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Our FB contract with Treasury Board expires Monday June 20th. We are in negotiations with Treasury Board/CBSA this week as well. To date we have made virtually no progress in bargaining.

We made progress in the last round of bargaining in a number of critical areas. But there is much work to do. There are on-going scheduling issues that need to be addressed, from ensuring that management bargains in good faith when we negotiate work schedules, to guaranteeing that everyone’s seniority is appropriately recognized, to having telework available to non-uniformed personnel. We need protections in place in the context of the arming initiative. And we want a commitment from the government that there be an early retirement plan for enforcement workers in the FB bargaining unit that is in line with other federal enforcement workers.

We work hard. We ensure that Canada’s borders are secure. What we are asking for already exists elsewhere in the federal public sector.

We deserve nothing less.

Recently the Harper Government has attacked workers’ collective bargaining rights by threatening back to work legislation for Air Canada workers and Canada Post workers. We denounce these actions and we will not be intimidated by reckless and potentially unconstitutional behaviour on the part of the federal government. We will uphold our rights as unionized workers in this country and we will use every means under the law to achieve what we deserve in this round of bargaining with CBSA/Treasury Board.

We’ll be sure to update as things progress. If you have any questions speak with a member of our team, a member of your Branch Executive.


  • Since the signing of the PA, SV and EB collective agreements, PSAC has pressured Treasury Board and Public Works to prepare for implementation of payments in lieu of severance pay.
  • We have strongly encouraged early, thorough and full communication by Treasury Board. While some departments have issued bulletins, central communication has been slow.

Information on payment process

Within the next few weeks, the employer will inform all employees about the payment process. It is possible your employer has already contacted you.

Visit the national website for the latest information from PSAC about the payments in lieu of severance pay

PRINCE RUPERT – Workers at the Prince Rupert Airport are prepared to strike after negotiations with management broke down earlier this month.

Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) Regional Executive Vice President Kay Sinclair says the workers are prepared to take job action unless the employer returns to the table and drops their demand that employees work more hours without compensation.

“We are very close to a deal,” says Sinclair, “With the help of a Conciliation Officer almost all the outstanding items, including wages, have been settled.”

“But the Airport Authority insists that our members agree to work longer hours without being paid,” she continues, “Management downsized the workforce by almost 50% over the last two years and now wants to increase the workday for the remaining employees by half an hour, without paying them for the time.”

“Our members are stuck on Digby Island for their whole eight hour day,” explains Stephen Dunsmore, Regional Vice-President of the Union of Canadian Transportation Employees (UCTE), “Management knows they can’t leave the island to take a proper break and thinks they can take advantage of that.”

“Unpaid work won’t fly at YPR,” he says, “The Airport Authority should drop their unreasonable demand and return to the table. A labour disruption at Prince Rupert airport will have serious economic consequences for the city.”

Members of PSAC/UCTE employed by the Prince Rupert Airport Authority as runway and terminal maintenance workers, fuellers, and administrative staff have been without a contract since November 2009. They voted in favour of strike action in March 2011.

TC bargaining team meets in Ottawa to set priority demands

The TC bargaining team met in Ottawa last week to prioritize bargaining demands in preparation for collective bargaining with Treasury Board.

Key issues identified by delegates at the TC National Bargaining Conference were examined in detail.

The negotiating team will meet again soon to review demands prior to the exchange of proposals with Treasury Board.

Read more at the national website.

PSAC exchanges FB group proposals, sets bargaining dates with Treasury Board

The FB bargaining team met with Treasury Board/CBSA March 8 and 9 in Ottawa to exchange demands and begin bargaining.

PSAC negotiators made it clear to the employer our objectives in this round of negotiations are to achieve parity with other enforcement workers in the federal public sector, to have problems in CBSA workplaces addressed and to protect what we have.

The demands are available at the the national website.

New collective agreements signed for PA and EB groups – What happens now?

  • On December 1, 2010, PSAC ratified collective agreements for the PA, SV and EB groups
  • Upon ratification, the first step was to re-open the current collective agreements for these groups.
  • This “re-opener” entailed modifying current collective agreements to include non-monetary improvements negotiated.
  • On March 1, 2011, the new collective agreements were signed for the PA and EB groups
  • The SV collective agreement will be signed on April 6, 2011 after which point certain provisions will be implemented.
  • The following are the provisions that took effect December 21, 2010 (date of re-opener), March 1, 2011 (date of signing for PA and EB), and that will take effect in June and July, 2011(PA and EB)

Read the key provisions of the new collective agreements at the national website.

your TC Bargaining Team, including Tom Hopkins (UEW 20147, Campbell River Area Council) - top row, 5th from the left

More than 50 public service workers from across Canada – members of the PSAC’s Technical Services bargaining unit – met in Ottawa from January 21-23, 2011 to prepare for bargaining with the federal government.

The National Bargaining Conference was organized following the failure of Treasury Board to seriously address any of the long-standing issues brought forward by technical service workers during the expedited bargaining process last in fall 2010.

Conference delegates representing approximately 11,000 highly skilled technical workers across the country developed priorities for the upcoming round of negotiations and elected their negotiating committee. The Public Service Alliance of Canada will serve notice to bargain on February 22, 2011.

Continue reading at the national website.

Ottawa – More than 90 border services workers from across Canada met on the weekend to prepare its bargaining demands for upcoming contract negotiations with Treasury Board. The conference was organized after the Treasury Board failed to meet any demands brought forward by the union during the expedited process in fall 2010.

Representing over 9,000 enforcement workers employed by the Canada Border Services Agency, the delegates to the conference discussed critical operational issues and health and safety concerns.

“Our members are on the front lines protecting Canadians’ safety,” said Ron Moran, President of the Customs and Immigration Union, a component of the PSAC. “We expect the government to address the demands of border services employees to ensure parity with other unionized enforcement workers in Canada.”

Border services employees achieved their first collective agreement in 2007. While progress was made in the last round of negotiations, there is considerable work to be done in order to ensure that the collective agreement reflects evolving operational realities. These include adequate protections for those officers who are required to carry firearms, fair and transparent shift scheduling processes, and pension reform to ensure parity with other federal enforcement workers.

“The Harper government needs to recognize the contribution to national security by our border services members,” said John Gordon, National President of the PSAC. “We expect the upcoming budget to focus on strengthening public services such as border security, instead of misguided attempts to cut the deficit on the backs of working families.”

The delegates to the conference debated the priority issues that will be brought forward when the Public Service Alliance of Canada serves notice to bargain on February 21. They also discussed mobilization strategies to ensure the employer bargains in good faith and addresses employee concerns.

The National Bargaining Conference for Parks Canada members takes place February 6 – 9, 2011 in Calgary.

The conference is to prepare for the next round of bargaining by;

  • Reviewing bargaining proposals
  • Establishing bargaining priorities
  • Discussing strategy
  • Electing a negotiating team

This is a call out to PSAC equity activists (Aboriginal, Racialized Worker, Member with disability, GLBT), Regional Women’s Committee member, and Youth activists (30 or younger) who work at Parks Canada to participate in the Bargaining Conference.

Visit the national website to register online. Note the application deadline is January 21st.

The PSAC and the Employer have agreed to amend, effective December 21, 2010, certain provisions of the PA, SV, and EB  collective agreements – specifically, Sick Leave, Leave with Pay for Family-Related Responsibilities and Bereavement Leave.

In addition, the PA bargaining unit amended provisions also included Appendix I – MOU with Respect to the Transformation of Pay Administration Initiative.

Read the exact revised wording for these provisions at the national website.

National President John Gordon has appointed a Task Force to review and recommend changes to strengthen the current voting process under PSAC Regulation 15A, the Union’s collective bargaining regulation that covers our large federal bargaining units: Treasury Board, the Canada Revenue Agency, Parks Canada and the Canada Food Inspection Agency.

The Task Force will begin its work in January 2011, and will report to the National President and the National Board of Directors by the spring of 2011. The comments received by the members to date on the Treasury Board ratification vote will be forwarded to the Task Force as part of its review.

More information on the work of the Task Force will be communicated in the new year.

Following the recent ratification of new agreements by the PA, SV and EB Treasury Board groups, the following steps will be taken:

  1. Re-open current agreements to include some non-monetary improvements
  2. Signing of new collective agreements
  3. Implementation of wage and special monetary increases
  4. Implementation of voluntary severance cash out options

Visit the national website for more information and timelines.

PSAC members have voted to accept the tentative agreements negotiated with Treasury Board for the PA, SV and EB groups.

The process:

  • More than 325 ratification vote meetings over six weeks.
  • The turnout across all groups was 52 per cent.
  • All votes took place by secret ballot.
  • Each agreement needed 50 per cent plus 1 of valid votes in favour of the agreements to be ratified.

The results:

Program and Administrative Services group (PA), representing 81,500 members 52.1 % yes
Operational Services group (SV), representing 12,000 members 53.7 % yes
Education and Library Science group (EB), representing 1,100 members 60.4 % yes

Read more, including a message from National President John Gordon to PA, SV and EB members at the national website

PSAC National President John Gordon explains why the union bargained early, and why trade voluntary severance for a wage increase – here is a video that explains PSAC’s reasoning behind bargaining early and agreeing to changes to voluntary severance pay.

The ballots have been counted and a majority of members have voted in favour of the tentative agreement with the Canada Revenue Agency.

PSAC national president John Gordon, Union of Taxation Employees national president Betty Bannon and CRA Commissioner Linda Lizotte-MacPherson signed the new agreement on October 29, two days before the old agreement ended.

The new two-year agreement is effective from November 1, 2010 until October 31, 2012.

UTE Local 20003 (Kelowna) held a CRA Mobilization / Membership appreciation lunch on September 21. We have approximately 60 members working that day with about 93% of them participating in the luncheon. As a smaller local we feel this turnout was remarkable and we feel that the outdoor venue, along with sunshine helped ensure the lunch’s success!

PSAC members who are in the SV, PA and EB bargaining units: It is time to vote.

PSAC has reached tentative agreements with Treasury Board covering three bargaining units: SV, PA and EB. These agreements will only take effect if they are ratified. Every PSAC member covered by these agreements has a right to cast a vote in the ratification process.

Ratification meetings (including information sessions) will take place across the country from October 20th to November 30th. The PSAC’s internal rules state that members must make an informed choice, which means participating in an information session prior to the vote.

Read more for list of the ratification meetings scheduled to date, links to the ratification kits, and answers to some frequently asked questions.


Here are some recent photos from PSAC activities in Victoria. Members of UTE 20028 at Victoria TSO held a “Stand Together, Stand Strong! ” member mobilization event where they heard about ways to support their CRA bargaining team, showed off their red wristbands, and ate pizza. The Vancouver Island Human Rights Committee AGM was held in September – VIHRC members elected their 2010/11 Executive and discussed resolutions to be put forward to various PSAC Conventions and Conferences.

PSAC reached a tentative deal today for new collective agreements for three of its five bargaining units with Treasury Board. Agreements for the PA, SV and EB groups will go into force only if they are ratified by members in votes over the coming weeks. Exploratory talks for the Border Services (FB) and Technical Services (TC) groups ended without agreement and regular bargaining will resume in 2011.

Treasury Board approached PSAC to engage in early exploratory talks on contracts that expire in 2011. PSAC agreed to enter into negotiations with a view to providing economic security to our members at a time of economic uncertainty. Unfortunately, Treasury Board was not willing to provide sufficient improvement to the contracts for the Border Services and Technical Services groups.

“We have had a challenging two weeks at the bargaining table,” said John Gordon, National President of PSAC. “While we are pleased that three of our bargaining teams were able to reach agreements, we are disappointed with the lack of movement by Treasury Board and particularly some government departments on long-standing economic and workplace issues for our border and technical services members.”

Read more at the national website.

Updated Oct 14/2010. Here are some photos taken at the vote meeting in Victoria.

Here are the CRA ratification vote dates & locations

City Location Date Time Resource Person(s)
Penticton Penticton Lakeside Inn and Resort, 21 Lakeshore Drive, Penticton, Room: Salon A Tuesday, October 5, 2010 Presentations start at 2:30 pm; 3pm; 3:30pm; 4pm; 4:30 pm; 5pm; 5:30 pm. PA
Victoria St. John the Divine Church Hall, 925 Balmoral Avenue Thursday, October 7, 2010 Presentations start at 3:15pm; 3:45pm; 4:15pm; 4:45pm; 5:15pm PA
Kelowna Accent Inn, 1140 Harvey Ave Tuesday, October 12, 2010 Presentations start at 4pm; 5pm PA
Prince George Hospital Employees’ Union Hall, 1197 3rd Avenue Wednesday, October 13, 2010 Presentations start at 4:15 pm; 5:15 pm PA
Vancouver Fairmont Hotel Vancouver – 900 West Georgia Street, Vancouver, Room: Waddington Thursday, October 14, 2010 Presentations start at 3:30 pm; 4:30 pm, 5:30 pm PA, KS
Surrey North Surrey Recreation Centre, 10275 135 Street – Room: Youth Centre Monday, October 18, 2010 Presentations start at 3:30 pm; 4:15 pm; 5 pm PA, KS
Surrey Surrey Alliance Church – 13474-96 Avenue Tuesday, October 19, 2010 Presentations at 3:30 pm; 5:30 pm PA, KS

Pamela Abbott (PA), Bargaining Team member, and Kay Sinclair (KS), REVP, will be in attendance at the meetings.

Dates and locations for other cities will be posted as they become available.

After intensive negotiations that began on September 20, PSAC has achieved a tentative agreement with the Canada Revenue Agency.

According to PSAC national president John Gordon and Union of Taxation Employees president Betty Bannon, the union was able to bargain wage increases and other gains for the members in spite of the difficult economic and political climate.

The tentative agreement includes increases of 1.5% in each of two years, effective November 1. Some other improvements include an additional personal day, an expanded definition of family, more flexibility for family leave and improvements to compensation for many indeterminate employees in acting positions.

Members will have an opportunity to vote on the tentative agreement at meetings to be held in October. Details about meeting times and locations will be posted on PSAC regional web sites and available from PSAC/UTE Locals.

A settlement is in sight

We are into our second week of negotiations and we’re close to a settlement. There will be no further bulletins until a settlement is announced.

Thanks again to all our members for your continuing support.

Members across the province have been plant-gating and attending bargaining info sessions – here is a report on activities at Burnaby Fraser TSO from Terry Ruyter, President UTE Local 20007.

We met at the office this morning at 6:30 and handed out stickers & tattoos that said I support my Bargaining Team. We also handed out a leaflet that gave the
members all the websites and links that they could go to when looking for bargaining updates. We also handed out the Think Public (whats going on in your workplace)

The members were very supportive and were happy to know that the bargaining Teams were still at the table. I explained that every-time that we do something like
this Management has to file a report. They said that they were supporting the Team and will continue to wear the bands and now the tattoos. For the most
part the membership is very positive and supportive and are awaiting a Contract.

And a report from UTE Local 20050

UTE 20050 held a bargaining info session yesterday at the North Surrey Recreation Centre. The Local Executive supported the sessions at various times in the afternoon. Members could drop-in for rolling info sessions between 3 and 6 pm. The local distributed different chocolate bars with stickers on them hoping for a “sweet deal” to come. Erica Yang shared information on the New Steward course and highlighted the Union School and helped the local get the contact information of their membership.

Monica Urrutia, as CRA-RSC, gave a bargaining overview and fielded several questions. With the latest bulletin promising that a deal was soon to come, many members had questions about what the next steps would be, and included discussion on what kinds of political action they can take to prevent the government from intervening on any tentative deal.

And here are some photos from UTE 20002 (Prince George), UTE 20007 (BFTSO) and UTE 20050 (BFCC)”!

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