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The Canadian Human Rights Act recognizes environmental sensitivities as a disability, therefore, they must be considered as any other medical condition. More and more employees report having adverse reactions to substances commonly found in the workplace environment.  Products such as perfumes, certain foods, certain cleaning or latex products, can trigger reactions in some people from mild to serious.

Under the Canada Labour Code, Part II, managers and employees alike are responsible collaboratively for the health and safety of others in the workplace and are expected to work together in finding solutions to reduce/eliminate or prevent incidents from occurring in the workplace.

“What are your obligations under the Canadian Human Rights Act and the Canada Labour Code, Part II?”

Employees with environmental sensitivities: You have the responsibility to inform your manager/supervisor.

Managers/Supervisors: Once informed by your employee, you have the Duty to Accommodate, and the responsibility to take corrective measures. You are expected to work in collaboration with your  employee and your workplace OHS Committee to find corrective measures and implement them expeditiously.

Employees: Once you have been informed by your manager, it is your duty to follow the corrective measures put in place by the manager.

New posters have been designed to alert employees to the presence of a co-worker that has a sensitivity – download them here (pdf): peanuts, scents, latex.

Federal Health & Safety Committee Training – delivered by the BC Federation of Labour Health & Safety Centre

  • Maritime Labour Centre, 1880 Triumph Street
  • June 1 & 2, 2010 – 8:30 am–4:30 pm
  • Course Cost: $150.00 for 2 days

This two-day course aims to prepare workers in the Federal jurisdiction to play an active and confident role on their workplace Joint OH&S Committees.

Participants will discuss and develop strategies to improve working conditions through the Joint Committee structure. They will review relevant legislation, principles of control along with processes and strategies for inspections and investigations. The legal requirements for the development and implementation of hazard prevention programs in workplaces under Federal jurisdiction is also reviewed.

To register or for more information contact the BC Fed Health and Safety Centre toll free at 1-888-223-5669, 604-430-1421 in Vancouver, or visit

Why is occupational health & safety training essential?

It saves lives. British Columbia workers go to their grave each year as a direct result of workplace hazards. More die annually from cancer and other diseases caused by hazardous workplace exposures.

It prevents injuries and illnesses. Thousands suffer workplace injuries or develop work-related illnesses each year in BC. In 2008 there were 160 accepted fatality claims and 2.8 million total days lost from work due to injury and illness.

It is a sound economic and social investment. Injuries, occupational illnesses and fatalities affect the bottom line of any business – the average lost-time injury in BC costs $98,000 and the social costs associated with pain and suffering experienced by affected workers, their families and their communities can never be adequately gauged.

The BC Federation of Labour has just released their Occupational Health & Safety course schedule for the spring/summer. Visit for  course descriptions and more information.

via The Public Compensation Coalition

Our brothers and sisters from the United Steelworkers Union have completed a very moving video on the devastating effects of asbestos and the impact that changes to the WCB legislation have had upon those suffering from this disease. They have posted an excerpt from that video on youtube. It features the 2009 Day of Mourning event that was attended by the many PSAC delegates in Vancouver for the National Convention …

The conference application deadline approaches …

On behalf of the BC Regional H&S Organizing Committee I am pleased to inform you of the upcoming 2009 BC PSAC Regional Triennial Health and Safety Conference. We would like to encourage members active in Health and Safety and members who share an interest in Health and Safety issues to attend.

We hope to have 55 participants representing all areas of the region and all aspects of our union. I am sending you this application form to be completed by members wishing to attend the 2009 H&S Conference.

Please note that a registration fee of fifty dollars ($50.00) is required from all conference participants.

If Locals have difficulties sending members because of financial constraints, please contact the PSAC Victoria Regional Office as we may be able to assist you.

The theme of this years conference, Participation And Workplace Prevention is intended to be of interest to those who wish to contribute to improving Health and Safety in their workplaces.

In Solidarity, James Little, Regional Representative Health and Safety

Q: What is the definition of “to work alone or in isolation?”

A: “To work alone or in isolation” is defined as working in circumstances where assistance would not be readily available to the worker (a) in case of an emergency, or (b) in case the worker is injured or in ill health.

The following document, a series of frequently asked questions prepared by the BC Fed may be useful if anyone has any questions concerning the new BC Occupational Safety and Health Regulation – New Requirement Part 4 – Working Alone Regulation. Download the working alone or in isolation FAQs here (pdf).

health and safety bc fedUpcoming courses put on by the BC Federation of Labour Health & Safety Centre. For more information, course descriptions or registration call the Fed @ 604-430-1421, 1-888-BCFL NOW or visit There is an $85 registration fee for most courses.

  • Accident/Incident Investigations OHS Course Cranbrook – Feb 21
  • Workplace Ergonomics OHS Course Fernie – Feb 22
  • Basic OHS Course Greater Vancouver – Feb 26
  • Basic OHS Course Nanaimo – Feb 27
  • Prevention of Violence in the Workplace OHS Course Victoria – Feb 28
  • Workplace Ergonomics OHS Course Parksville – Mar 4
  • Basic OHS Course Campbell River – Mar 5
  • Basic OHS Course Salmon Arm – Mar 6
  • Accident/Incident Investigations OHS Course Revelstoke – Mar 7
  • Accident/Incident Investigations OHS Course Surrey – Mar 7
  • Prevention of Violence in the Workplace OHS Course Greater Vancouver – Mar 11
  • Workplace Toxins OHS Course Greater Vancouver – Mar 12
  • Basic OHS Course Powell River – Mar 13
  • Basic OHS Course Kimberley – Mar 14
  • Stress in the Workplace OHS Course Victoria – Mar 25
  • Accident/Incident Investigations OHS Course Duncan – Mar 26
  • Advanced OHS Course Greater Vancouver – Mar 28
  • Workplace Ergonomics OHS Course Chilliwack – Mar 31
  • Whole Body Vibration OHS Course Greater Vancouver – Apr 2
  • Workplace Ergonomics OHS Course Greater Vancouver – Apr 3
  • Accident/Incident Investigations OHS Course Nanaimo – Apr 8
  • Stress in the Workplace OHS Course Surrey – Apr 14
  • Basic OHS Course Abbotsford – Apr 17
  • Advanced OHS Course Victoria – Apr 21
  • Basic OHS Course Courtenay – Apr 23
  • Advanced OHS Course Parksville – Apr 24
  • Accident/Incident Investigations OHS Course Creston – Apr 29
  • Accident/Incident Investigations OHS Course Prince George – May 1
  • Basic OHS Course Prince George – May 1
  • Advanced OHS Course Prince George – May 1
  • Workplace Ergonomics OHS Course Prince George – May 1
  • Whole Body Vibration OHS Course Victoria – May 6
  • Workplace Ergonomics OHS Course Surrey – May 9
  • Stress in the Workplace OHS Course Greater Vancouver – May 12
  • Accident/Incident Investigations OHS Course Powell River – May 15
  • Accident/Incident Investigations OHS Course Chilliwack – May 20
  • Prevention of Violence in the Workplace OHS Course Nanaimo – May 22
  • Accident/Incident Investigations OHS Course Greater Vancouver – Jun 4
  • Accident/Incident Investigations OHS Course Campbell River – Jun 5
  • Accident/Incident Investigations OHS Course Abbotsford – Jun 9

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