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One week completed and we’re moving right along

Your negotiating team has spent a productive week with the employer. We have been encouraged by the willingness of the employer’s team to negotiate in order to reach a settlement.

Talks are continuing and your team will be ready to meet with the employer again next week. We remain on track to achieve a settlement before the expiry date of our agreement.

You’re the greatest! Knowing we have our members’ support back in the workplace makes us stronger at the bargaining table.

Your negotiating teams continue to work hard at the table since beginning early exploratory discussions with Treasury Board this week.

At this time, bargaining teams are waiting to hear back from the employer on a number of crucial issues.  Bargaining will continue into the weekend in an effort to get further movement from the employer.

“Our teams know that members want a fair deal,” said John Gordon, PSAC National President. “We made it clear from the beginning that we are not prepared to accept a zero increase in salaries and we expect real movement on key workplace issues.”

If bargaining teams don’t get agreements in this expedited process, we are ready to go back to the regular bargaining process and we’ll see the employer in the spring.

Updates will be provided as negotiations continue. For more information, check the Frequently Asked Questions section on the PSAC national website or e-mail TB-Q&

Three days into bargaining and we’re moving forward

Your negotiating team has been having face-to-face meetings with the employer since Monday and bargaining is continuing. There has been plenty of discussion and hard work and progress is being made. We’ll continue to provide updates.

The messages of support from our members give us that extra boost when we’re at the bargaining table. Thanks for the messages received and keep them coming!

CRA is seeing red…on our wrists!

The hottest fashion item seen around CRA offices this week is a bright red wristband sporting the message I support my negotiating team! Your team is asking everyone to wear one while negotiations continue. Check with your Local executive if you haven’t received yours yet.

Talks are underway between PSAC bargaining teams and Treasury Board.

We have agreed to engage in bargaining well before the expiry of collective agreements in an effort to ensure economic certainty and improved working conditions for our members.

Members elected to bargaining teams from the last round of negotiations have been busy reviewing the Program of Demands. They are also looking at outstanding demands from the last round as well as emerging issues to set priorities for this round.

Members will have an opportunity to vote on any tentative agreement that may be reached. If agreements are not achieved, the regular bargaining process will apply.

PSAC is committed to achieving fair collective agreements and protecting public services.

Updates will be provided as negotiations continue. For more information, check the Frequently Asked Questions at the national website or e-mail TB-Q&

Cheers to Terry Ruyter, President – UTE 20007, for this report from the recent plantgate at Burnaby Fraser TSO!

We met at the office today and handed out the red wrist bands. We let the members know that their Bargaining Team was meeting with the employer as of September 20th and that we needed to wear the band until we get a contract. We also let them know that the Team had left their families to work on members’ behalf to get a contract. We asked them to wear the red band proudly and support our Team.

The plantgate went very well and members were very happy to wear the band for their Bargaining Team. As the day went by it was good to see the members in the halls of the office. I would hold up my arm in Support of the Bargaining Team and they would proudly put their arm up and say yes we are supporting them. We handed out approximately 450 bands and then put some on all the bulletin boards so that members could get one that missed one in the morning. I also gave my band away several times during the day when I saw members that had not got one. All in all this was a good plantgate day and the members have been advised to keep looking for the updates on the websites and Union Boards.

Negotiations with CRA have begun with our first face-to-face meeting with the employer’s team on Monday afternoon as part of our scheduled expedited bargaining process.

The parties exchanged demands back in July so your negotiating team is well prepared for this round of bargaining. We know we are bargaining in a difficult economic climate but we believe we can reach a reasonable settlement that will benefit our members.

We need and appreciate your ongoing support.

Regular bulletins will be issued as negotiations proceed.  Sign up to receive them at using the “Subscribe” feature.

from Monica Urrutia, CRA-BC Regional Strike Coordinator

This week your bargaining team is at the table with the employer.

As a sign of support we are asking all PSAC/UTE members to wear a red bracelet with the message “I support my negotiating team” for the duration of bargaining talks. Your Local Representatives will be distributing these bracelets throughout this week. Please wear it proudly!

Stand Together, Stand Strong! is our BC-Regional Strategy Committee’s message for this round of bargaining. We look forward to your support and solidarity over the next coming days!

A report and some photos from Janet Graham, Pres. UTE 20027

The plantgate at 1166 West Pender St. went very well. Members that were away that day are now coming to get bracelets and handouts. It was more of a challenge to get everything out to the other locations our members are located – the fact we could not do desk drops did not help. Members in the those  locations were instrumental in pitching in and getting the info out to their co workers. Everyone has a bracelet and bargaining information now, or will have it very shortly.

I’m very proud of how this ended up working out in the end!

On Tuesday, September 14, 2010 the Local Executive of UTE 20007 organized a lunch time bargaining information session for its members.

Over 70 members attended and heard from Erica Yang, PSAC Youth Outreach Worker, on her work outreaching to young workers in the PSAC. Monica Urrutia, PSAC Regional Representative, gave an overview of the current bargaining timeline, the union structure preparing for bargaining, and how members can get involved. She also fielded several questions from the membership. Here are a few photos …

Treasury Board and PSAC have agreed to engage in exploratory discussions with the objective of reaching early collective agreements. The bargaining teams from the last round are being reconvened to start talks on September 21st or 22nd.

The early bargaining process is an opportunity to provide economic certainty and improve working conditions for our members in this difficult economic climate.  John Gordon – National President

You decide

If the early bargaining process leads to tentative agreements, members will vote on their ratification.

If no agreements are reached through this process, we will proceed with the regularly scheduled bargaining process in early spring of 2011.

What can we achieve?

While we expect improvements in economic benefits, we are also focused on non-economic improvements to working conditions.

During the last round of bargaining we achieved concrete results on: national rates of pay; occupational group structure and classification review; seniority and a new pay grid for the Border Services group; as well as a number of other group specific improvements.

Your bargaining teams will be meeting to prioritize outstanding demands – to build on the achievements made in the last round of bargaining.

Spread the word – download the poster (pdf):

Bargaining Conferences are the opportunity for bargaining unit members, Elected Officers and activists to meet, plan the upcoming round of bargaining, review bargaining demands, identify priorities, develop initial mobilization strategies, and to build awareness of the political context in which the round of bargaining will take place. They also present an important learning opportunity for new activists and an equally-important opportunity for all members in attendance to build solidarity.

There are 3 Regional Bargaining Conferences scheduled for this round of Treasury Board bargaining – the Eastern and Ontario/NCR Conferences, and the Western Bargaining Conference, which will be held in Winnipeg, December 4-5 2010. Members at these conferences will discuss bargaining demands and mobilization strategies, and elect delegates to the National Bargaining Conference, to be held in Ottawa in January.

The PSAC constitution outlines a process under Regulation 15A that provides for increased participation of Regional Women’s Committee, Equity, and Youth members in our Bargaining Conferences. Accordingly, Union activists that fit those criteria are strongly encouraged to submit an application to be considered as a delegate. One member per eligible group, per bargaining unit (PA, TC, SV, EB, and FB), will be selected to attend each Regional Conference.

An online application is available at the national website. Note the deadline for applications is September 17th. If you have any questions or would like more information regarding the upcoming round of TB bargaining, contact your Regional Office.

Bargaining with CRA starts soon and we’re ready!

Our negotiating team has been getting fully prepared for the first bargaining session with the Canada Revenue Agency.

The nine members of our negotiating team, which includes the PSAC negotiator and PSAC research officer, met August 24 and 25 to review our demands and establish priorities based on input from our members. The team also considered current bargaining trends in today’s difficult economic climate and worked out their bargaining strategy for this round.

The union and employer teams are scheduled to meet from September 20 to October 1 in a concentrated effort to achieve an early settlement before the agreement expires on October 31. An additional nine days in October have also been set aside to continue this process.

Our Locals have also been gearing for this round of bargaining. We need them to be prepared and ready because our team depends on the support of all of our members.

We’re committed to keeping you informed – once bargaining begins, we’ll be issuing regular bulletins to keep you up to date.

For bargaining news visit the PSAC national website and sign up for email updates at No CRA e-mail addresses please.

The program of demands and input call for Treasury Board Bargaining has been posted at the national website.

PSAC is also conducting an online bargaining survey to allow members to weigh in on the bargaining priorities set out in the program of demands. Members who fill out the survey will receive a $25 gift certificate for PSAC merchandise from Cavan Advertising’s online boutique.

After more than three weeks of being locked out members of UCTE/PSAC Local 20221, Fueller Supervisors and Admin Group, ratified their first Collective Agreement on August 11th. They returned to work today.

The 21 members, who provide fuelling and administrative support, perform safety monitoring, and calculate fuel loads at YVR, were locked out by Servisair, a large Paris-based corporation, on July 19th. Theyshowed great solidarity and determination picketing and leafleting at the airport.

In an effort to avoid negotiations the company employed numerous delaying tactics – after over a week of Servisair’s refusal to negotiate PSAC filed a bad faith bargaining complaint on August 9th.

Representatives from the company finally returned to the bargaining table late in the afternoon of August 10th and presented members with an offer.

Members fought hard under challenging circumstances against a very difficult employer, and appreciate the support at the picket line and via email that fellow PSAC members at the airport and across the Province have provided over the last three weeks.


Servisair bargaining update: Aug 6th

Servisair on the line

Servisair on the line

After spending the weekend picketing, PSAC members began leafleting workers and the public at the airport, warning them of possible flight delays and encouraging them to call ahead prior to traveling.

After spending the weekend at home, Servisair representatives returned to Vancouver on Tuesday August 3rd and informed the bargaining team they had left some of their documents at home. They finally presented the team with a second “best and final” – which actually contained less than the previous offer – and have since not been heard from.

Servisair are no longer returning phone calls from the Union or from the mediator.

In the meantime PSAC has taken out advertisements in local papers, warning the public of possible delays and members continue to picket and leaflet at the airport. A blanket leaflet action is planned for tomorrow, with help from some of the other unions at the airport.

PSAC is examining legal means of forcing Servisair back to the table to bargain in good faith, and we are also investigating reports of serious health and safety violations at the airport and discussing these with Transport Canada.

Vancouver – The union representing Vancouver International Airport refueling supervisors and administrative personnel locked out by employer Servisair says flight delays continue and the public should take note.

The lockout, imposed by Servisair on July 19, has caused major flight delays and the employer’s refusal to negotiate a first collective agreement inconveniences the public and airline companies, says Kay Sinclair, PSAC Regional Executive Vice President.

“We’ve begun an advertising campaign to let the travelling public know that the continued lockout of our members impacts departure times at Vancouver International Airport,” said Sinclair. “We strongly recommend travelers flying out of Vancouver check the airport website – – or contact their airline to get the latest information.”

Sinclair points out that legal documents Servisair filed with the Canadian Industrial Relations Board show that “Air Canada advised Servisair that it could not afford a repeat” of delays experienced the day the lockout started and that United, KLM, Continental, Cathay Pacific, Air New Zealand, US Airways and Air North all reported fuelling delays.

“It’s clear that you cannot replace veteran YVR refueling supervisors with replacement workers from outside the area and expect this complicated scheduling to be maintained,” said Sinclair. “Our members are very frustrated that Servisair – a Paris-based multinational corporation – does not care what happens at Vancouver International Airport.”


PSAC members of the Servisair Fuellers Supervisory and Admin group, UCTE Local 20221, ended a second week of being locked out by their employer, a Paris-based company, in high spirits despite the employer’s reluctance to return to the bargaining table in a timely fashion. The weather has been good, and there’s plenty of propane for the barbeque!

The workers were locked out on Monday, July 19th and the bargaining team had a response to the very few outstanding issues left on the table prepared the next day, Tuesday the 20th. With the assistance of a mediator, the employer promised our bargaining team an offer they termed a “last and final offer” on Friday the 23rd, then delayed until Monday, and the offer finally appeared on Tuesday the 26th – a full week after receiving the Unions proposal.

After holding a membership meeting, PSAC responded to this offer, and was ready to meet with the employer on Wednesday the 27th. The employer agreed to meet the next day.

Our team was then very disappointed to hear the employer had decided to take the weekend off and would not be returning to the table until Tuesday, August 3rd.

Members have decided not to take the weekend off, and will continue to picket at YVR.

Here are a few photos from the picket line …

Tonight, at approximately at 22:25 hours our Union received notice that the Employer intends to lockout members at GlobeGround/Servisair effective 00:01 Monday July 19, 2010.

In spite of this set back, our Union remains committed to reaching a negotiated first agreement and we have asked the Federal Mediator to convene another bargaining session at 17:00 hours on Friday July 16.

A bargaining update meeting will be held at #113-5200 Miller Road this Saturday July 17, at 12:00 noon. This is a very important meeting and all members are strongly encouraged to attend.

The Union met with the Company in mediation on Monday July 12.  The employer provided only a few responses to some of the Union’s proposals, but was unable to agree or respond to most of our package.  The employer chose to spend all of Tuesday July 13, working on further responses to the Union.

As the deadline for a possible Strike/Lockout approaches, we recognize that members are concerned about what this will mean. Please be assured that the Union’s bargaining committee remain committed to reaching an agreement before the time expires 12:01 July 17, 2010.

In the event of a Strike/Lockout either party is legally required to give the 72 hours notice of their intentions to do so. At that time, the Union will notify you of our Strike/Lockout headquarters office where you can report for a membership meeting and schedule for picket duty.

If there is a Strike/Lockout, for those members who work in the Fuelers bargaining unit no strike action will be authorized. You will have to continue to work under the terms of your collective agreement and the Canada Labour Code. This means you will have to report to work and perform your usual duties. However, section 94 of the Canada Labour Code and the collective agreement both provide that you have the right to refuse to perform struck work.  If a member is concerned for their safety in crossing a picket line, the employer has to provide an escort to ensure your safety.

At this time solidarity is very important for all PSAC members who work for GlobeGround Fuel Services/Servisair. We need to work collectively to send a clear message to the employer that we are a strong group of union members.

For more information contact Janelle Ho-Shing at 604.430.5631.

Regular updates will be posted at or

Click here to download a PDF poster: The-Right-to-Refuse-struck-work-final2

PSAC and CRA exchanged bargaining demands today and in BC members plantgated worksites with a leaflet promoting the UTE email update service. Download the leaflet here (.pdf).

Your CRA BC Regional Strike Committee:

  • Pamela Abbott, UTE Regional Vice-President and Bargaining Team member
  • Robert Hume, UTE Alternate Regional Vice-President
  • Kurt Munger, UTE 20002
  • Alex Cook, UTE 20003
  • Terry Ruyter, UTE 20007
  • Sharon Hickey, UTE 20026
  • Janet Graham, UTE 20027
  • Wayne Little, UTE 20028
  • Johann Ackermann, UTE 20029
  • Richard Hyatt, UTE 20050

Check back here at the regional website, or sign up for email bargaining updates at the UTE website and keep up to date with CRA Bargaining!

Negotiations for the renewal of the collective agreement between PSAC/UNDE Local 1018 (Comox) and IMP Limited will commence Tuesday July 6th. The parties meet again on Wednesday July 7th. Lloyd Barrow, Grant Golem and Alex Martell are the Local representatives on the PSAC negotiating team. The PSAC negotiator is Dave Jackson.

PSAC members who work for IMP Comox perform first and second level maintenance activities on Comorant helicopters. Some of these workers are employed as technicians, crew chiefs, maintenance planners, storespersons and administrative assistant.

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