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PSAC Mainland BC Human Rights Committee Meeting

  • Monday, February 7,  2011, 5:30 – 8:30 p.m.
  • PSAC Vancouver Regional Office
  • 200-5238 Joyce St., Vancouver, B.C. (Buzz 200 to enter)


  1. Election of Delegate and Observer to the BC Regional Convention

If you would like to join the meeting by conference call, please contact Regina Brennan by February 4 via e-mail: or by phone at: 604-430-5631 or toll-free at:    1-800-663-1655 for conference call-in codes. Download copy of HRC poster at Mainland HRC poster_Feb7_final

Public Service Alliance of CanadaVancouver Regional Office

#200-5238 Joyce St., Vancouver, BC, V5R 6C9 Ph: 604-430-5631 or toll-free: 1-800-663-1655



In attendance:

GUESTS:  Doug Connell, Infocus Rehabilitation Services, Lynn McCay, Literacy Victoria





Meeting Convened 5:35 PM

1. Guest Speaker:

Lynn McCay from Literacy Victoria and Douglas Connell from Infocus Rehabilitation Services presented to the committee a presentation on the services that Victoria Literacy Provides and the funding cuts that are affecting their operations.

Literacy Victoria is a free service that is provided to Adults.

Lynn provided the following alarming statistics:

  • 48 percent of adults in Canada are below a basic reading level.
  • 40% ( 1 million) of adults in BC do not have a proper level of literacy.

Literacy Victoria provides free services such as Tutor-Learner Partnerships. Tutors and learners are matched according to each others set of skills, personalities, etc. Lynn discussed that many people with literary deficiencies cannot even read the sign for Literacy Victoria and therefore that basic kill in being able to identify that resource for help is a barrier to those who need assistance.

Lynn went on to discuss the Outreach Program where a movie night is held. This provides a safe non-judgmental environment for people to come and network and socialize together.

Lynn went on to discuss a Pilot Group who hopefully will help in the medical field. The Program is called Health Literacy. The pilot group consists of a physician, medical assistant, a learner, a tutor and the program coordinator. The goal is to hopefully identify literacy issues, even when a patient is hiding their deficiencies.

Lynn went on to discuss that Free Camosun College Programs are offered at Literacy Victoria. These programs are prepatory programs that help the learner work towards qualifying for College Level Programs.

Lynn discussed another program called the Essential Skills and Workforce Literacy Pilot Project, It is a program where it is a literacy based employment program where learners are provided with skills and support for entry level positions with local employers involved in the project.If successful, this program could go Canada Wide due to the fact that the program is funded federally.

Lynn discussed that though these programs are well funded, substantial cuts under a separate budget that relies on provincial funding has been impacted for Core Operational costs. For the first time in 20 years of service, Literacy Victoria has had to start a waitlist for potential learners.Literacy Victoria needs more tutors to help meet the demand for tutor services.Staff have been cut to 4 days a week. and are staggering their days off, so that the doors can remain open as much as possible.

Lynn and Doug then fielded questions from the committee. Some committee members were able to contribute their own experiences with this subject.

Speaker Ended 6:35 PM


Meeting reconvened  6:45 PM

2. Previous Minutes: Request for Correction to Date of Previous Meeting  Moved: Michael Seconded: Paul Carried : All

3. Terms of Reference

The committee discussed the Terms of Reference. Clarification is needed to the role of Equity Seeking Council Members on the PSACBC Regional Council. Mandi commented that we have also 2 Regional Coordinators for South Island and they represent all PSAC Members not specific to any equity seeking group.

The Committee agreed that the Terms of Reference Committee will meet with Dave to discuss TOR concerns and include Garry Fraser, Staff Resource Person to find out what the Mainland Committee is doing around this subject.

Mandi inquired about the delegate status to Convention. Cindy and James confirmed that it is PSAC Regional Convention that we have delegate status to.

4. Banner

The committee agreed that a new banner would be a good investment to promote the VIHRC. The committee agreed that the winning logo would be on the banner. The committee discussed possibilities in the type of banner that was needed. The committee agreed that Michael and Mark will work on costing.

5. Logo Contest

The committee agreed that we will move forward and announce the Logo Contest. We agreed that we will follow the same guidelines as the Area Council and Health and Safety Committee. It was agreed that Paul will email Patrick to promote this logo contest and that Rosemary will also be approached to share our logo contest with Island Members.

6. Pride Parade:

Paul thanked everyone for their participation in the parade and discussed that next year he would like to emphasize Victoria at Pride.

7. Banking

The committee agreed that an account with Community Savings was a good idea and we would approach Virginia to invite a bank representative to do the paperwork. We were very excited about our 500.00 seed money.It was agreed that we would like Rosemary to be a signer on the account. Mandi stated that there should be at least 3 signers to cover off holidays, etc

8. Medical and Dental Leave

Mandi briefly discussed that the new TBS policy was impacting members all over. She discussed that we are awaiting on a legal opinion from the PSAC.

In the meantime, Mandi discussed that Duty to Accommodate grievances can and should be filed as grievances pave the way to changing the Collective Agreement.Even if the grievances are deemed invalid, it is still a headache for management and they will be at least forced to look at each situation on its own merits.

Mandi also provided to the committee (with thanks to the RO for their support) Duty to Accommodate information as well as a educational document produced by the PSAC. This document can be used in grievances as well.

9. Furniture-Duty to Accommodate

James provided documentation as a local tool that can be used to show that Ergonomic Furniture and Equipment can be transferred to your new federal workplace regardless of which department purchased it.

Next Meeting: October 29, 2009, 5:00 PM

PSAC Human Rights Committee Meeting, Vancouver Regional Office, 16 June 2009 6:00pm 7:15pm

In Attendance:

  • CHIMA, Sargy
  • MUNDY, Wanda (Minutes)
  • DALMAN, Sylvia
  • SHUDO, Tracy (Conference)
  • HOLMES, Pat (Conference)
  • WILSON, Deanne

Regional Office:

  • Patrick Bragg, Reg Communications Officer
  • Garry Fraser, Regional Rep


  • Marie DeCaire

Members arrived from 5:30 to 5:45pm dinner (fabulous salmon burger barbeque provided and cooked by brother Garry Fraser) was served. While we were eating, sister DeCaire provided an explanation of how the Human Rights Committee Bank Account is being set up. The meeting was called to order at 6:00pm by brother Garry Fraser in view of the designated Chair (Alexander Bishop) being absent due to illness.

Continue reading below, or download the PSAC BC Human Rights Committee meeting, June 16th, minutes (pdf)


  • Survey Discussed at Previous (May) Meeting
  • Aboriginal Day 21 June What We Can Do
  • Re-vist of Future Plans (will be actively discussed in September)
  • Tips on Chairing Meetings
  • Set Date of Next Meeting After Summer Break (17 Sept)
  • Round Table Discussion

1. Attention was given to brother Patrick Braggs presentation of the Survey he had composed as a result of our last (May) meeting. Following a brief discussion sister Sargy Chima suggested adding what is now question #4 How often should the HRC hold meetings ?!? with choices given of either monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly.

Another brief discussion resulted in brother Braggs suggestion to send the survey (for checkingamendmentssuggestions, etc.) to those who had attended the May meeting during which the Survey was initially discussed. This has since been done (Thursday, 18 June) with a request that any/all responses be in by 30 June. The Survey will then be sent to the list of self-IDd members. Results will be dis-cussed and actioned at the September meeting.

2. A brief discussion was held regarding Aboriginal Day events we might attend. It was noted that this day (Sunday, 21 June) is also Fathers Day. However, sister Mundy spoke of 1) the Pow-Wow that is held annually at Trout Lake, and also of 2) the Vancouver branch of the National Aboriginal Friendship Centre Society (located at Commercial & Hastings) where Aboriginal Day events are held in the evening of 21 June to accommodate all who celebrate Fathers Day earlier in the day. Brother Fraser also offered to contact employees of various involved agencies and send out via e-Mail any information regarding other Aboriginal Day activities.

3. Brother Fraser re-visited the subject of future planning to get an idea of just what sort of eventsspeakers might be possible so that he could gather information in readiness for the next meeting.

4. Brother Fraser had got some cheat sheet pamphlets to distribute to all of us for those interested in learning to Chair a meeting in the future.

5. Brother Fraser also had obtained posters and door cards for both Aboriginal Day and all other Human Rights issues. Some were taken by those attending the meeting and brother Fraser agreed to send out the remaining ones to those who requested a supply via e-Mail.

6. Round Table sister Mundy spoke of Beats On Broadway a once-a-month coffee house event, held at the Mt Pleasant Neighbourhood House on the 3rd Friday of each month, from 7:30 to 10:00pm. MCd by Earle Peach (director of the Solidarity Notes Choir), folks of all ages are welcome (there is no alcohol served) to either participate as performers, or as audience according to their abilities and/or preferences.

Sister Deanna Wilson raised an issue of interest regarding what appears to have been a contravention of the Staffing Procedure in her workplace.

7. The date of the next meeting (which will be the annual Barbeque & Potluck) was set for 17 September and the meeting was adjourned at 7:15pm.

Submitted By: Wanda Mundy Recording Secretary

April 12, 2007 BC Human Rights Committee Meeting Minutes

In attendance: Tracy (Chair), Craig, Carol (food), Kim, Deanna, Rhonda, Monica (minutes).

1. HRC minutes (name) – members will be asked at every meeting in terms of names listed in attendance

2. Previous minutes – m/s/c Craig, Carol

Continue reading below or download the BC Human Rights Committee minutes, April 12 2007 (pdf)


PSAC-BC Human Rights Committee – Minutes of March 15, 2007 meeting

In attendance

  • Vancouver RO: Carol Pegura (chair), Kim Forster, Alexander Bishop, Sanda Turner, Monica Urrutia (PSAC staff – minutes)
  • via teleconference: Floyd Knelsen
  • Regrets: Sargy Chima, Carolyn McGillivray, Todd Harding, Craig Langston

Continue reading below, or download the PSAC BC Human Rights Committee meeting minutes – March 15 2007 (pdf)


PSACBC Human Rights Committee Minutes of January 16, 2007 meeting

In attendance

  • Vancouver RO: Tracy Shudo (chair), Deanna Wilson (food), Sanda Turner, Carol Pegura, Rhonda Brain, Kim Forster (minutes), Sargy Chima, Jack Seto, Bruce Clark, Monica Urrutia (PSAC staff)
  • via teleconference: Floyd Knelsen
  • Regrets: Carolyn McGillivray, Val Hargreaves, Sid Wong, Todd Harding, Craig Langston, Steve Houston, Paul Jones, Rodney Hynes
  • N.B. Steve Houston, Paul Jones and Rodney Hynes contacted Monica and explained why they were unable to participate in the meeting.

Continue reading below or download the BC Human Rights Committee minutes, January 16 2007 (pdf)


Minutes of the November 8th, 2006, BC-PSAC HRC Meeting

  • Chair: Carol Pegura
  • Minutes: Kim Forster
  • Food: Tracey
  • Staff Rep: Monica Urrutia
  • In Attendance: Tracey, Rhonda, Carol, Deanna, Kim, Craig, Vicki [Hugo], Joanne, Marshall, Ethel, Diane, Linda, Sanda, Floyd (on teleconference).
  • Guest Speakers: Harry Monk – Director BC Region of the Canadian Human Rights Commission, Rhonda Brain – PSAC member,Paul Tubbe – City of Vancouver Advisory Committee on Disability Issues

Continue reading below, or download BC Human Rights Committee minutes, Nomember 8 2006 (.pdf)


BC Human Rights Committee – Minutes of Oct 17th, 2006 meeting

In attendance:

  • Vancouver RO: Tracy Shudo (chair), Deanna Wilson (food), Agnes Lui, Sanda Turner, Craig Langston, Monica Urrutia (PSAC staff – minutes), Regina Brennan (staff, guest), Barbara Jackson (guest)
  • Via teleconference: Floyd Knelsen, Todd Harding


  • Sargy Chima, Carol Pegura, Carolyn McGillivray, Val Hargreaves, Kim Forster, Sid Wong, Terri Lee

Continue reading below or download the BC Human Rights Committee minutes, October 17 2006 (pdf). |inline

BC Human Rights Committee Meeting Minutes, September 20, 2006

In Attendance: Tracy, Sylvia, Sanda, Deanna, Carol, Kim & Craig

Regrets: Sargy, Rex, Carolyn, Lana, Todd, Floyd, Rodney & Katie

Download the BC Human Rights Committee minutes, Sept 20 2006 (pdf) or continue reading below.


BC Human Rights Committee Minutes of May 10, 2006 meeting

In attendance:

  • Vancouver RO: Tracy Shudo (chair), Sanda Turner, Rex Go, Deanna Wilson, Parveen Deepak, Monica Urrutia (PSAC staff – minutes)
  • via teleconference: Floyd Knelsen, Todd Harding, Craig Langston, Carolyn McGillivray

Regrets: Sargy Chima (there were telephone difficulties), Mandi Schubert, Katie Kassam, Carol Pegura, Ravinder Kunar

Download the May 10th BC Human Rights Committee meeings minutes, or continue reading below.


Minutes of the HR Committee April 5, 2006
Present Deanna, Kim, Carol, Sanda and Francine

Meeting called to order at 18:06


Discussion on how the process of becoming a delegate at any of our Conferences or coming Convention is done as well as being an observer.

Discuss on the Following items that are on the list of Resolutions for the Triennial Convention that our Observer needs to do Observers job on behalf of our committee. Carol has been selected to represent our committee as an observer.

Continue reading below or download the April 5th, 2006 BC Human Rights Committee meeting minutes (pdf).


BC Human Rights Committee Minutes of February 8, 2006 meeting

In attendance:

  • in Vancouver RO: Craig Langston (chair), Carol Pegura, Kim Forster, Monica Urrutia (PSAC staff – did minutes for this meeting)
  • via teleconference: Sargy Chima, Kathleen Kassam, Floyd Knelsen, Bruce Clark
  • via teleconference in Victoria RO: Mandi Schubert, Pat Maxwell, Randi Mutz, Louise Richard, Beverly Johnson
  • Regrets: Deanna Wilson, Terri Lee, Carolyn McGillivray, Sanda Turner, Steve Houston

Download the HRC meeting minutes pdf document or read more below.


PSAC-BC Human Rights Committee Meeting, Thursday, January 12, 2006

In Attendance: Monica (staff), Kim, Carol (minutes), Tracy (chair), Craig, Sanda, Parveen, Deanna (food), Velna. By telephone: Floyd, Mandi (VIHRC), Kate Kassam (VIHRC), Louise Richard (VIHRC), Beverly Johnson (VIHRC)

Regrets: Lana M., Teresa W., Kay S., Francine B., Lucero B., Christine D.

Tracy opened the meeting, and we had a round of introductions.


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