
  • Public Forum with New Zealand
  • Studies on coalitions
  • Continuing Events we already support

Put to floor to form an Ad hoc Committee to get some things underway:

Volunteer members are Sam Weise, Allen Schofield, Jamey Mills and Marie Lygo

  • Submission to social justice funds and world social forum and summit of the Americas
  • Make Poverty History and campaigns about the working poor to get the message back out there and not let it die in this current economy.
  • Jane Doe legal aid.
  • The Women’s Regional Committee for PSAC
  • And any local worth calls that catch our attention we wish to lend our support to.
  • Will E-mail Kay Sinclair re 1 delegate needs to be in by November 14, 2010
  • Next Meeting is Jan 12, 2011
  • Ad hoc committee will meet the 3rd week of January 2011, either 13,14,15

Some more Retirement Allowance discussion (1.92) lost the first year of the contract. Perks, UPCE, CUPW, APOC, CPAA, and sick leave improvements. Jamey ended conversation as meeting was running over. Follow up on all subjects will ensue.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:55 pm and Monica swore in the new Area Council Executive.

The Okanagan Area Council and Okanagan Women’s Committee will be meeting January 21st at 4:30pm in Kelowna. Please email or if you are interested in attending or for more information.

Victoria Regional Women’s Committee AGM – January 24th

  • Date: January 24, 2011, 5:30 PM
  • Location: PSAC Boardroom 210-1497 Admirals Rd Victoria, BC
  • Agenda
    • Review & approval of Nov 9th minutes
    • Review & Debrief from Dec 6th
    • Election of RWC Delegate to BC Regional Triennial Convention May 13-15, 2011
    • Budget for 2011
    • Set up 2011 Meeting Dates
    • Set up group to talk to MP re: Childcare/Pensions
    • Planning for March 8th event

Please R.S.V.P by email to either Rosemary or Virginia January 21st as various snack food will be provided. Note: the building door is locked by 5:30. Please use the intercom on the very far right of the door. Thanks.

Campbell River & District Area Council Annual General Meeting – Jan 27

  • Date: Thursday , Jan 27, 2011 – meet & greet @ 6:30, meeting @ 7PM
  • Location: Banners Restaurant, Shoppers Row, Campbell River
  • Agenda
    • Executive Elections
    • Finances (Budget)
    • Labour Council Report
    • Womens Committee
    • Members Concerns

For further information contact Tom Hopkins – President: ph: 250-283-7171 email:

Milestones Restaurant, Kelowna

In Attendance: Susan Yaciw, UTE 20003, Martha Johnson, UVAE 20035, Kelly Megyesi, CEIU 20915, Annette Hale, USGE 20153, Roberta Gourlie, CEIU 20915, Darrell-Lee McKenzie, AGR 20043, Linda Woods, NAT 20140, Joy Harrison, AGR 20027, Maria-Luiza Romano, AGR 20027, Regina Brennan, PSAC Reg’l Rep

The meeting was called to order at 11:35a.m. with Susan Yaciw in the chair.

Minutes: Minutes from Apr 12, 2010 were reviewed with responses (in red) that came in after meeting.                        m/s/c

Treasurer’s Report:

- Financial year to date statement distributed and reviewed                                        m/s/c

- Dues for 2010 ($1 per local Okanagan member), for those locals not yet paid, are now overdue.  Please forward cheques payable to OAC, and mail to:

Darrell-Lee McKenzie
#5 – 799 Creekside
Penticton, BC, V2Z 1C5

Old Business:

1) Formation of South Okanagan Area Council

It is being decided that this will not be pursued currently.  Maybe in future after Martha is more familiar with the operation of an Area Council.  Her local has voted to affiliate with the Okanagan Area Council.  The OAC may attend functions in the South or North Okanagan in conjunction with their meetings.

2) Workplace Watch:

Regina advises that Garry Fraser is leading PSACs Workplace Watch campaign and is looking for reports regarding differences in services such as EI wait times, appeals, personal stories.  If any, advise Regina by e-mail, who pass on to Garry.

Standing Items:

1) Regional Council Update:

- Susan Yaciw attended Leadership Phase II earlier this month.  She reports that it was good but a little repetitive with UDP content.

- The BC Regional Convention is May 13 – 15, 2011 in Vancouver.

2) Regional Office Update:

- Hetty Alcuitas was successful for Vancouver Regional Office Secretary competition.  She was working part-time and will now be full-time.  Katherine Kirkwood has been hired to fill part-time position.

- Joanna Schultz starting maternity leave June 25.  Luc Guevremont will be A/Reg’l Coordinator during Joanne’s leave.

- Garry Fraser successful in 6 mo term Regional Rep Competition and has been given the Political Action Project.

3) Education:

The following courses were held since our last meeting:

- UICA/Grievance Handling course schedule in Apr in Vernon was cancelled, only 3 registrants.

- Duty to Accommodate in Penticton Sept 25/26.

- Stewards training in Fall in Kamloops?

- Union School, November 5 to 7.

4) Labour Council Meetings:

- Next North Okanagan District meetings are Sept 8, 2010 in Kelowna at 7 pm and Oct 6, 2010 in Vernon.  Website for North Okanagan Labour Council:

- Next South Okanagan District meeting is Sept 7, the first Tuesday after the first Monday of each month.

New Business:

1) Kootenays Field Trip:

Discussion surrounding a road trip to worksites in the Kootenays.  A tentative date as been established for Aug 12 to 17 with a “Meet and Greet” in Nelson on the evening of the 13th.  Regina, Roberta, and Susan will definitely participate as part of their regional roles but anyone else wishing to come along, e-mail Susan.

Round Table:

Linda Woods – August 25th house concert with Rabble Berries

– Sept 10 is World Suicide Prevention Day.  There will be a walk in Kelowna from the Sails to Island Stage.

Joy Harrison – attended APSAR meeting in May.  There is a rumour that the “magic 85” for retirements may become “90”, changing the minimum retirement age from 55 to 60.

Darrell-Lee   –  Letter from S. Okanagan Labour Council was read, thanking the Area Council for our May Day booth contribution.

Next Meeting:  September 10 in Kelowna in conjunction with World Suicide Prevention Day.

Adjourned at 12:25pm

Download a PDF copy of: June 26 OAC minutes

Vancouver Area Council – January 12

  • Wednesday, January 12, 2011, dinner at 5 pm, meeting to start at 5:30 pm sharp.
  • Vancouver Regional Office, Suite 200 – 5238 Joyce Street, Vancouver.
  • Agenda items so far are:
    • Regional Convention delegate and alternate elections
    • Regional Convention resolution proposals
  • If you or your Local/Branch has a resolution that you want the Area Council to consider for submission, please email it in advance of the meeting.

Please RSVP by January 7, 2011 as dinner will be served and we wish to ensure we have enough for all who plan to attend.

Fraser Valley Area Council Annual General Meeting – January 18

  • Tuesday January 18, 2011, 5pm to 7pm
  • ABC Country Restaurant 32080 Marshall Road Abbotsford (at the Best Western)
  • Agenda
    • Election of Executive
    • Election of Delegate to BC PSAC Convention
    • Resolutions to BC PSAC Convention
  • Guest: David Murray, Federal NDP Candidate for Abbotsford

Dinner is provided.

BRUSH (Health & Safety) Committee meeting – January 19

  • At this meeting and in accordance with subsection 9(8) and Regulation 1 of the BC Regional By-Laws, the BRUSH committee will be electing a delegate to the 2011 BC Regional Convention.
  • For more information, contact James Little

Victoria Area Council Annual General Meeting – February 1

  • Tuesday, February 1, 2011 5:30pm
  • PSAC Victoria Regional Office, 210-1497 Admirals Road, Victoria
  • Agenda
    • Election of Delegate to BC Regional Convention

Please RSVP to Rosemary by e-mail no later than January 31, 2011 as food will be served.

Vancouver Island Human Rights Committee Meeting – February 8

  • The VIHRC will be holding a meeting on February 8, 2011.  During this meeting the Committee will be electing a delegate and an alternate to PSAC BC Regional Triennial Convention scheduled for May 13-15, 2011 in Vancouver.
  • Regulation 1 states that any active member in good standing of the Human Rights Committee is eligible to seek delegate status and to vote in the delegate selection. Eligible candidates who are unable to attend the delegate selection meeting may seek the delegate seat by submitting a written statement, duly moved and seconded, of their intent to do so.

Look forward to seeing you there!

West Fraser Valley Area Council meeting – Feb 28th

  • Monday, February 28, 2011 5:30pm
  • Location: TBA
  • Agenda
    • Election of Delegate to BC Regional Convention

The Vancouver Area Council’s next meeting is Wednesday, January 12, 2011, dinner at 5 pm, meeting to start at 5:30 pm sharp. It will be held at the Vancouver Regional Office, Suite 200 – 5238 Joyce Street, Vancouver.

Agenda items so far are:

  • Regional Convention delegate and alternate elections
  • Regional Convention resolution proposals

*If you or your Local/Branch has a resolution that you want the Area Council to consider for submission, please email it in advance of the meeting.

You may send requests for additional agenda items in advance. Please RSVP by January 7, 2011 as dinner will be served and we wish to ensure we have enough for all who plan to attend.

The WFVAC AGM will be held on Tuesday November 23, 2010 @ 5:30 pm Knight & Day restaurant located at 9677 King George BLVD.

The agenda:

  • Approval of agenda
  • Approval of previous minutes
  • Finance report
  • Political action<
  • Food
  • Next meeting
  • Adjournment

Campbell River & District Area Council Meeting Banner’s Restaurant Meeting Room, Campbell River June 3, 2010 7:05pm – 9:00pm

Attendance: Mike Ballard, Dave Jackson, Deb Clemenson, Tom Hopkins, Sharon VanderDonck

Tom Hopkins called the meeting to order at 7:05pm

Welcome and Introductions

Approval of the Agenda

  • MOTION: To approve the June 3, 2010 Agenda – Sharon VanderDonck moved and 2nd by Tom Hopkins. Carried

Minutes of March 24, 2010

  • MOTION: To approve the March 24, 2010 Minutes – Sharon VanderDonck moved and 2nd by Tom Hopkins.  Carried

Financial Report

  • MOTION: To approve the Financial Report – Tom Hopkins moved and 2nd by Mike Ballard. Carried
  • Sharon VanderDonck will email affiliation dues breakdown to Dave Jackson.

Committee Reports:

  • Woman’s Committee – BC Regional Woman’s Conference is being held June 12, 2010 and 61 women will be attending this conference.
  • Political Action – Add Mike Ballard to the Political Action Committee. Mike Ballard suggested that Tom Hopkins contact Claire Trevena re: HST
  • Convention Committee – It was suggested that Tom, Deb & Sharon work on Convention Resolutions and have them ready for the PSACBC Convention in May 2011.
  • Education Committee – Discussion took place regarding the different Education Programs coming up such as the July 10 Health & Safety PSAC – CLC Part II Canada Labour Code Workplace Inspections etc. The PSACBC website has all of these programs and members are encouraged to attend the different programs. PSAC 2010 Union School Nov 5-7 in Vancouver at the Hilton in Burnaby.
  • Labour Council Report – Comox nursing care and cutting nursing positions is in the works and all should check out the Healthcare website to learn more.
    Tom spoke regarding the de-staffing of Lighthouses and said that the Labour Council will be writing a Letter of support and stating how this will be a detriment to many boaters and local citizens who depend on the lighthouse keepers for their safety
  • Miners Memorial Day – It was discussed that Tom Hopkins, Deb Clemenson and Mike Ballard attend the Miners Memorial Day Celebration in Cumberland June 18 – 19 and represent the CR & District Area Council
  • BBQ Planning – It was discussed that a BBQ take place at Sharon’s home in Campbell River for Members and their families to attend. A tentative date of late August early September has been decided and Tom will look at the tides and email the dates and times out to all that plan on attending. The CR & District Area Council will sponsor the BBQ.
  • Pension Campaign – ongoing and Dave Jackson submitted a sheet on Workplace Watch Report Back Form and also suggested to take a look at the PSAC website for more information regarding the different Pension concerns.

Special Guests:

Dave Jackson spoke regarding the information and Bargaining sheet along with the Program Demands booklet which are on the PSAC website.

Mike Ballard spoke regarding his recent visit to Bolivia to look at mine sites and meet with the woman and families that reside at these mine sites. Different resources help with the supplies at the mine site. An outfit from Germany supplied homes and the PSAC Social Justice Program funded health and nutrition, daycare for preschool aged children. Families residing in this mine site Village are living in extreme poverty and they seem to still have the sense of a happy tight knit community. They grow their own food and live off of the land as much as possible. The PSAC Social Justice Program became involved to help increase a healthier and longer lifestyle, these mines are run from very corrupt associations. Garbage over the edge becomes road material, they raise pigs at these sites, and dogs have ribs sticking out of them. It was a very valuable experience to see how fortunate people living in Canada are as opposed to the Bolivia experience. The second half of the journey was on Climate change and the Bolivian Government hosted it. Presidents from Nicaragua and Brazil were in attendance. Indigenous people coming together to show that we all belong to Earth and that Earth does not belong to us. Some of the workshops had 3200 people attend and it was a real eye opener however much more work is needed to be done.

Area Council Promotion – More members need to attend and hopefully with the BBQ etc this will happen. Perhaps an area council conference may be useful to attract more members to attend and become involved with the CR & District area Council meetings.


MOTION: To adjourn at 9:00pm – Moved by Sharon VanderDonck. Carried


Members Present:

  • Virginia Vaillancourt – UVAE 20030
  • Ian Wiggs – UNDE 21008
  • Steve Portlock – UNDE 21010
  • Nick Humpreys – UEW 20169
  • Paul Jones – UNDE 21008
  • Pete Wills – UEW 20076
  • Jim Sidel – DCL 20500
  • Scott Parker – UTE 20028
  • Cindy Little – UTE 20028
  • Ernest Hooker – UCTE 20220
  • Sharon Hazelwood– NAT – 20140
  • Kenan Sweezie – AGR 20064
  • Brenda Esplen – UTE 20028
  • Kay Ahmadi – UTE 20028
  • David Ramalho – UNDE 21011
  • Derek Williams – PSAC 20064

PSAC Victoria RO Staff Present:

  • Dave Jackson – PSAC Rep
  • Rosemary MacKenzie – PSAC Victoria


  • Kay Sinclair – PSAC BC REVP


  • Ken Waldron – UNDE 21013
  • Jason Wallach – GSU 20001
  • Mandi Schubert – CEIU 20975

1. Call to order

  • Chairperson Sister Little called the meeting to order at 5:30 pm

2. Introductions

  • Roundtable introductions of members and guest

3. Adoption of Previous Minutes

  • Annual General Meeting minutes September 15, 2009 m/s/c P.Jones/D.Ramalho
  • General Meeting minutes June 10, 2010

4. Budget

  • Treasurer unavailable to attend meeting as he is a SV Bargaining Team Member and has been called back to Ottawa for discussions with Treasury Board.
  • Queries on budget:
    • Cumberland Miners – This is a memorial event that is put on in Cumberland; to Commemorate the miners who worked and lost their lives in the mines of Cumberland and other workplaces throughout BC. Victoria Labour Council rents a bus to Cumberland and donations are made to the event.
    • Under Miscellaneous – This line item is where donations came from why was amount decreased this year.
    • Query on Miscellaneous will be forwarded to treasurer and response will be sent out.
  • Motion to accept budget. m/s/c J. Sidel/P. Jones, D. Ramalho would like to be recorded as opposed.

5. By Law Amendments

  • Reviewed changes to the By-Laws. Discussion re: Section III Subsection 5 – query re when dues can be changed? Reference: Section X for process; Section IV – reviewed addition of specified term of office;
  • Section IX – query re where auditors report was? Auditors report is currently unavailable as the financial statements are not complete due to recent recall to Treasury Board Bargaining.
  • Motion to accept By Laws as presented. m/s/c P. Jones/J. Sidel

6. Elections

  • Elections conducted by Sister Kay Sinclair and Brother Dave Jackson
  • Position of President
    • Cindy Little Nominated by S. Parker, Seconded by N. Humphreys
    • Sister Little accepted – acclaimed
  • Position of Vice President
    • Ian Wiggs Nominated by V.Vaillancourt, Seconded by D. Ramalho
    • Brother Wiggs accepted – acclaimed
  • Position of Treasurer
    • Ken Waldron Nominated by D. Ramalho, Seconded by J. Sidel
    • Brother Waldron advised in writing his wish to accept – acclaimed
  • Position of Secretary
    • P. Wills Nominated by N.Humphreys, Seconded by S.Portlock
    • Brother Wills accepted – acclaimed

7. Living Wage Campaign

  • Nick provided an update. New Westminister now has a living wage bill. Coun. Randall Garrison from Esquimalt is on board with a living wage. Seth Klein will be attending the Victoria Labour Council Breakfast and will be doing a presentation on living wages. The living wage will be an ongoing topic at the Labour Council Breakfasts.
    There will be a By-Election this November for Greater Victoria City Council.
  • Kay advised that PSAC made a $1500.00 to the Coalition on Living Wage Campaign. There will be a PSAC rep who will attend the meetings in Vancouver.

8. December 6th event

  • Victoria Regional Women’s Committee is holding a Candle Light Vigil on December 6th at 5pm at the Legislature Grounds
  • Motion to donate $100.00 to the Victoria RWC to assist with costs of event. m/s/c V.Vaillancourt/J. Sidel

9. Hotels in Vancouver

  • Negotiations with 4 hotels in Vancouver. Hyatt Regency Hotel, the Westin Bayshore, the Four Seasons, and the Renaissance Vancouver Harbourside (Marriott). Strike votes will be held in about 2 weeks. A delegation of unions will be meeting with management. PSAC will no longer be booking at these hotels and the hotels will be advised of this.

10. TB Bargaining

  • Treasury Board Bargaining Team members have been called back to Ottawa for expedited bargaining with Treasury Board.
  • If members have questions they are encouraged to email TB-Q& Responses will be posted on the PSAC Website

11. CRA Bargaining

  • CRA is currently in Ottawa bargaining. They will be returning to Ottawa to continue bargaining for 2 weeks following Thanksgiving.
  • CRA has Red Bracelets that they are wearing to support their Bargaining Teams.

12. BC Regional Convention

  • May 11 – 13, 2011 in Vancouver. The call out letter will come out in October. Resolutions Deadline TBA, it will be around January. The confirmed date for resolution submissions will be in the Call Out letter.
  • Area Council is entitled to 1 Delegate.

13. Adjournment Motion to adjourn meeting.

  • Meeting adjourned at 6:45 pm m/s/c

Victoria Area Council Meeting

  • October 25, 2010, 5:30PM
  • PSAC Regional Office, 210-1497 Admirals Road, Victoria
  • Proposed Agenda
    • Treasurer’s report
    • Treasury Board Bargaining Guest Speakers:
      • Megan Adam – PA Member Negotiator
      • Randy Sanderson – SV Member Negotiator

Please RSVP to Rosemary no later than noon on October 22, 2010, snacks will be served – download the poster here (pdf)

Annual General Meeting – Victoria Regional Women’s Committee

  • October 26, 2010, 5:30PM
  • PSAC Boardroom, 210-1497 Admirals Rd., Victoria, BC
  • Tentative Agenda
    • Elections:
      • Chair (s)
      • Treasurer
      • Secretary
  • Report from the National Women’s Conference
  • Planning for December 6th
  • Review and approval of June 21st meeting minutes

Please R.S.V.P by email to either Rosemary or Virginia as snacks will be provided – download a poster here (pdf)

Vancouver Area Council Annual General Meeting

  • Wednesday, October 27th, 2010 – dinner at 5PM, meeting at 5:30PM
  • PSAC Vancouver Regional Office (Suite 200 – 5238 Joyce Street).
  • Agenda to follow, but this AGM does include an election of officers.

Please RSVP by October 22nd as an excellent Indian dinner will be offered, with vegetarian and meat options.

Fraser Valley Area Council General Meeting

  • Thursday November 4, 2010, 5PM to 7PM
  • Clearbrook Library, 32320 George Ferguson Way Abbotsford
  • Agenda
    • TB Tentative Agreement updates
    • PSAC BC Regional Convention
    • Come and meet Bargaining Team members!

All PSAC members are welcome to attend this meeting. Download a poster here (pdf)

The Vancouver Area Council will be holding its Annual General Meeting on Wednesday, October 27th, 2010 at the PSAC Vancouver Regional Office (Suite 200 – 5238 Joyce Street).

Please note dinner will start at 5 pm, the meeting will begin promptly at 5:30 pm.  Please RSVP by October 22nd as an excellent Indian dinner will be offered, with vegetarian and meat options.

Agenda to follow, but this AGM does include an election of officers.

In attendance – Jamey Mills (President), Sharon Tieman (Treasurer), Fe De Castro, Angela Duhamel, Deanna Wilson, Teri Lee and Monica Urrutia (PSAC resource)

Meeting started at 5:45 pm

-Jamey spoke about the Labor Day Annual event – September 6, 2010, last year it was held at Trout Lake Park but is not being held there as it is booked already. We will participate again and Jamey to let us know where it will be held. Volunteers to work at our table are Deanna Wilson, Sharon Tieman, Jamey Mills and possibly Fe De Castro. Jamey will send out an email to all the members of the area council to give details for a short meeting in early August to set up the schedule for volunteers and should have more information on location. We will have the same games this year as they went over well last year.

- Stephen Von Sychowski from the BC Federation Young Workers attended our meeting to speak to us about a new campaign they were launching – Action & Rights Network. The website they have created for this is

-Monica spoke about the Red Tent Campaign. A motion was made by Jamey Mills and seconded by Sharon Tieman to buy 2 tents at a cost of $100.00 per tent. The $200.00 will be taken out of political action funds- Carried.

-Labor Day organizing, Jamey Mills moved to donate $130.00 out of donations to the BC Fed (organizers of the Labor Day event) and Teri Lee seconded- Carried.

- Jamey spoke about the PSAC Winter School coming up in November, 2010 and encouraged all to apply. Jamey also spoke about the new PSAC campaign – Workplace Watch.

Next meeting – early August 2010, Jamey will arrange and let everyone know.

Our last minutes were not available so Jamey will get them out to all of the members via email to have passed.

Round table – Taxation-lots of retirements and no new hires; Public Works-hiring new employees; Canada Post-also lots of retirements, huge downsizing as many are being offered incentives to leave; Canadian Heritage, as well not staffing positions as employees retire; Food Inspection there is a huge backlog of grievances, lots of H&S issues, hiring new inspectors and moving to a 7 day work week.

Meeting ended at 7:08 pm

Submitted by Sharon Tieman July 7, 2010

Attending: Jamey Mills, Megan Adam, Sharon Tieman, Allen Schofield, Fe De Castro, Cindy Zhou, James Painter, Monica Urrutia

  • Agenda Adopted


  • Minutes from previous meeting referred back with additions


  • Bill C-10, some planning/discussion about possibility of doing an event around Pay Equity restrictions. Peter Julian? David Eby? Action Committee struck: Allan, Jamey, Megan, Sam. Goal – have a C-10 forum between April-June


  • Haiti Donation
    • Donation appeal re: Haiti relief fund
    • Motion – $100 – Jamey/Sharon to SJF for Haiti initiative
    • Carried unanimously
  • Pensions          
    • PSAC campaign – Monica
    • March 2nd forum
    • Can we do something after the Olympics to get more members out?
  • Plan 2010
    • April-May C-10 Forum
    • May 1st – VDLC activities
    • June – Bargaining Forum
    • Labour Day – Sept 6th
    • September BBQ – invite all partners
    • October AGM
    • Executive meet to plan bargaining forum – March, Exec Meeting?


  • Affiliate Reports
    • UPCE 20101 – Like the pension campaign. Bad employer issues, no more banked sick leave – duty to accommodate not being met in many instances.
    • GSU 20008 – Olympics, hours of work issues. JLP in Jan. Tom Gallagher will be retiring.
    • CIU 20938 – Allan Scofield – peer-run ergonomic assessments fightback in the workplace. Bill – PWGSC working on standing offers re: erg assessment.
    • UEW 20147 – Classification & Salmon Inquiry major issues in workplace.
    • VDLC – UNITE HERE activities upcoming. Build a Better BC Coalition.
    • AGR – Surplus/layoff of 12, Western Import Service Centre centralized. CFIA moving to 7-day workweek in microbiology labs. H&S concerns. Low morale.
    • UTE 20027 – won group classification grievance. Pension plantgate. Olympics – transfer of employees to other worksites. H&S – 1st time CRA didn’t lose a day in 2009. 400 new members throughout BC due to HST.

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