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PSACtart!Halifax- On Valentine’s Day, PSAC members working at IMP Group Limited poured their chocolate coated hearts out in an attempt to soften management’s stone cold heart.

In front of the company’s headquarters in Halifax, the workers distributed heart shaped chocolates to managers and other employees as they entered the building. The workers hoped their gesture will be seen as an expression of their heartfelt desire to reach a negotiated settlement with IMP Group Limited.

“We are hoping the company will realize the benefits of open and positive negotiations with the employees’ union,” said Greg Isberg, president of PSAC Union Local 21018 in Comox, British Columbia. Isberg is also a member of the PSAC negotiating team at IMP Group Limited. “We want to maintain peaceful and harmonious relationships with the company, but management seems intended in creating a confrontation,” he added.


James Little, reporting from CFB Comox … updated Feb 9: Thanks to Mark Miller (UNDE 21016) for some more photos.

PSAC members employed at IMP Group Limited set up information lines at the gates of CFB Comox in the early mornings of Feb. 6th and 7th. These members were informing their co-workers of the lack of progress five months of negotiations have achieved. The PSAC has recently asked the federal government to appoint a conciliation officer in an effort to speed up the bargaining process.IMP plantgate

Each morning we set up the information lines at 06:30 hrs and the member participation was outstanding. The Commissionaires, the Military Police and members of the military with their loaded guns, greeted us each morning. Turns out the military was also conducting an identification search at the same time as our plant gate. This actually turned out to be a benefit for our members as the military was slowing traffic making it easier for us to distribute the over 400 flyers each day.


OTTAWA – IMP Group Limited, which is charged with maintaining and repairing Canadian search and rescue helicopters, refuses to address some important labour issues with its employees, according to the union representing the employees, the Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC).

“Our members perform work that is of great importance to the safety and security of many Canadians,” said PSAC National President John Gordon. “IMP management should do everything they can to resolve the labour problems within the company and to develop harmonious work relations with the employees.”

For Gordon, the time has come for IMP management to learn how to deal fairly with its unionized workforce. “Many Canadian companies deal with unions representing their employees,” he said, “and in doing so they are able to ensure labour peace in their workplaces. IMP should do the same.”


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