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Attending: Jamey Mills, Deanna Wilson, Sharon Tieman, Cecilia Parsons, Allen Schofield, Marie Lygo, Bill Pleming, Paul Croes, Rhonda Johns, Monica Urrutia, Terri Lee, Jack Seto, Megan Adam

 Agenda Adopted (Megan/Rhonda)

  • Minutes Adopted (Megan/Jamey)
  • Presidents Report:
    • Elections recap/federal, provincial, municipal
    • Taxation and Bill C-10
    • $10 now campaign
    • Area Council involvement in May 1st
  • Financial Statement (Sharon/Rhonda)
    • Amended to move $100 from donations to political action budget (Paul C/Megan)
  • Proposed Budget (Sharon/Rhonda)
    • Request from Megan Adam for $300 to Local 20147 for VDLC affiliation dues 2009/10 year. (Megan/Terri)
  • Affiliate reports heard from: UTE 20027, UPCE 20101, UPCE 20095, CIU 20040, CEIU 20938, UVAE 20045, AGR 20044, GSU 20008, UEW 20147
  • UTE 20027 – Bill C-10, planning practical actions. Black Monday plantgate (Nov 2nd). Local split/call center moved, new local being formed.
  • UPCE 20101 – 6-week strike, lost sick leave as of Jan 2010 – rough year for local. Mgmt still holding strike against employees. Losing members through retirement – still in court over pay equity.
  • UPCE 20095 – Puralator – Collective agreement, conciliation, settled without a strike, haven’t received retro pay yet.
  • CIU 20040 – Chang in classification PM-FB which worked for most employees – though mgmt positions all went up by a greater increment. Arming initiative issues.
  • CEIU 20938 – Diversity committee organized joint union-mgmt anti-bullying day – wearing pink – issues in workplace re: bullying by manager. Contact Alan Schofield for more information on workplace wear pink day. Had manager removed from supervisory position. Had PRIDE event in workplace on transgender issues – standing room only.
  • UVAE 20045 – Lots going on last year – large enough group in a single location to have its own local. Had books seized due to errant treasurer. Went to both conventions. Down to 63 members – high turnout at meetings.
  • AGR 20044 – Listeriosis outbreak/review/inquiry – in favour of union – more inspectors/employees added. Some people going to provinces.
  • GSU 20008 – Continued downsizing due to privatization. Administrative instead of operational – change over of membership transfer into different unions. Classification issues, outdated work descriptions. Divestiture program under review. Management of Graving Dock under review etc. Dept very involved in Olympics. Most grievances ever in unit. Management going for the bottomline.
  • UEW 20147 – Olympics in the workplace, resolving transportation concerns. Increase in Medical Harassment, grievances.


    • President: Jamey Mills (Megan/Paul) – acclaimed
    • Vice President: Allan Schofield (Paul/Jamey) – acclaimed
    • 2nd Vice President: Rhonda Johns (Jamey/Sharon) – acclaimed
    • Secretary: Megan Adam (Jack/Marie) – acclaimed
    • Treasurer: Sharon Tieman (Marie/Rhonda) – acclaimed
    • Members at Large (3): Paul Croes, Terri Lee, Marie Lygo

 Final note: Jack Seto is retiring and the Area Council would like to do something for him at a future meeting.


Proposed Agenda

  1. Treasurer’s report
  2. Pride Parade – July 4 – Paul Jones
  3. Update from National Access Conference
  4. Regional Women’s Conference
  5. By-Law’s Committee update
  6. Labour Day Picnic

PLEASE RSVP TO: Rosemary at the Regional Office  no later than noon on June 7, 2010 at ph: 250-953-1050 or e0mail:

Snacks will be served.

Please try to arrive prior to the start of the meeting as the doors to the building are locked by 5:30 p.m.

Cambell River & District Area Council Meeting

  • Thursday June 3, 2010
  • Banner’s Restaurant, Meeting Room, 1319 Shoppers Row, Campbell River
  • 6:30 p.m – There will be a meet and greet at 6:30 pm followed by a meeting at 7:00 pm

For more information: Tom Hopkins – President at 250-283-7171 or

Hope to see you there!

Vancouver & District Area Council Meeting

  • Wednesday, June 9th at 5:30 pm at the Vancouver Regional Office (#200-5238 Joyce Street).
  • Please RSVP by Friday, June 4th to 604 430 5631. A light dinner will be served.

Fraser Valley Area Council Meeting

  • Thursday, May 13th, 5PM – 7PM
  • Matsqui Rec. Centre, 3106 Clearbrook Road, Abbotsford
  • Light refreshments will be served


  • Regional Women’s Conference
  • Bargaining Update
  • Labour Day Activities
  • Special guest: Tamara Webber, Fraser Valley Labour Council

All PSAC members are welcome and encouraged to come to this meeting!

ABC Restaurant, Kelowna

In Attendance:

Susan Yaciw (UTE 20003), Joy Harrison (APSAR), Kelly Megyesi (CEIU 20915), Annette Hale (USGE 20153), Roberta Gourlie (CEIU 20915), Linda Woods (NAT 20140), Darrell-Lee McKenzie (AGR 20043)

The meeting was called to order at 8:45a.m. with Susan Yaciw in the chair.

Continue reading blow, or download a copy of Okanagan Area Council meeting minutes, April 10, 2010 (pdf)

Minutes:  Minutes from Jan 16, 2010 were reviewed.  Corrections were made to 1) S. OK Area Council    to indicate this as part of Martha, Susan, and Annette’s UDP project and 2) First Action Item to read Annette of USGE, to approach respective locals.


Treasurer’s Report:

–    CEIU local 20917 dues are two years past due and rep(s) have not been attending so considered as no longer interested in membership so written off.  Roberta has since spoken to President of this local who indicated their local will be paying arrears and current dues (organized treasurer problems).

–    $225.00 cheque to PSAC for Susan Yaciw’s Convention fee, still outstanding and now stale-dated.

Action: Amount to be returned to Financial Statement as Asset.  If Susan Y. is re-contacted for payment, cheque will be reissued.

–    Dues for 2010 ($1 per local Okanagan member) are now due.

Action:   Please forward cheques payable to OAC, and mail to: Darrell-Lee McKenzie, #5 – 799 Creekside, Penticton, BC, V2Z 1C5

Old Business:

1) Formation of South Okanagan Area Council

USGE has committed to support but response from Carolyn McGillivray indicates CIU may not.  Martha not at this meeting so unknown whether UVA will support.  Support from UTE likely but not confirmed.  Response from CEIU also not received yet. Decision to stay whole for now.  Response from CEIU Penticton now received who indicates support of formation of S. Okanagan Area Council.  Attendees of this meeting and Martha advised by e-mail.

2) Pension Fight:

The upcoming pension meeting in May between provincial and federal officials proceeding with reported “Everything on the table.”

Action:  Joy Harrison going to APSAR Executive Mtg at the end of May and will report out re:  Pension Fight and how Area Council can support APSAR.

Standing Items:

1) Regional Council Update:

–    PSEA is being reviewed.
–    Living Wage Campaign and Workplace Watch Campaign both supported.
–    The PSAC Negotiating Team for next round of bargaining has been named.

2) Regional Office Update:

–    Regina Brennan returned from her assignment with National PSAC office and has visited Okanagan during February.
–    Joanna Schultz will be leaving on maternity leave later this year.  Her replacement will be determined by competition.

3) Education:

The following courses were held since our last meeting:

– Susan, Annette, and Martha to attend final week of UDP May 1-2, 2010.
– Leadership II training proceeding in June

Action:  Susan Yaciw to forward education e-mail from Regina.

4) Labour Council Meetings:

–    Next North Okanagan District meeting is May 4, 2010 in Kelowna at 7 p.m.  Website for North Okanagan Labour Council:
–    Next South Okanagan District meeting is May 4, 2010.

Action:  Area Council members in Kelowna and Penticton to attend respective meetings where possible.

New Business:

1) Discussion surrounding formation of N. Okanagan Area Council if S. Okanagan does not proceed.  No decision made.  More time to be given for possible S. Ok formation.

Round Table:

Darrell-Lee – Letter to Stockwell Day sent re: prorogue parliament.  A response received acknowledging letter.  DL attended Penticton Prorogue rally.

Susan – Attended Kelowna Prorogue rally.

Annette – Pension Campaign petition sent to their Divisional Officer Rep who forwarded it to officers in Western Canada.

Next Meeting:  Possibly weekend of June 26.

Adjourned at 10:10 a.m.                                         m/s/c

PSAC Victoria Regional Office

Download a PDF of: Victoria Area Council mtg minutes March 9, 2010

Members Present: Cindy Little – UTE 20028, Scott Parker – UTE 20028, Ken Waldron – UNDE 21013, Noelle Arnold – AGR 20064, Dave Ramalho – UNDE 21011, Paul Jones – UNDE 21008, G. Goodmanson – UEW 20169, Jack Gale – GSU 20001, Jim Sidel – DCL 20500, Leanne Hughes – CIU 20042, Mark Miller – UNDE 21016, Sylvaine Boudreault – AGR 20064, Nick Humphreys – UEW 20169

PSAC Victoria RO Staff Present: Dave Jackson – Regional Rep

Guests: Karla Backer – JLP, Sherry Boudreau – JLP

Regrets:, Pete Wills – UEW 20076, Ian Wiggs UNDE 21008, Derek Williams – AGR 20064
Virginia Vaillancourt – UVAE 20030

1. Call to order: Chairperson Sister Little called the meeting to order at 5:30 pm

2. Introductions: Roundtable introductions of members present

3. Proposed Agenda: Joint Learning Program (JLP), Financial Update, Review of By-Laws, Lighthouse Campaign, Federal Budget Overview, Campbell River Area Council, 2010 Pride Parade, 100th Anniversary Brick

4. Previous Minutes- Deferred to next meeting

5. JLP
– Karla provided info about the program – quick session.
– TB/PSAC agreed to develop what became JLP (Fryer report)
– Offer a number of different courses (5) UICA, UMC, EE, Respecting Differences, Anti-Harrassment. The DTA is to be rolled out later this year.
– Other aspect is the career development for members who are active and want to become facilitators.
– Encourage members to put their need to be facilitators into their learning plan.
– Exposure to various departments
– Ken Waldron – not able to convince management and they don’t want to commit the time to do it.
– DTA course would be 1 or 2 days probably.
Karla and Sherry are working as a team and will be back for the PSAC staff conference March 24th.
– Mark Miller provided some additional insight on recruitment strategies.
– Sherry – intake for new facilitators in this region probably in September, 2010.

6. Treasurer’s report. m/s/c Ken Waldron and Dave Ramalho

7. Review of By-Laws The last amendment was September 2008. Strike a committee to review. Graeme, Noelle, Cindy and Dave Jackson. Send By-Laws and Template out to committee and Dave Ramalho.

8. Lighthouse Campaign – Nick provided an overview of the campaign.
De-staffing on hold at this time.

9. Federal Budget Overview
– Nick provided some information on effects from the budget
– Strategies & Priorities document from NBOD strategy session.
– Pension wasn’t touched – 50,000 signatures from PSAC members
– DND 575 million reduction
Discussion ensued.

10. Campbell River Area Council Inugural meeting on Feb 2, 2010. Executive are: Tom Hopkins – UEW 20147, Steve Bergh – UCTE 20232, Sharon Vanderdonck – CEIU 20963, Debbie Clemenson – UEW 20147.

11. Victoria Pride Parade Paul Jones is requesting a donation from the Area council. Hopes to have a float, using a generator, flat bed trailer and will require a table. The event is July 4th.
– m/s/ Paul/Jim requesting a donation from the Area Council for the Pride parade
– m/s/c ammendment Jim/Scott donaton to be $250.
– Questions followed around how many donations would be coming in?
– Is the float to be shared – No.
What do we do with the money?

12. Brick
– Ken shared info on the “brick” that the Area Council purchased commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the Canadian Navy.

13. Other business
Jack – talk about the WFA again. ERI/EDI.
Mark – 1119 terms in UNDE, of which 149 are in BC region alone.
Nick – we don’t have terms. 25% are casuals, WFA was improved last round of bargaining.
Jim – 21% of Commissionaires at Dockyard will be laid off.

14. Next Meeting June 8, 2010

15. Adjournment Motion to adjourn meeting. Meeting adjourned at 6:40 pm m/s/c Jack/Dave

Sister Cindy Little, President

Virginia Vaillancourt, Recording Secretary

CR & District Area Council Meeting

  • When: Wednesday March 24, 2010, 7PM
  • Where: Fisheries & Oceans Board Room, 150-1260 Shoppers Row, Campbell River
  • Agenda:
    • Budget
    • Pension Campaign
    • By-laws
    • Public Service Spending Freeze

For further information email Tom Hopkins – President or call 250-283-7171

Here are a few photos of the inaugural CR & D Area Council meeting, held on February 20th

Mainland Human Rights Committee meeting

Agenda Items:

  • International Women’s Day
  • Financial Update
  • Financial Limitations for Chairperson
  • Access Conference

Tracy Shudo has suggested the Human Rights Committee do a pot luck dinner for the meeting, contact Tracy for more information and to assist.

Vancouver Island Human Rights Committee meeting & Potluck Social: 5:00-5:30 PM (Bring snacks or whatever you want)

  • February 18, 2010 @ 5:30 PM
  • PSAC Victoria Regional Office, 210-1497 Admirals Road
  • Agenda: To be announced.

Potluck Social: 5:00-5:30 PM (Bring snacks or whatever you want)

Old Business for review

  1. Review Last Meeting’s Minutes in general
  2. Update on New Banking Account & Obtaining 3 Signers – Mandi

New Business:

  1. Final Draft of TOR to be adopted and put into force – Paul
  2. VIHRC Acronyms + Pronunciation – Michael
  3. Adoption of 2010 dates for VIHRC meetings throughout the year –  Michael
  4. VIHRC Election for available positions:  Chair, Co-Chair, Treasurer & Recording Secretary – All
  5. VIHRC Budgeting Issues – Michael
  6. Pride 2010 Funding Request – Paul
  7. PSAC National Access Conference in Ottawa – All
  8. End of VIHRC Logo Contest Results (Contest ended: Nov 2, 2009) – Dave
  9. VIHRC Logo Designs – Committee to select a winning logo? & How to award a prize? – Michael/Wendy
  10. Directive on Banner Style & Costing (Regardless on outcome of logo contest) – Mark
  11. Website hosting for VIHRC resources?  – Michael

Victoria Area Council Meeting

  • March 9, 2010, 5:30PM
  • Victoria Regional Office, 210-1497 Admirals Road

Proposed Agenda

  1. Treasurer’s report
  2. Federal budget follow-up
  3. De-staffing of lighthouses update
  4. Pension campaign
  5. Campbell River & District Area Council

Please RSVP to Rosemary at the Regional Office no later than noon on March 8, 2010. Snacks will be

Untitled-1The Inaugural Meeting of The Campbell River & District Area Council

  • When: Saturday, February 20, 2010
  • Where: Campbell River Labour Centre, 830 14th Ave., Campbell River, B.C.
  • Meet and Greet: 10-10:30 a.m., Meeting: 10:30 a.m.

A collective of workers is more successful than an individual at fighting for gains in the workplace. A collective voice of many locals and components in solidarity is more powerful than one advocating for the workers and human rights in Canada and the world.

Area Councils are cross-Component organizations recognized in the PSAC Constitution. Area Council members can also raise the profile of the union in the community and build links with other Labour groups.

What is the benefit of having an Area Council? Area Councils can …

  • attend PSAC Conventions with full voice and vote.
  • attend BC Regional Conventions with full voice and vote.
  • submit resolutions to PSAC and BC Regional Conventions.
  • get together at Area Council meetings with members from different locals and compare notes, problem solve and share best practices about workplace issues that may be the same or similar.
  • raise the profile of the union in the community.
  • attend District Labour Council meetings and speak on behalf of the PSAC in your community to encourage support for our issues.
  • coordinate the circulation of petitions and postcards campaigns on demands such as pay equity, protection of pensions, and job security so members in your community are able to participate in national campaigns.
  • be a forum for your representative on the Regional Council where she or he can seek your input on regional union policy and report to you about decisions made on your behalf.

Please forward this invitation to your members in Campbell River, Courtenay and the North Island and encourage your members to attend.

Hope to see you there.

Tom Hopkins, Vice-President Local 20147 UEW, Sharon Vanderdonck, Vice President Local 20963, CEIU, Steve Bergh, President Local 20232, UCTE

For further information email Tom Hopkins or  call him at 250-283-717

PSAC Okanagan Area Council, Minutes of Meeting January 16, 2010, Summerland Research Station, Summerland

In Attendance:

  • Susan Yaciw UTE 20003
  • Joy Harrison APSAR
  • Kelly Megyesi (phone) CEIU 20915
  • Annette Hale USGE 20153
  • Roberta Gourlie CEIU 20915
  • Carolyn McGillivray CIU 20045
  • Darrell-Lee McKenzie AGR 20043
  • Martha Johnson UVA 20035
  • Gaby Villecourt USGE 20153
  • Grace MacIver NHU 20031
  • Andrea Johnson USGE 20153

The meeting was called to order at 10:00a.m. with Susan Yaciw in the chair.

Continue reading below, or download the January 16 2010 Okanagan Area Council meeting minutes (pdf)

Minutes: Minutes from September 14, 2009 were distributed. Corrections were made to Education section…spelling correction under JLP action item, s/b “….advise d Darrell-Lee” m/s/c

Treasurer’s Report:

  • The year-end financial statement was reviewed. $3861.42 balance.
  • CEIU local 20917 dues are two years past due and rep(s) have not been attending so considered as no longer interested in membership so written off.
  • $225.00 cheque to PSAC for Susan Yaciw’s Convention fee, still outstanding.
  • Action: Darrell-Lee will follow up with PSAC again. m/s/c
    Dues for 2010 ($1 per local Okanagan member) are now due.
  • Action: Please forward cheques payable to OAC, and mail to: Darrell-Lee McKenzie

SPECIAL ITEM: Formation of South Okanagan Area Council

  • Susan handed out Area Council pamphlet and provided brief description of what Area Councils are and what they did. Some comments:
  • politics from some components regarding duplication of services
  • distance to commute to meetings
  • setting dues (currently $1/local member/yr in OAC) and splitting dues if overlap by new Area Council.
  • naming of new and renaming of existing area councils.
  • If members from 3 add’l components in South, such as USGE, UVA, CIU, CEIU committed to form area council, AGR local in Summerland committing to join South for support/experience.
  • Interest was shown from all in attendance to move forward.
  • Action: Gaby (USGE), Martha (UVA), Carolyn (CIU) will approach locals first to obtain commitment to affiliate and report back to SusanYaciw (
    Action: Roberta will contact Rosie Settle (CEIU Penticton) to explore interest.
    Action: Susan to contact UTE Penticton to explore interest.

Temporary Adjournment: 11:15am, Re-start: 11:50am

Old Business:


  • stands for Association of Public Service Alliance Retirees
  • Joy reports that the Federal and Provincial Finance Ministers met in May ’09 and reviewed e-mail previously sent to Area Council members for review and comments. Changes to CPP being proposed and supported by all finance ministers.
  • Joy handed out a Supplemental Death Benefit document that members can record their pension # on and keep with their will. She advises that $11M SDB has been collected for survivors by APSAR.
  • Action: All Area Council to copy and distribute document to members in their locals.

Standing Items:

1) Regional Council Update:

  • Regina Brennan will be returning from her assignment with National PSAC on February 1, 2010. Susan reports that Regina will be attending Kelowna UTE’s AGM on Feb 17 so may be able to attend other meetings while in the area.
  • Next Regional Council meeting Mar 5 and 6 and a conference call on Thursday, Jan 21.
  • E-mail from Kay Sinclair (attached to minutes) requesting feedback and/or suggestions for changes to Section 9 of Reg’l Bylaws pertaining to delegate entitlement to the B.C. Reg’l Convention.
  • Action: Forward any comments/feedback/suggestions to Roberta ( by Jan 29who will forward to Bylaw Committee.

2) Regional Office Update:

  • Carol Pegura, Assistant to the REVP (Kay’s Assistant), has been extended until the end of June 2011.
  • Regina Brennan returning from her assignment with National PSAC office, on February 1, 2010.
  • Patricia Mullen was successful candidate for the Vancouver Regional Office Administrative Assistant.

3) Education: The following courses were held since our last meeting:

  • LOAT (Local Officer Advance Training) in Vancouver in October 2009. Roberta, Susan, Annette, and Grace attended.
  • TUB (Talking Union Basics) in Kamloops and Nelson in October 2009. Roberta attended the Nelson course.
  • UDP (Union Development Program) in Vancouver commenced in December 2009 with follow-up sessions at the end of January and in April. Susan, Annette, and
    Martha attended.
  • – Discussions surrounding desired courses for Okanagan. One day/weekend course combining ½ day mini Steward and/or Grievance Handling, and/or Facing
  • Action: All Area Council members to canvas own local members for needs and advise Susan ( by February 15, 2010.

4) Labour Council Meetings:

  • Next North Okanagan District meeting is February 3, 2010 in Kelowna at 7 p.m. Website for North Okanagan Labour Council:
  • Next South Okanagan District meeting is February 9, 2010.
  • Action: Area Council members in Kelowna and Penticton to attend respective meetings where possible.

New Business:

1) Human Rights Committee:

  • Roberta read e-mail from Maria-Luiza but members unclear as to which committees may qualify as “equivalent” and which names were requested.
  • Maria-Luiza provided clarification. Different components may have different names but would committees that deal with equal opportunities and human rights issues.
  • Action: Area Council members to provide Maria-Luiza ( with names of Reg’lComponent Human Rights Committee Chair if available and/or local rep if a local committee exists.

2) Pension Reform:

  • Darrell-Lee reviewed an e-mail regarding a Globe & Mail article regarding possible changes to the Federal Superannuation Plan mainly affection new hires. Article also refers to not only a financial deficit but also a knowledge deficit caused by large number of current employees who are scheduled to retire in 2012 with 30 years of service.
  • Possible up-coming pension battle.

3) Elections: Elections were held for all positions with the following results:

  • President – Susan Yaciw acclaimed.
  • Vice-President – Annette Hale acclaimed.
  • Secretary – Roberta Gourlie acclaimed (assistance later in year from others depending upon results of formation of South Okanagan Area Council)
  • Treasurer – Darrell-Lee McKenzie acclaimed.

Round Table:

  • Martha – Long gun Registry Repeal petition passed around.
  • Darrell-Lee – Watch for upcoming rallies in your areas organized by Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament, including Saturday, January 23 in Penticton.
  • Joy – Locals can join APSAR via membership vote, $20/yr. Is willing to be guest speaker on behalf of APSAR at any Component/Local meeting. A “Retiring from the Public Service Alliance of Canada” Booklet is available online, containing valuable information. A membership application form is on last page.

Next Meeting: TBA, Adjourned at 12:30 a.m. m/s/c

Attending: Megan Adam, Jamey Mills, Sharon Tieman, Bill Pleming, Jack Seto, Monica Urrutia

Continue reading or download a PDF copy of the Vancouver Area Council Meeting minutes, Sept. 22, 2009

1) AGM Planning

  • October 27th confirmed date. Location, Vancouver RO
  • Discussion about putting off proposed educational/speakers until the next meeting in January in order to focus on AGM business.
  • AGM agenda will include:
    • Report of Exec
    • Treasurer/Budget
    • Reports of member locals
    • Kay Sinclair and Stephen Dunsmore (to be invited) to speak on local political action and the lightstation issue
    • Will play “spot the public service” game during dinner to show how it works (still have some coffee left for prizes).
    • Elections
    • Other issues as raised/roundtable
  • Food will be Indian from Saffron.
  • Megan to contact Stephen Dunsmore, Monica to contact Kay Sinclair.

2) January Meeting

  • Discussion was had about doing a January educational around Bill C-10, pay equity and the government’s attempt to silence unions. PSAC charter case etc.
  • Suggestion to invite David Eby (on charter right to association, speech), Peter Jullian (on pay equity petition and case) and have PSAC rep speak to the charter case.
  • Suggestion to hold event at a downtown venue, 5 pm after work, and promote to members and the public.
  • Megan to contact Jacquie De Aguayo regarding this proposal to see if the timing would be appropriate. Will also talk to legal representative this week.
  • Will ask Sam to speak with Jullian’s office about schedule in January to determine possible dates.

3) Roundtable

4) Adoption of minutes from last meeting.



MINUTES – September 15, 2009

PSAC Victoria Regional Office

Members Present:

Virginia Vaillancourt – UVAE 20030, Cindy Little – UTE 20028, Ian Wiggs – UNDE 21008, John Vogt – UNDE 21003, Ken Waldron – UNDE 21013, Paul Jones – UNDE 21008, Jim Sidel – DL 05120500, G. Goodmanson– UEW 20169, Peter Neelands – NRU 20088, Nick Humphreys – UEW 20169, Scott Parker – UTE 20028, April Evans – UVAE 20030, Betty Gunville – CIU 20042, Robert Nyst – UNDE 21008, Jim Sidel – DCL 05120500, Pete Wills – UEW 20076, Wayne Little – UTE 20028

PSAC Victoria RO Staff Present:

James Little – PSAC Rep


Regrets: Dave Jackson – PSAC Regional Rep, Noelle Arnold – AGR 20064, Bernadette Israel – GSU 20001, Anita Hoffman – CEIU 20975

Read the rest of the minutes here or download a PDF of Victoria Area Council AGM minutes.




1. Call to order Chairperson Sister Little called the meeting to order at 5:30 pm
2. Introductions Roundtable introductions of members
3. Proposed Agenda No amendments

m/s/c  W. Little/N. Humphreys

4. Adoption of Minutes from Jan 15, 2009 General Meeting minutes June 16, 2009.

m/s/c W. Little/V. Vaillancourt

5. Victoria District Labour Council Affiliation Dues Received motion to reimburse UEW 20076 1/3 of the dues to affiliate to the Victoria District Labour Council. UEW has approx. 70 members which equals approx. $80.00/year. They will be going to the meeting on September 16th or the meeting in October. The local will be affiliating on a yearly basis and will submit a request yearly for reimbursement. UEW 20169 is already affiliated to the Victoria District Labour Council.

When you affiliate that is when your dues would be due the following year.

m/s/c N. Humphreys/K. Waldron

6. Annual Reports

a) Financial Report

July 8, 2008 – August 31, 2009

Spelling errors will be corrected on Financial Statement.

Discussion ensued re accountability.

Motion to have the Victoria Area Council accept the audited Financial Statement and the incoming Treasurer prepare a detailed statement for the next Victoria Area Council – General Meeting,

m/s/c K. Waldron/ P. Jones

Motion to have the Budget reflect the amount of monies past (back 3 years) and present that came in from PSAC for the affiliation to the Victoria District Labour Council.

m/s/c N. Humphreys/W. Little

7. Report on Labour Day Picnic Deferred to next General Meeting as the Victoria District Labour Council will be meeting September 16th to debrief on the picnic. There was lots of photos taken.

Kay Sinclair REVP PSAC BC donated $200.00 to the Victoria District Labour Council for the Victoria Labour Day Picnic on behalf of PSAC BC.

The Victoria Area Council will not be donating the $100.00 that was previously voted on at the June 16, 2009 General Meeting as PSAC BC donated funds this year.

8. Lightkeepers Petition There are 4 light stations being targeted on the island. Government bureaucrats are attempting to remove the services of Lightkeepers from the Canadian people. They are working quickly to implement a plan to de-staff the remaining 27 staffed lightstations on the west coat and the remaining 9 on the shores of Newfoundland and Labrador. UCTE & PSAC are adamant that LightKeepers be kept on.

The Petition is available on PSAC BC website.

Please see the open letter to Canadian Citizens from Lighthouse Keepers attached with these minutes. Please circulate widely.

9. Election of Executive Nominations

President – Cindy Little

m/ K. Waldron

s/ S.Parker


Vice-President – Ian Wiggs

m/ R. Nyst

s/ K. Waldron


Secretary  – Virginia Vaillancourt

m/ N. Humphreys

s/ P. Neelands


Treasurer – K. Waldron

m/ J. Sidel

s/ P. Jones


10. Leave 699 Treasury Board Secretariat (TBS) is moving forward on the Policy Suite Renewal, and on April 1, 2009. Treasury Board issued a new Policy on Terms and Conditions of Employment.

The new policy replaces more than 20 previous human resource policies and clarifies Deputy Heads’ responsibilities and accountabilities with respect to the application and administration of all terms and conditions of employment within their organization. The policy also provides performance expectations, sets out clearer monitoring and reporting requirements and describes consequences for not meeting policy requirements. The policy and its first three directives will help to ensure the consistent, fair and equitable application and administration of terms and conditions of employment for employees across all departments and agencies of the core public administration.

In addition, effective immediately, the following important changes will be implemented:

1. Time off for medical and dental appointments now only refers to routine and periodic check-ups. All other appointments related to a particular complaint must now be charged to sick leave credits. Similarly, ongoing treatment programs should also be charged to sick leave credits. In the past, under the Leave With Pay Policy, employees were granted up to 3.75 hours paid leave for medical and dental appointments in the case of routine, periodic check-ups or an appointment related to a particular complaint.

Routine and periodic check-ups include:

*     annual physical exams and related appointments such as mammogram tests, x-rays, blood work, etc.;

*     annual eye exams;

*     dental exams and cleanings.

Sick leave situations include:

*     appointments regarding particular complaints such as a sore back, cough, flu symptoms, etc.;

*      appointments related to the treatment of a particular condition such as allergies or chiropractic ailments.

2. Employees in an excluded PM-06 position are now subject to the provisions of the PA collective agreement. As a result, they are no longer eligible for management leave. They are, however, entitled to applicable overtime, travel time, stand-by pay, etc.

For more information about the policy, please visit the Treasury Board Secretariat  <> Web site or contact your local Director of HR Operations.

11. Banner REVP will be purchasing new banner for the Victoria Area Council.
12. Next Meeting The next meeting is tentatively booked for October 27th, 2009 at 5:00pm. Confirmation of the meeting date will be sent out.
1. Adjournment Motion to adjourn meeting.  Meeting adjourned at 7:25 pm


Sister Cindy Little                                                        Virginia Vaillancourt

President                                                                         Recording Secretary

Vancouver Area Council Minutes, August 24, 2009

Attending: Alison Timmins, Monica Urrutia, Sam Wiese, Jamey Mills, James Painter, Deanna Wilson, Sharon Tieman, Rhonda Johns, Megan Adam

continue reading below or download the Vancouver & District Area Council meeting minutes, Aug 24 2009 (pdf)

1) Motion to accept minutes from previous meeting: Jamey/Sharon – accepted.

2) Summer Student: Alison Timmins reported on the students in the federal government campaign – introduced the petition and distributed materials.

3) CoDev AGM – discussed, some members from the Area Council will attend.

4) Labour Day Picnic – Monica – discussion about activities at Vancouver Labour Day which has been moved to Trout Lake (John Hendry) Park. Decided to play “spot the public services game” at the table, with psac prizes and café etico coffee as the grand prize. Megan to arrange coffee, Monica to arrange large public service pictures for the table. $100 donation to Labour Day Picnic agreed to – moved by Jamey/Rhonda.

5) Health & Safety Convention resolution re: JLP and H&S training. Discussed and no resolution passed by the VAC.

6) Vancouver District Labour Council discussed, Local 20147 will be applying for monies from the VAC for participation in the VDLC.

7) Bruce Ogilvie – stepping down from the VAC executive due to workplace transfer. Wishes the council a hearty farewell and would like to continue involvement.

8) Next Meeting & AGM

  • September 22 – Next meeting will focus on planning of the AGM
  • October 27th – Scheduled AGM.
    • Regional Council meeting report
    • Resolutions/amendments to bylaws have to be in by September 30th
    • Jamey & Megan to meet for work on Bylaws – believe there to be some outstanding issues from last AGM.
    • Discussion about agenda including speakers on public services vs. the Olympics. The Olympics: At What Cost? Housing and the Olympics.

9) Roundtable.

West Fraser Valley Annual General Meeting

  • September 21,  5:30PM
  • Knight and Day Restaurant 9677 King George Highway @ 96th Avenue
  • Agenda items include election of officers

Vancouver Area Council Meeting

  • September 22, 2009 5:30PM
  • Vancouver Regional Office – #200 – 5238 Joyce Street, 3rd floor boardroom
  • Agenda items so far include: planning for the AGM (scheduled for October 27, 2009), update on Vancouver Area Council local/branch affiliation campaign

BRUSH (Health and Safety) Committee Meeting

  • September 23, 5:30PM
  • Vancouver Regional Office – #200 – 5238 Joyce Street
  • Members unable to attend the meeting at the Vancouver RO may join in the discussion via conference call – call the RO for details
  • Agenda items: H1N1, Terms of Reference, Health Canada – Ergonomic, National H&S Conference

Date: Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Time: 5:30 p.m.

Location: PSAC Vancouver Regional Office – 300-5238 Joyce St., Vancouver, B.C.

*Note: Meeting will be held on 3rd floor.

Agenda items so far include:

  • Planning for the VAC Annual General Meeting (scheduled for October 27, 2009)
  • Vancouver Area Council local/branch affiliation campaign

Please forward any other proposed agenda items and confirm your attendance to Monica as a light dinner will be served at ph: 604-430-5631.

Vancouver Area Council – March 19/2009

Mintes: Megan Adam, VAC Secretary

In attendance: Marie Lygo, Jamey Mills, Sam Wiese, Sharon Tieman, Monica Urrutia, Terri Lee, Jack Seto, Erica Young, Deana Wilson, Rhonda

Download the Vancouver Area Council March 19 2009 meeting minutes as .pdf

  • Introductions
  • Old Business: At the AGM it was discussed that the VAC provide funding for an observer to PSAC convention. This was raised again with a contribution of $300 provided to Terri Lee who was the first alternate elected as delegate to convention. Carried unanimously.
  • PSAC Convention Info: Discussion about delegate strategies, MayDay Resolution, delegate entitlement formulas for regional conventions, temporary foreign worker resolution etc.
  • Day of Mourning: April 28th, 7:30 Vancouver Art Gallery: Visibility money for Area Council Banner – Sam to follow up with REVP’s office. Discussion about Day of Mourning activities coinciding with PSAC Convention.
  • MayDay Organizing Ctte: Call-out for 1st organizing meeting. March 24th, 7 pm 672 East Broadway (Organizing Center). Megan & Sam to attend. Motion to donate $100 to organizing committee moved by Megan, seconded by Jamey. Speaker?
  • VDLC Resolution: Murder of Filipino school teacher –motion passed to condemn the killing and demand that feds tie aid to human rights progress.
  • Report from Treasurer
  • RoundTable:
    • Sharon Tieman: UPCE thank-you for strike support – picket line strength made for a stronger workplace and a stronger union local.
    • Marie Lygo: UVAE – discussion about Canada’s atrocious record on poverty and getting active around that.
    • Rhonda Johns: UPCE/Puralator – negotiations beginning, going to BCFed Women’s Organizing Institute
    • Terri Lee: Agriculture – CFIA agreement ratified – employer asked for an extension on retro pay, union has refused.
    • Jack Seto: GSU – drew attention to world water day and CBC special on the topic.

The PSAC East & West Fraser Valley Area Councils invite you and your families to a historic event …

East Meets West
at Fort Langley National Historic Site
Glover Road, north of Highway One
Sunday September 13th, 1:00 – 4:00PM

All PSAC members living and working in the Fraser Valley are invited to gather at historic Fort Langley on Sunday September 13th. Join us and meet your union representatives, members of your Area Council, local Regional Council coordinators, and National Officers in a social atmosphere.

Admission to Fort Langley will be paid for members and their families, and light refreshments will be served. The Fort will be fully operational and you are welcome to participate in scheduled activities – this is an excellent opportunity to learn about the work PSAC members at Parks Canada do!

For more information contact the Vancouver Regional Office.

Date: Tuesday, Aug. 25, 2009

Time: 5:30 p.m.

Location: PSAC Vancouver Regional Office – 200-5238 Joyce St., Vancouver, B.C.


  • Participation in the upcoming Labour Day Picnic (scheduled for Sept 7th)
  • Health and Safety resolutions for consideration to be submitted to the PSAC National H&S conference (deadline of Sept 18th)

Please forward any other proposed agenda items and confirm your attendance to Monica as a light dinner will be served at ph: 604-430-5631.

Cheers to Garry Fraser, PSAC Regional Representative, for this report and some photos from the Surrey Fusion Festival!

The West Fraser Area Council and the BC Mainland Human Rights Committee joined together to and set up a Think Public! booth at the Fusion Festival on July 18th and 19th. Members from Passport Canada, Western Economic Diversification, Service Canada, Veteran Affairs, Canada Revenue Agency all joined together to get the PSAC Think Public! message out to the public. We also shared our tables with the Service Canada Centre for Youth who were assisting youth in their employment endeavours.

Hundreds of people dropped by the booth where we handed outThink Public leaflets and bandannas and had a petition available in support of the PSAC summer student campaign.We heard from the public of their strong support for public services and had an opportunity to enjoy the festival and participate in the community’s celebration of its diversity. We also sampled many international foods and heard excellent and diverse music from all four corners of the globe.

The Fusion Festival was a great venue to meet the public, we had a great time, and we look forward to next year! Here are some photos … (more…)

Stop by the Surrey Fusion Festival, July 18th and 19th, and say hello to PSAC members from the West Fraser Valley Area Council who will be in the pavillion area, speaking to members of the public about the value of quality public services and our ThinkPublic! campaign.

Surrey Fusion Festival will be Surreys largest two-day multicultural celebration with 40 international pavilions celebrating music, food and culture. Two stages of entertainment with headline performers on the World Music Stage and the Celebrations dance stage, all this in a brand new beautiful urban park.

Fusion Festival takes place July 18 and 19, 2009 at Surreys magnificent new urban park Holland Park located at King George Highway and Old Yale Road. This will be the largest multicultural event in Surreys history as over 60,000 people are projected to attend this FREE outdoor festival.

More info at!

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