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As of June 13th, negotiations between the Canadian Auto Workers Local 2002, representing sales and service agents at airports and reservation offices, and Air Canada are ongoing. The possibility of a strike at airports across Canada is high.

CAW members remain committed to achieving a fair and equitable settlement from Air Canada. This employer is asking for major concessions that cut deep into workers’ pay, benefits, pensions and job security.

If you face a CAW picket line at your workplace, you should take the following steps

  1. Ask to speak to the picket captain. Identify yourself and that you work at the airport. Find out what the major issues are.
  2. Ask for a management representative from your workplace to escort you through the picket line.
  3. Volunteer your support to CAW. Join CAW members on the picket line before and/or after work, make a donation to the Local strike or coffee fund.

What you can do to support CAW members if you do not work at an airport

  • In the event of a labour dispute, CAW is asking supporters to refrain from using Air Canada and its regional airlines. If you are flying you may wish to cancel scheduled flights or switch your ticket to an alternate carrier.
  • Air Canada has advised customers they will not charge the usual fees for making these changes. You should verify this at the time of making these changes.
  • Join CAW members on the picket lines or at Solidarity rallies.
  • Encourage your Local to make donations to the CAW strike fund and/or send a message of support to CAW Local.

For more information, visit or contact your Regional Office.

CAW Local 2002, representing 3800 Air Canada airport and office workers across the country, will be in a legal strike position at midnight on June 13th. Air Canada is tabling demands that would see the pension plan cut by over 40% and the introduction of a two-tier pension system, as well as numerous other concessions.

Rallies and demonstrations of solidarity have been held in airports across the country – and more are planned – but as of yet, CAW has not requested that the labour movement stop flying with Air Canada.

For more information, contact your PSAC regional office, or visit We will post more information and updates on the situation as it becomes available.

updated April 18th, 2011

clipboard01Grievance time lines are one of the most important elements of problem solving. If we miss the initial filing of a grievance or the transmittal of grievances between levels we shortchange one or more of our members. In order to avoid this happening we have updated and posted several grievance time line flowcharts, more will follow for other bargaining units.

After more than three weeks of being locked out members of UCTE/PSAC Local 20221, Fueller Supervisors and Admin Group, ratified their first Collective Agreement on August 11th. They returned to work today.

The 21 members, who provide fuelling and administrative support, perform safety monitoring, and calculate fuel loads at YVR, were locked out by Servisair, a large Paris-based corporation, on July 19th. Theyshowed great solidarity and determination picketing and leafleting at the airport.

In an effort to avoid negotiations the company employed numerous delaying tactics – after over a week of Servisair’s refusal to negotiate PSAC filed a bad faith bargaining complaint on August 9th.

Representatives from the company finally returned to the bargaining table late in the afternoon of August 10th and presented members with an offer.

Members fought hard under challenging circumstances against a very difficult employer, and appreciate the support at the picket line and via email that fellow PSAC members at the airport and across the Province have provided over the last three weeks.


Servisair bargaining update: Aug 6th

Servisair on the line

Servisair on the line

After spending the weekend picketing, PSAC members began leafleting workers and the public at the airport, warning them of possible flight delays and encouraging them to call ahead prior to traveling.

After spending the weekend at home, Servisair representatives returned to Vancouver on Tuesday August 3rd and informed the bargaining team they had left some of their documents at home. They finally presented the team with a second “best and final” – which actually contained less than the previous offer – and have since not been heard from.

Servisair are no longer returning phone calls from the Union or from the mediator.

In the meantime PSAC has taken out advertisements in local papers, warning the public of possible delays and members continue to picket and leaflet at the airport. A blanket leaflet action is planned for tomorrow, with help from some of the other unions at the airport.

PSAC is examining legal means of forcing Servisair back to the table to bargain in good faith, and we are also investigating reports of serious health and safety violations at the airport and discussing these with Transport Canada.

An advisory to Vancouver Airport travelers

Servisair lockout causing delays. Call your airline or check

On July 19th Servisair, the Paris-based corporation using its subsidiary GlobeGround Fuel Services, locked out 21 workers at the Vancouver International Airport, after walking away from the bargaining table. The company admits the dispute has nothing to do with money. These workers provide fuelling services and calculate aircraft fuel loads to Air Canada, WestJet, and many other airlines operating at YVR.

Vancouver International Airport said about 40 flights experienced some delays …

“a higher number than we normally see delayed because of refuelling”

- Vancouver Sun, July 20, 2010

In an application to the Canada Industrial Relations Board, the company stated:

The following Servisair clients have reported fueling delays: United, Air New Zealand, Continental, KLM, US Airways, Cathay Pacific, American, WestJet, Air North, Air Canada.  There were roughly two years’ (worth) of fuelling delays.

– Application to the CIRB, July 22, 2010

A public service message brought to you by the Union representing the locked-out workers, the Public Service Alliance of Canada / Union of Canadian Transportation Employees.

Vancouver – The union representing Vancouver International Airport refueling supervisors and administrative personnel locked out by employer Servisair says flight delays continue and the public should take note.

The lockout, imposed by Servisair on July 19, has caused major flight delays and the employer’s refusal to negotiate a first collective agreement inconveniences the public and airline companies, says Kay Sinclair, PSAC Regional Executive Vice President.

“We’ve begun an advertising campaign to let the travelling public know that the continued lockout of our members impacts departure times at Vancouver International Airport,” said Sinclair. “We strongly recommend travelers flying out of Vancouver check the airport website – – or contact their airline to get the latest information.”

Sinclair points out that legal documents Servisair filed with the Canadian Industrial Relations Board show that “Air Canada advised Servisair that it could not afford a repeat” of delays experienced the day the lockout started and that United, KLM, Continental, Cathay Pacific, Air New Zealand, US Airways and Air North all reported fuelling delays.

“It’s clear that you cannot replace veteran YVR refueling supervisors with replacement workers from outside the area and expect this complicated scheduling to be maintained,” said Sinclair. “Our members are very frustrated that Servisair – a Paris-based multinational corporation – does not care what happens at Vancouver International Airport.”


PSAC members of the Servisair Fuellers Supervisory and Admin group, UCTE Local 20221, ended a second week of being locked out by their employer, a Paris-based company, in high spirits despite the employer’s reluctance to return to the bargaining table in a timely fashion. The weather has been good, and there’s plenty of propane for the barbeque!

The workers were locked out on Monday, July 19th and the bargaining team had a response to the very few outstanding issues left on the table prepared the next day, Tuesday the 20th. With the assistance of a mediator, the employer promised our bargaining team an offer they termed a “last and final offer” on Friday the 23rd, then delayed until Monday, and the offer finally appeared on Tuesday the 26th – a full week after receiving the Unions proposal.

After holding a membership meeting, PSAC responded to this offer, and was ready to meet with the employer on Wednesday the 27th. The employer agreed to meet the next day.

Our team was then very disappointed to hear the employer had decided to take the weekend off and would not be returning to the table until Tuesday, August 3rd.

Members have decided not to take the weekend off, and will continue to picket at YVR.

Here are a few photos from the picket line …

Thursday July 22, 2010     NEWS RELEASE    For Immediate Release

Servisair now admits major flight delays at Vancouver International Airport due to lockout of refueling supervisors – files legal application detailing extensive delays & complaints from Air Canada, WestJet, international airlines – after Servisair and YVR administration denied delays previously

Vancouver – Servisair now admits in a legal document filed this afternoon that there have been major flight delays at Vancouver International Airport since it locked out refueling supervisors on Monday – delays it and YVR management denied publicly until now, says the supervisors’ union.

A Servisair application to the Canadian Industrial Relations Board states that WestJet complained of “quite significant” delays and that “Air Canada advised Servisair that it could not afford a repeat” of delays experienced Monday July 19 when replacement workers took over from existing trained supervisors, says Stephen Dunsmore, Regional Vice-President Pacific of the Union of Canadian Transportation Employees – a component union of the Public Service Alliance of Canada.

The Servisair application says Air Canada complained of “cost attributable to fuelling delays” and that United, KLM, Continental, Cathay Pacific, Air New Zealand, US Airways and Air North all reported fuelling delay, Dunsmore said.

A WestJet official quoted in the documents says the delays were significant and impacted well over 140 other flights in the WestJet system.

Says Dunsmore: “This CIRB application is a legal document that demonstrates irrefutably that both Servisair and Vancouver International Airport management deliberately misled the public and the media about what Servisair admits have been quite significant delays due to their lockout of experienced refueling supervisors.”

“The solution is obvious – negotiate a fair first collective agreement immediately, as the union has been trying to do from the start – and end this lockout now,” Dunsmore said.  “We were at the bargaining table Sunday night when Servisair walked away without even hearing our counterproposal and instead locked out our members.”

Dunsmore said the Servisair application is a clumsy attempt to blame refueling workers who are continuing to work under their own existing collective agreement for problems when the obvious reality is that inexperienced replacement supervisors don’t know how to manage Vancouver International Airport’s complex refueling procedures.

“There have been many documented mistakes – some of which are health and safety concerns – that these replacement supervisors are making,” Dunsmore said.  “We are now documenting safety concerns and will be making the appropriate complaints shortly to bring this to the attention of authorities.”

Dunsmore said the union is confident that the CIRB will reject the Servisair allegations, noting that the union advised refueling workers prior to the dispute that they must obey their collective agreement even if supervisors were locked out.

Employer Servisair is a Paris-based company that provides fuel to Air Canada, WestJet and other airlines at Vancouver International Airport as well as at more than 128 locations worldwide.


For further information contact: Stephen Dunsmore UCTE at cell 778-998-1491 or Bill Tieleman, West Star Communications at cell 778-896-0964 or 604-844-7827.

Tonight, at approximately at 22:25 hours our Union received notice that the Employer intends to lockout members at GlobeGround/Servisair effective 00:01 Monday July 19, 2010.

In spite of this set back, our Union remains committed to reaching a negotiated first agreement and we have asked the Federal Mediator to convene another bargaining session at 17:00 hours on Friday July 16.

A bargaining update meeting will be held at #113-5200 Miller Road this Saturday July 17, at 12:00 noon. This is a very important meeting and all members are strongly encouraged to attend.

The Union met with the Company in mediation on Monday July 12.  The employer provided only a few responses to some of the Union’s proposals, but was unable to agree or respond to most of our package.  The employer chose to spend all of Tuesday July 13, working on further responses to the Union.

As the deadline for a possible Strike/Lockout approaches, we recognize that members are concerned about what this will mean. Please be assured that the Union’s bargaining committee remain committed to reaching an agreement before the time expires 12:01 July 17, 2010.

In the event of a Strike/Lockout either party is legally required to give the 72 hours notice of their intentions to do so. At that time, the Union will notify you of our Strike/Lockout headquarters office where you can report for a membership meeting and schedule for picket duty.

If there is a Strike/Lockout, for those members who work in the Fuelers bargaining unit no strike action will be authorized. You will have to continue to work under the terms of your collective agreement and the Canada Labour Code. This means you will have to report to work and perform your usual duties. However, section 94 of the Canada Labour Code and the collective agreement both provide that you have the right to refuse to perform struck work.  If a member is concerned for their safety in crossing a picket line, the employer has to provide an escort to ensure your safety.

At this time solidarity is very important for all PSAC members who work for GlobeGround Fuel Services/Servisair. We need to work collectively to send a clear message to the employer that we are a strong group of union members.

For more information contact Janelle Ho-Shing at 604.430.5631.

Regular updates will be posted at or

Click here to download a PDF poster: The-Right-to-Refuse-struck-work-final2

Conciliation proceedings between GlobeGround Fuel Services / Servisair Inc. and the Public Service Alliance of Canada resumed June 21 and 22, 2010. Unfortunately, after a long delay of three (3) months, this session did not result in a tentative agreement. Therefore, the parties will be in a legal strike / lockout position as of July 16, 2010.

As with the first conciliation proceedings, these two (2) days were frustratingly slow. The employer appeared ill prepared and had very few responses for your bargaining team. Agreement was reached on the following issues only:

  • Strikes and Lockouts
  • Maternity Leave
  • Education Leave
  • Travel Time
  • Staffing Procedure

Other issues dealt with include Management Rights, Designated Paid Holidays, Family Related Leave, Layoff and Recall, Employee Status, Call-back, Shift Premiums, Vacation Leave and Benefits.

The next session is scheduled for July 12 to 15, 2010. An announcement regarding a strike vote will be made shortly.

These negotiations will result in a first collective agreement for this unit. Some of the duties performed by these members include the supervision of approximately 80 fuelers and fueling related workers at the Vancouver International Airport as well as administrative duties related to inventory, accounts payable etc.

After a marathon weekend bargaining session and the threat of a lock-out from the employer, the tentative agreement reached between Servisair Inc. and the PSACs bargaining team on April 17, 2010, was ratified by the membership yesterday. Some highlights of the three year agreement include:

  • 100% Employer paid premiums for the Group Insurance Plan (from 50%)
  • introduction of 80% major dental plan to provide coverage for crowns, bridges etc and expansion of the orthodontic plan to cover employees and spouses
  • increase in vision care allowance and laser eye corrective surgery added to coverage
  • increase in life insurance, accidental death & dismemberment insurance, and dependent’s life insurance
  • 2% rate of pay increase, effective 2011
  • increase in paid sick leave days from 2 to 7 over 3 years
  • increases in shift premiums, mechanics, and tool allowance
  • improved language regarding discrimination, harassment, and the grievance procedure
  • no rollbacks

This new PSAC unit of seventy-three  members provides fueling and fueling related services at the Vancouver International Airport, and are members of YVR Local 20221. The new collective agreement will expire October 31, 2012.

After a marathon bargaining session, and with the help of a federal Conciliation Officer, the union representing workers who refuel airliners at Vancouver International Airport and their employer Servisair reached a tentative agreement late Saturday night.

“I’m happy to report that a tentative agreement was reached on Saturday”, says Kay Sinclair, Regional Executive Vice President of the Public Service Alliance of Canada, “our team worked hard to achieve an agreement, despite the threat of a lockout from Servisair.”

Details regarding the agreement and ratification procedures will be available soon.

Negotiations continue at Vancouver International Airport today, aircraft fuel workers’ union PSAC says

Vancouver – Negotiations between the union for Vancouver International Airport workers – who refuel Air Canada, WestJet and all international airlines – and their employer Servisair will continue Saturday afternoon.

The Public Service Alliance of Canada says bargaining took place through Friday night and early Saturday morning with the assistance of a federal conciliator and will resume at 2 p.m. today.


Vancouver International Airport aircraft fuel workers’ union demands Servisair immediately rescind threat to lockout workers at midnight tonight, as negotiations continue; union says air travellers’ confidence in YVR at risk due to actions of Servisair in dealing with its workers

VANCOUVER, April 16  – The union for Vancouver International Airport fuel workers is demanding that Servisair immediately rescind its threat to lockout employees who refuel Air Canada, WestJet and all international airlines at midnight tonight – Friday – while contract negotiations continue.

The Public Service Alliance of Canada says the impending lockout threat is unnecessarily putting the confidence of air travellers using YVR at risk.

“Fuel workers are willing to continue their important work refuelling Air Canada, WestJet and all international air carriers using Vancouver International Airport but Servisair is refusing to drop its threat to lock them out as of midnight tonight,” said Kay Sinclair, PSAC BC Regional Executive Vice President.


What rights do unionized and non-unionized employees of GlobeGround/Servisair at YVR have when asked to perform work that is normally performed by fellow employees who are on strike or who have been locked-out?

The Canada Labour Code gives employees of GlobeGround/Servisair (not including managers), the right to refuse assignment to the duties and responsibilities of a fellow employee who is participating in a strike or subject to a lockout.

The Canada Labour Code states:

Section 94 – Unfair Practices – Prohibitions relating to employers

(3) No employer or person acting on behalf of an employer shall

(c) suspend, discharge or impose any financial or other penalty on an employee, or take any other disciplinary action against an employee, by reason of their refusal to perform all or some of the duties and responsibilities of another employee who is participating in a strike or subject to a lockout that is not prohibited by this Part;
The Canada Industrial Relations Board (CIRB), the body that administers the Canada Labour Code, has consistently upheld and supported decisions of protected workers who have exercised this right.

In the event that a strike or lockout does occur, GlobeGround/Servisair’s supervisors can respectfully refuse to perform struck work and are protected by law if they do so. PSAC will support and stand behind these workers if they face reprisal for exercising their legal right to refuse struck work.

What to say if you are asked to perform struck work

Under section 94-3 of the Canada Labour Code, and with respect, I refuse the work that you are asking me to perform. This work is not within my duties, and is considered struck.

Solidarity is important right now.

We’re going to continue working with the Supervisory group to send a clear message to the employer that we are one, strong, solid group of members – members who all deserve a fair wage and a fair contract.

Download the poster.

Union for Vancouver International Airport aircraft fuel workers calls 72-hour lockout notice served by multinational company Servisair effective Friday at midnight “unfortunate, unnecessary and disrespectful to travelling public” – vows to keep negotiating and avoid disruption to Air Canada, WestJet, other airlines

Vancouver – The union representing fuel workers at Vancouver International Airport says a 72-hour lockout notice served by Servisair, a multinational corporation that provides jet fuel to Air Canada, WestJet and other airlines, is unfortunate, unnecessary and disrespectful to the travelling public.

“Servisair is being deliberately and unneccessarily provocative in a sensitive set of labour negotiations by serving lockout notice that could take effect at midnight on Friday,” said Kay Sinclair, Public Service Alliance of Canada BC Regional Executive Vice President.


April 12, Vancouver – Representatives of the Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) are meeting with GlobeGround Fuel Services/Servisair (GlobeGround) today in an effort to stave off a possible labour disruption at the Vancouver airport, which could begin as early as this week.

Passengers at YVR may face delays and slowdowns after April 12 2010, when the conciliation period ends and the parties are in a strike or lockout position.

“PSAC and GlobeGround began negotiations in December 2009 and met again in January 2010.“ says Kay Sinclair, PSAC Regional Executive Vice-President for BC, “After only a few days of negotiation, GlobeGround stated they had been working on an application for conciliation. They felt they needed the help of a Conciliation Officer, and wanted to expedite the bargaining process. They then delayed meeting with us for over a month.”

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