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PRINCE RUPERT – Workers at the Prince Rupert Airport are prepared to strike after negotiations with management broke down earlier this month.

Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) Regional Executive Vice President Kay Sinclair says the workers are prepared to take job action unless the employer returns to the table and drops their demand that employees work more hours without compensation.

“We are very close to a deal,” says Sinclair, “With the help of a Conciliation Officer almost all the outstanding items, including wages, have been settled.”

“But the Airport Authority insists that our members agree to work longer hours without being paid,” she continues, “Management downsized the workforce by almost 50% over the last two years and now wants to increase the workday for the remaining employees by half an hour, without paying them for the time.”

“Our members are stuck on Digby Island for their whole eight hour day,” explains Stephen Dunsmore, Regional Vice-President of the Union of Canadian Transportation Employees (UCTE), “Management knows they can’t leave the island to take a proper break and thinks they can take advantage of that.”

“Unpaid work won’t fly at YPR,” he says, “The Airport Authority should drop their unreasonable demand and return to the table. A labour disruption at Prince Rupert airport will have serious economic consequences for the city.”

Members of PSAC/UCTE employed by the Prince Rupert Airport Authority as runway and terminal maintenance workers, fuellers, and administrative staff have been without a contract since November 2009. They voted in favour of strike action in March 2011.

Prince George Election of Officers AGM for Regional Women’s Committee

  • Date: March 5th, 2011
  • Place:  Ramada, 444 George St., Prince George – Room will be posted in lobby or ask at the desk
  • Time:   10:30 to noon, Immediately following the IWD breakfast

Please attend if you wish to run for election of any of the positions.
We will be celebrating the 100th Anniversary of International Women’s Day in style!!

Prince George Regional Womens Committee meeting

  • Date: Sat, Feb 26th, 2011
  • Time: 9:30am to 11:30am
  • Place: Grandma’s Inn, 901 Central Street West, Prince George, BC

Tentative Agenda:

  • IWD Plans & Labour Council Breakfast March 5, 2011
  • Financial Report 2010/11
  • Election of RWC Delegate to BC PSAC Triennial Convention
  • CLC Convention May 2011 in Vancouver
  • Round Table & new PSAC rep for Womens’ Portfolio

Election of Officers/Annual General Meeting, Prince George PSAC Regional Women’s Committee

  • Date: Sat., March 6th, 2010
  • Place: Ramada Hotel, Alder Room
  • Time: Immediately following the International Women’s Day Breakfast which will be approximately 10:30 or 11:00am


  • Election of Officers
  • IWD
  • Regional Women’s Conference
  • Round Table

After almost one year of negotiations and with the assistance of a Conciliation Officer, a tentative agreement was reached between the Public Service Alliance of Canada and the Prince George Airport Authority on February 11, 2010. The agreement has been ratified by both parties.

Highlights of the agreement include:

  • Duration: 4 year agreement (April 1, 2009, to March 31, 2013)
  • Rates of Pay:
    • Effective January 1, 2010  – 1%
    • Effective April 1, 2010 – 1%
    • Effective April 1, 2011 – 3%
    • Effective April 1, 2012 – 3%
  • Ratification bonus:  $300.00 to each employee
  • Recall: Members in the AOS classification who are term, temporary or seasonal will have priority of recall for future opportunities in order of their original date of hire
  • No Discrimination: Gender identity or expression added as prohibited grounds
  • Call-back: employees to be paid for mileage in accordance with Treasury Board rates
  • The parties will jointly participate in a Committee Effectiveness workshop provided by the Federal Medication and Conciliation Service. The objective is to provide tools to both parties for discussion and resolution of workplace issues during the term of the collective agreement.

The bargaining committee would like to thank the members working at the Prince George Airport for their support throughout this difficult round of negotiations.

pbs rwc logoPrince George RWC Meeting

  • Date:  Sat, Feb 13th, 2010
  • Time: 10-11am
  • Place:  Whitespot, 840 Victoria Street, Prince George

Agenda Highlights:

  1. 2009 Financial Statement
  2. Haiti Solidarity Campaign
  3. 2010 June Regional Women’s Conference

The Education schedule has been updated with courses scheduled in Abbotsford and Prince Rupert!

Upcoming courses in the Fraser Valley – click on the location for a map
Course Date Location Facilitator
Talking Union Basics Feb 20,21
application deadline: Feb 1
Ramada Inn, Abbotsford Janelle Ho-Shing
Facing Management April 17
application deadline: Mar 29
Ramada Inn, Abbotsford Janelle Ho-Shing
Understanding & Interpreting the CA April 18
application deadline: Mar 29
Ramada Inn, Abbotsford Janelle Ho-Shing
Upcoming courses in the North of BC – click on the location for a map
Course Date Location Facilitator
Grievance Handling March 13,14
application deadline: Aug 30
Crest Hotel, Prince Rupert Colette Savarie
Health & Safety Course April 17,18
application deadline: Mar 29
Crest Hotel, Prince Rupert Colette Savarie

Check out the entire schedule for the province and/or  apply for these courses online.

Meeting: PSAC Prince George Regional Women’s Committee Meeting
Date: Wed, Aug 26th/09
Place: Mr. Jake’s Steakhouse, 1545-3rd Ave, Prince George
Time: 11:30am

Proprosed Agenda:

  • Adopt meeting minutes
  • Financial Update
  • Sept 11 & 12/09 RWC Vancouver Retreat – Committee to select 2 attendees

Here an article written by a PSAC member and published in the June 3 edition of the Terrace Standard. Tony Vincenzi is a former light house keeper (UCTE) and has been battling WCB and Sun Life since 2004. We are happy to say Tony, assisted by James Little (H&S/WCB Rep in the Victoria RO), has just been successful in winning a Section 23(3) loss of earning award from WCB.

JANUARY 4, 2004 at 14:20 hours is the recorded time that I joined a very elite circle of people. Its the exact time I became a member of British Columbias permanently disabled work force.

I lost the independent life of being a member of the Canadian Coast Guard. I was relegated to a life of ongoing pain, of days of despair, of sleepless nights, and of the torment of the unknown.

It was a life admittedly I wished I could have ended on occasion.

These five years have resulted in the evolution of a completely new person. I am not able to judge if this person is of greater or lesser value than the man that was, but I do know that I have been able to become a man with which I can now live.

Physically I have aged at least 20 years. The outdoor existence that was my true nature has been forfeited. I have yet to develop a substitute, but I no longer rage at its passing. I valued my treasurers not by losing them but by enjoying them when I was able.


pbs rwc logoPrince George Regional Women’s Committee AGM and 2009 elections of officers meeting

  • March 7th 2008
  • Ramada Inn, 444 George Street, Prince George, Alder Room
  • time: Following the IWD Breakfast, approx 11AM – 12:30PM

Election for Chair, Treasurer, and Secretary, any sister in good PSAC membership standing can run for an elected position.

Tentative Agenda

  • Adoption of Feb. 21st/09 minutes
  • 2008 Financial Statement (adoption)
  • Elections
  • Round table discussion/questions

Northwest B.C. Area Council Annual General Meeting - Minutes October 24, 2008 6:00 p.m. Crest Hotel

In attendance:

  • Rachael Mosely CEUDA
  • Colette Savarie PSAC BC Regional Rep
  • Robert Brown DCL 20501
  • Scott MacPhee UCTE 20213
  • Barry Cunningham UCTE 20213
  • Debbie Kennedy CUPE 2012- guest
  • Bruno Rovatti UCTE 20215
  • Albert DeMedeiros UCTE 20215
  • Gabe McLean UCTE 20215
  • Benilde Gomes USGE 20071

Continue reading below or download the NWAC AGM minutes, October 24 2008 (pdf)

Adoption of Agenda: Rachael motions to accept the Agenda. Albert 2nd the motion. m/s/c.

Minutes of previous meeting: Gabe motions to accept minutes of previous meetings. Barry 2nd the motion. m/s/c.

Treasurers report: Financial report presented. Barry motions to accept the financial report. Albert 2nd the motion. m/s/c.

PSAC BC Regional Representative – Colette Savarie BARGAINING UPDATE:

  • Discussion on the the announcement by Stephen Harper to freeze any future public service positions, members feeling as if the negotiations are stalling and not moving forward. This region is struggling with keeping membership positive on the way negotiations is not progressing.
  • Update on the Commissionaires at Seal Cove with the 6 members. Commissionaires have been chartered since 2008 February. Employer may meet again in November 2008.
  • Bruno congratulated the support of the PSAC representatives in obtaining a signed agreement for the crew at the Prince Rupert airport. Announced the 4 airports will be in negotiations next year.

Amendments to By-laws: Benilde motion to change the by-law Section IV: Meetings Subsection 1(3) of 28 days to 14 days. Barry 2nd the motion. m/s/c.

Election of Northwest BC Area Council Executive:

  • President: by acclamation Benilde Gomes
  • Vice President: by acclamation Bruno Rovatti
  • Treasurer: by acclamation Barry Cunningham
  • Secretary: Bob Brown declines the nomination. Position remains vacant.
  • Agreed to have Phyllis and Nikki fill the position as in the past as to who it may be available to take minutes at each individual meeting.

Election of delegate to PSAC National Convention: Benilde Gomes elected delegate. Bruno Rovatti elected as alternate.

Resolution to Convention: Need to submit a resolution for something regarding the accountability of the green plan.

District Labour Councils: Encouraging locals to affiliate to the both district labour Councils. There is funding available with the Area Council to be reimbursed as the PSAC BC Regional Council agreed to increase the funding to Area Councils for this purpose.

Calendar of Events: Asking for a call out as to the possible activities planned in each of the communities regarding the day of recognition for violence against women on December 6. Awaiting responses.

Municipal elections are on November 15, 2008. Requesting more voter turnout. Gabe is running for City Council in Prince Rupert.

Other business: Need to make arrangements to meet and speak with CEUDA members. Send out a request for bargaining members to attend this region to discuss update of negotiations.

Adjournment: Gabe motions to adjourn the meeting. Albert 2nd the motion. m/s/c. 9:04 p.m.

Regional Women’s Committee, Prince George, BC – AGM Minutes

Location: Ramada Inn, March 8, 2008

Present: Patt Holmes (CEIU 20921), Anne Evasin, Parveen Deepak and Sandy Stephens (UTE 20002), Dorothy Hollier (UCTE 20212), Val Bergey (USGE 20070), and Colette Savarie (PSAC rep and women’s portfolio)

Meeting chaired by: Patt Holmes

Continue reading below, or download the Prince George Regional Women’s Committee meeting minutes – March 8 2008 (pdf)

Opening comments: Group was advised that Diane Beaulieu would not be running for re-election as chair.

1. Previous meeting minutes reviewed/adopted – M- Parveen, S- Dorothy. Carried

2. Elections of executive: Colette conducted the elections for women’s


  • Patt nominated by Val, Seconded by Parveen
  • Sandy nominated by Anne, Seconded by Patt
  • Sandy declined
  • Patt acclaimed


  • Sandy nominated by Patt, Seconded by Dorothy
  • Anne nominated by Parveen, Seconded by Val
  • Sandy declined
  • Anne acclaimed


  • Parveen nominated by Patt, Seconded by Sandy
  • Val nominated by Parveen, Seconded by Sandy
  • Val declined
  • Parveen acclaimed


  • Sandy nominated by Anne, Seconded by Patt
  • Sandy acclaimed

3. Executive sworn in by Colette, no ballots to destroy

4. PSAC rep update: Equality once and for all: to become a year long campaign. Harper’s lack of progress on women’s equality discussed. Colette has colour versions of electronically forwarded handouts she hopes to forward

5. Financial report: Room for today’s meeting cost $75.00 (pre-paid by Diane B.) RWC delinquent re: budget, B&R passed to Sandy today. Signing authorities need to be changed

Next Meeting Set for: Saturday, May 24, 2008 after BC regional convention

Meeting Adourned at: 1:00 pm

Minutes of the Prince George Regional Women’s Committee,January 16, 2008

In attendance:

  • Diane Beaulieu – Chair
  • Patt Holmes
  • Val Bergey
  • Barb Mazur
  • Sandy Stephens
  • Narinder Minhas
  • Colette Savarie
  • Regina Brennan


  • Lucy Fildes

Continue reading below, or download the Prince George Regional Women’s Committee meeting minutes – Jan 16 2008 (pdf)

1. Call to order and welcome introductory round

2. Election

  • agreed to hold the next meeting with the election of officers on March 8, right after the breakfast. Agreed to book a room at the Ramada Hotel if possible, otherwise use HEU or BCGEU Hall.
  • This committee will have no delegate to the PSAC – BC Regional Convention because they were deemed inactive.

3. International Women’s Day.

  • Check with other unions about what they are doing, and look for posters and theme ideas. Colette and Regina to check with Jim Sinclair about what the BC Fed is doing. Patt suggested that the Sharon McIver case is a possible group in need of funding assistance. UNBC does an IWD event. HEU and BCGEU do events as well. CEIU is doing a Loonie auction. Currently doing a survey to choose who to donate proceeds to.
  • Women from the committee will attend the breakfast at the Ramada Hotel on March 8th. Colette is invited to attend. Patt has the Women in Motion information.

4. Financial Report.

  • $394.81 in the bank. Some discussion about the state of the books and the work that needs to be done to get more funding. Books to be handed off to the new Treasurer on March 8th.
  • That the Prince George Regional Women’s Committee purchase a table of 10 seats, to be divided equitably among the 5 affiliated locals, to the March 8 International Women’s Day breakfast organized by the Prince George and District Labour Council. Tickets to be purchased by Sandy. M/S/C Patt Holmes/Narinder Minhas. Carried

5. Defending Public Services

  • Review of handouts and activities. Letter from John Gordon (see attached) asking to work across Component lines to ensure co-ordination. Questionnaire from National Women’s Conference on re-organizations and what is happening in the workplace. Interesting statistics in the last National Board of Directors minutes. Patt will share all this information with the new Regional Women’s Committee executive. Colette will forward the Saskatchewan questionnaire.

6. PSAC Regional Council Rep for Women report

  • Patt gave a verbal report.

7. Goals for the Regional Women’s Committee

  • The planning and setting of goals was tabled to be dealt with by the new executive. Colette proposed using the remaining funds from the Regional Women’s Conference cycle to hold meetings with each committee to do some planning and goal setting.

8. Training and Building Capacity

  • Sandy has sent out a questionnaire on education. She needs the completed forms back by January 21.

9. Round table

  • Barb – Is working on her CRA women’s committee. They are holding a women’s self defense course. Contact Barb if you are on an employer committee.
  • Colette – pass
  • Regina – Is on the board for her Women’s Center now and also put together a woman’s self defense course.
  • Sandy – She will get the IWD breakfast tickets and will email when she has them.
  • Val – pass
  • Patt – showed us her beautiful PSAC quilt.
  • Narinder – pass
  • Diane – handed out bargaining stickers.
  • We had a brief discussion on improving the communications network for this committee, to ensure notices of meetings are sent out on a timely basis to all concerned.

Adjourned at 6:55pm

airportWith the assistance of a Conciliation Officer, the Prince Rupert Airport and the Public Service Alliance of Canada reached a tentative agreement on January 25, 2008. The three (3) year agreement was ratified by the membership on February 6, 2008.

The agreement provides for economic increases of 2.25% in each year of the agreement. It also contains many improvements to the benefits and insurance plans and the vacation leave provisions.

The revised collective agreement has an expiry date of November 30, 2009.

Negotiations between the Prince Rupert Airport Authority and the Public Service Alliance of Canada are scheduled to resume on January 22 and 23, 2008, with the assistance of a Conciliation Officer. The parties had met on three (3) separate occasions in 2007 but were unable to reach a tentative agreement. The major outstanding issues include wages, benefits, and duration. The collective agreement expired November 30, 2006.

The next North Central Area Council meeting will be held …

  • Saturday February 16, 2008, 10AM
  • HEU Hall (corner of 3rd and Dominion), Prince George


  1. Elections for the positions of President, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Vice-Presidents,Secretary,and Treasurer.
  2. Election of a delegate to the BC Region convention in Vancouver–April 18-20, 2008
  3. Bargaining Update

For more information, please email Colette Savarie.

Northwest B.C. Area Council General Meeting November 21, 2007


  • Phyllis Bortignon USGE 20071
  • Penny Dickson CEIU 20926
  • Benilde Gomes USGE 20071
  • Dale Gueret UEW 20147
  • Helen Hill CEUDA 20042
  • Scott MacPhee UCTE 20213
  • Gail Moore CEUDA 20042
  • Rachael Mosley CEUDA 20042
  • Nikki McVey CEIU 20926
  • Amal Rana PSAC BC Regional Education Representative
  • Colette Savarie PSAC BC Regional Representative
  • Dave Thompson PSAC BC Regional Organizer Representative

Download the NorthWest Area Council meeting minutes – Nov 21 2007 (pdf) or continue reading below.Call to Order: Benilde opened meeting at 7:20pm. Harvey Russell of AGR 20042, Prince Rupert submits his regrets for not being able to attend this meeting.

Adoption of Agenda: Motion made to accept Agenda as read and carried.

Previous Meetings Minutes: Motion made to accept Minutes from September 8, 2007, as read and carried.

Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer, Barry Cunningham read the balance of $1,367.04 plus $27.57 in shares for the bank account. Barry is still actively collecting dues from locals and he will report on these at the next meeting. Motion made to accept report as read and carried.

VIP Guest Speaker: Dave Thompson, PSAC BC Regional Organizer Representative is introduced by Benilde. Dave gives a brief history of his work history as being an electrician by trade; having moved from Yellowknife this past June, where he participated in 8/9 successful unifications. Since his arrival in Vancouver region in June, he has organized 2 unifications for commissionaires. Organizing has been very successful in Quebec, East Coast and Ontario, with Regional Police on Reserves and Casino workers in gambling dens on race tracks.

Dave is the contact in this region for organizing any group(s) interested, more specifically commissionaires, call centers and universities. His mandate is to organize for PSAC.

Update on Bargaining – Colette Savarie: Colette provides a brief recap of the negotiations at the Prince Rupert Airport, at the end of October 2007. Talks have broken off and the employer has applied for conciliation. Members are very disappointed at this turn of events and Benilde encourages other locals’ members to show support whenever travelling through the airport.

Colette reports that the Women’s Regional Conference, whose theme this year was Environmental, was very successful. Though still busy getting to know the region, Colette will be getting this report out soon.

TB Bargaining has been postponed due to extensive discussions on Essential Services and delays in completion of the Pay Study. Should resume in late January, early February of 2008. Updates will be sent through Benilde.

Supporting our Bargaining Units: Benilde gave out stickers and information sheets for distribution among locals to bring awareness and support to the bargaining teams. Updates can be found at

PSAC BC Regional Education Representative – Amal Rana: Benilde introduces Amal and takes the opportunity to thank the Regional Office for accommodating members by extending dead lines and modifying courses.

Amal commends Benilde on getting members out and developing interest in union education.

Amal speaks of there being 6 members on the Education Committee and Education Open Houses, where it is a good forum to find out what’s wanted for education, what’s working – formats.

Education is offered in every region to facilitate, advance and organize union courses.

  • Handouts distributed for Basic and Advanced courses.
  • Union School is held usually every November. 80-100 members from across the region participate.
  • Education forums are held on Bargaining
  • Special Interest Evenings – i.e. Black History in Canada

Amal encourages members to think about what kind of courses they are looking for. Brainstorming results in the time of year that works best for this area is February – June. Suggestions for courses noted by Amal who will be researching and getting information back to members of this area council, for distribution.

Further discussion result in requests for more JLP sessions to be facilitated by the Union and Management. The 4 topics covered by the JLP are:

  • Understanding the Collective Agreement
  • Anti-Harassment
  • Union-Management Consultation
  • Respecting Differences and Anti-discrimination

Amal emphasizes how important it is to encourage managers to attend the JLP sessions. And encourages members to consider opportunities to become facilitators for JLP.

Nikki reminds members that CEIU is hosting the Anti-harassment session in Terrace, February 18, 2008.

District Labour Councils: Discussion on who this council is affiliated to. Benilde responds that we are affiliated to Kitimat-Terrace Labour Council who meets every 4th Thursday and Prince Rupert Labour Council who meets the last Thursday of every month. Barry says that he has been voted into the Prince Rupert LC as the Sergeant of Arms.

PSAC Regional Convention: Benilde reads out an email from Kay Sinclair, regarding delegate selection from this council. This council can nominate 3 members, one each for geographical, equity status and member of council. Clarification given by Benilde regarding the definition of geographical and equity delegates. There has been no call out letter – it is anticipated later this month. Motion made and carried to pay for the registration of 3 delegates from this council, should they be accepted by regional.

Nominations to be made by email to Benilde with a deadline of December 14, 2007

Calendar of Events:

  • November 29, 2007 Kitimat-Terrace Labour Council is hosting a Municipal Coffee House at BCGEU office in Terrace and in Kitimat on December 12, 2007 at the CAW Hall.
  • December 1, 2007 Retirement Seminar being hosted by Kitimat-Terrace Labour Council
  • December 6, 2007 Take Back the Night in Terrace
  • December 10, 2007 International Human Rights Day

Discussion on council supporting events taking place on December 6 for Violence Against Women. Benilde suggests that $50 be contributed towards events in both Prince Rupert and Terrace. Dale will find out from the Prince Rupert Transition House if they are planning anything for that date.

Amendments to the bylaws: Tabled to next meeting.

Other Business: Discussion on the progress of the Regional Women’s Committee. Benilde has received the acceptance letter for USGE component.

Next Meeting: Scheduled for January 19, 2008 @ 1:00pm in Terrace at the Carpenters Hall. If weather prevents travel, there will be a conference call set up at the hall for members unable to attend.

Adjournment: Meeting adjourned at 10:10pm

AC logoNorthwest B.C. Area Council Meeting: November 17th, 7PM, Coast Hotel, Prince Rupert


  • Guests: Collette Savarie, PSAC Regional Representative and Amal Rana, Education Officer
  • BARGAINING UPDATES: Supporting our bargaining units
  • District Labour Councils
  • PSAC-BC Regional Convention – nominations for delegates to Convention & resolutions
  • Calendar of Events
  • Education
  • Amendments to the bylaws (if any)
  • Days of Recognition
  • Joint Learning Program

Okanagan Area Council AGM: December 1st, Kelowna. Time and Location TBA.

Fraser Valley Area Council meeting: December 5th, 6PM, Mandarin Gardens Restaurant, Abbotsford


  • Guest-Kay Sinclair, PSAC REVP for BC
  • By-Law Amendments (see attached proposed Fraser Valley Area Council Bylaw changes)
  • Financial Report-Anne Marie
  • Election of Executive
  • Election of Delegate to PSAC Convention
  • Resolutions to BC PSAC Convention
  • District Labour Council Report-Jayne
  • Other Business

airportNegotiations between the Public Service Alliance of Canada and the Prince Rupert Airport Authority resumed October 30 and 31, 2007. Although progress was being made at the table, the employer informed the Union late on October 31st that since, in their opinion, they thought the parties were too far apart, there was no point in responding to the Union’s latest counter proposal. Instead, they announced that the parties would need to go to conciliation.

Some of the outstanding issues include benefits and wages. This was the third collective bargaining session between the parties for the renewal of the collective agreement that expired November 30, 2006.

Northwest B.C. Area Council Meeting September 8, 2007


  • Phyllis Bortignon USGE 20071
  • Barry Cunningham UCTE 20213
  • Penny Dickson CEIU 20926
  • Benilde Gomes USGE 20071
  • Scott MacPhee UCTE 20213
  • Nikki McVey CEIU 20926
  • Colette Savarie PSAC BC Regional Representative

Call to Order: Benilde opened meeting at 11:15am

Adoption of Agenda: Motion made to accept Agenda as read and carried.

Continue reading below or download the NorthWest Area Council meeting minutes – Sept 8 2007 (pdf)


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