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May 17 is the International Day Against Homophobia. The Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) stands in solidarity with the lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans communities in opposition to homophobia and transphobia.

In at least 76 countries around the world, homosexuality is still illegal. Just a few months ago, activist David Kato was brutally murdered in Uganda, where a vicious anti-gay crusade is being sponsored by government. Here in Canada, discrimination in the workplace and hate crime are still all too frequent realities for GLBT persons. Recent research demonstrates alarmingly high rates of school bullying, that is disproportionately directed against young lesbians.

This year, we mark May 17 with apprehension, as the Harper Conservatives begin their majority rule. With his strong majority in hand, what will stop Harper from acting on earlier threats to abolish same-sex marriage and ban abortion? His government has already gutted federal pay equity, eliminated the Court Challenges Program, cut funding to feminist advocacy and research, and attacked many human rights groups.

Just a few months ago, we were on the verge of a major victory: Bill C-389 would have amended the Canadian Human Rights Act and the Criminal Code to better protect the rights of transgender persons. PSAC, the CLC, Egale and several other organizations actively supported Bill C-389. The Bill was adopted by the House of Commons and was waiting to be examined by the Senate, when the Parliament was dissolved and elections were called.

Today, the perspective of winning back Bill C-389 is faint, even though we should remain optimistic in the long term. Indeed, Bill Siksay and the NDP, with the support of the other opposition parties, have laid the ground work to proceed quickly with the adoption of a similar bill when there will be a change of government.

Today, more than ever, it is important that we stand strong and proud, staunch allies in defense of the human rights of all of our brothers and our sisters.

via CEIU Local 20901

CEIU Local 20901 is proud to host our first Pride in Public Service Pub Night.

CEIU 20901 (Library Square) is happy to invite all LGBT staff and friends to the first Vancouver LGBT Public Service Pub Night – We hope to make it a regular monthly event, where we can all come together and show pride inside and outside of our workplaces, network, and (most of all) have fun.

  • What: Pub Night
  • Where: The Fountainhead Pub* @ 1025 Davie Street, Vancouver (near the corner of Davie & Burrard, across from Celebrities & next to the community garden)
  • When: Fri Mar 18/11 from 5:00-9:00
  • Why: To support Pride in the workplace, meet Public Service LGBT staff, a chance to network with others from various Unions & dept’s; and most of all, to have fun!!!

More details in the poster – please download and post!



Bill C-389 could get through Parliament next week but we need your help to get it there.

Bill Siksay’s private member’s bill in support of trans human rights passed a report stage vote by only 12 votes in December. Fundamentalist and right-wing groups are flooding MPs’ inboxes, opposing this crucial piece of human rights legislation.

The bill will get its final hour of debate on Monday, February 7 at 11:00 am. It will be voted on at Third Reading on Wednesday February 9, 2011 between 5:30 and 6:00 pm.

This is the third time that Siksay, the MP for Burnaby/Douglas and the GLBT critic for the NDP, has attempted to pass legislation that would add gender identity and gender expression as prohibited grounds of discrimination under the Canadian Human Rights Act and federal hate crime laws.


via email to: Self-ID’d PSAC members in BC, Youth Caucus, Human Rights Committee

B.C. Regional Triennial Convention – May 13-15, 2011 – Public Services Not Private Profits

The 5th B.C. Regional Triennial Convention of the Public Service Alliance of Canada will be held at the Four Seasons Hotel Vancouver, 791 West Georgia Street, Vancouver, from Friday, May 13th to Sunday, May 15th, 2011. For more information, visit the regional website –

As per the BC Regional Council by-laws, one delegate to Convention will be elected from each of the following equity groups:

  • racially visible
  • aboriginal
  • lesbian, gay, transgendered, bisexual
  • members with a disability

And three delegates will be elected from amongst youth members, under the age of 30. For more information, see the BC Regional Council by-laws.

Download the nomination form for these delegate positions here. Note the nominations deadline is January 17 2010. Please completed fax nomination forms to (604) 430 0194, or return via email to Mail-out ballots will be sent out once the nominations have been closed.

PSAC members marched with Pride in Vancouver on Sunday August 1st.  This year, the Multi-Union Pride entry, which won the prize for “Captivating Community Cluster”, took inspiration from Vancouver Pride’s “educate, liberate and celebrate” theme. MUP educated last year, liberated this year, and next year they’ll celebrate!

PSAC BC also hosted a Think Public booth at the Pride Festival at Sunset Beach. PSAC members and the public stopped by to play “Spot The Public Service” and learn about the work PSAC members do. We also gathered over 300 signatures on our long form census petition.

Read more for some photos …


PSAC BC has been out and about this summer promoting our Think Public, Workplace Watch and other campaigns.  Here are some photos from the Surrey Pride Festival at Holland Park last July 11th.

June was a busy month around the province! Here are some photos and a video of some of the activities PSAC members participated in.

Under the theme “Step In to Something That Moves You” PSAC women activists, old and new, joined together at the 2010 BC Regional Women’s Conference in Vancouver. They heard from guest speakers and held discussions and workshops on a variety of topics including childcare, women and pensions, pay equity, work-life balance, violence against women, lobbying and political action/campaign work, and debated resolutions to be sent to the PSAC National Women’s Conference. Huge thanks to Virginia Vaillancourt for putting together a most excellent video!

In Victoria, PSAC staff and members from the South Island marched in the 2010 Pride Parade under the theme “Gay Rights are Human Rights” and hosted a booth at the festival held at MacDonald Park.

In Cumberland, a delegation of PSAC members from the Campbell River and District Area Council attended the Miners Memorial Day Weekend, where they laid a wreath to commemorate the miners who worked and lost their lives in the mines of Cumberland and other workplaces throughout BC.

Meanwhile, back on the mainland, PSAC BC hosted a Think Public! booth at the Surrey Canada Day festivities. Staff and members met with the fair goers and spoke with them about the value of strong, quality, public services and public pensions.

“Read more” for the photos and video …


2010 Pride in Labour

PSAC BC & Paul Jones, GLBT Regional Council Coordinator invites you & your families to join us in the 2010 PRIDE Parade & Festival in Victoria. “Gay Rights Are Human Rights”

When: Sunday July 4, 2010

Meet at 10 am on Broad St. (by the Victoria Events Centre) Parade Starts at 12:00 noon. Beads provided.

A family friendly event will follow at MacDonald Park. Access accommodations will be accommodated by an 18-­‐foot trailer that you may ride on. Download the poster.

May 17th is the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia. PSAC joins with LGBT activists in Canada and around the world, to call for an end to violence and discrimination against queer and trans people. We are also using the day as an opportunity to send a message to the Harper government.

Send a letter to Prime Minister Harper and let him know that we won’t let his government erode LGBT rights.

Add to PSAC’s Flickr photo stream. Take a photo of yourself with a message to the Harper government on LGBT rights. Tag it “PSACLGBT” and your image will appear on our website.

See also: Official International Day Against Homophobia website

We have just received materials developed to mark the International Day against Homophobia on Monday, May 17th. Please contact either the Vancouver Regional Office (1-800-663-1655 or 604-430-5631) or Victoria Regional Office (1-866-953-1050 or 250-953-1050) if you’d like copies.

shiny pride

The deadline for applications to attend the PSAC Pride Conference, be held March 26 to 28, 2010 in Toronto is January 20th. For more information, and online application, visit the national website.

shiny prideThe deadline for submission and registration for the 2010 PSAC National Pride Conference that will be held March 26 to 28, 2010 at the Toronto Hilton Hotel, Toronto, Ontario has been extended to January 20th, 2010.

The objectives of the 2010 PSAC National Pride Conference are to:

  • Educate, politicize and mobilize PSAC GLBT members by making the links between union, workplace and community struggles to win, to protect and to promote GLBT rights;
  • Enhance, support and promote inclusive GLBT self-organizing strategies in our Union and our workplaces;
  • Strengthen solidarity amongst PSAC members, and to develop a strong collaboration between the PSAC, GLBT organizations and other human rights organizations.

PSAC members in good standing and who also identify as being from the GLBT communities may apply to this conference. Priority will be given to members who are active on GLBT issues in their union or workplace. Priority will also be given to community activist on GLBT issues. The selection of delegates will take into account representation such as Region, Component, language, gender and other equity groups.

For more information visit the national website.

REGISTRATION DEADLINE: Friday, January 20, 2010 4:00 p.m. EST
RESOLUTIONS SUBMISSION DEADLINE : Friday, January 20, 2010 4:00 p.m. EST

posted on behalf of Paul Jones, BC Regional Council

The season of PRIDE festivities for 2009 are over and as the PRIDE Coordinator for the PSACBC Regional Council I am sending a huge thank you to all my Brothers and Sisters who made this year’s events a success. In particular I would like to thank the Victoria crew of Mandi Schubert (CEIU, VIHRC Member), Michael Doerfler (CEIU, VIHRC Member), Virginia Vaillancourt (UVAE, S. Vancouver Island PSACBC Geographical Coordinator), all the PSAC members who came out to march and all the staff of the Victoria Regional office for their dedication and hard work to make this happen. Many thanks Mandi for the pictures! Although numbers are mute, there were approximately 25 -30K in attendance. The labour movement in general had a strong presence this year in Victoria’s Pride Parade.

Vancouver Pride saw reported record numbers of attendees as well as floats. I would especially like to thank Angela Marafon (CRA Member, W. Fraser Valley PSACBC Regional Council Geographical Coordinator), Kay Sinclair (PSACBC REVP), Carol Pegura (EA to PSACBC REVP), the staff of the Vancouver Regional Office for the continuous support they have given to PRIDE and to all the Members who I saw while marching. Multi-Union Pride continues to bring our message to Vancouver and I would remiss not to thank the MUP Committee for all their hard work to make this happen yet again this year. Thanks too to all who attended the Pride Meet & Greet. It was a wonderful time!

Sincerely, Paul Jones, PRIDE Coordinator, PSACBC Regional Council

Photos: Pride in Vancouver

cheers to Paul Jones (BC Regional Council), Sue Neumann (CIU 20040), and Garry Fraser, PSAC Regional Rep. for these photos and report from Pride Day in Vancouver

Garry: Alison and I had our Think Public and our Student Campaign Booth set up at Sunset Beach. It was a beautiful day with a nice breeze off the ocean, and we set up early. Carol Pegura donated hundreds of buttons to our booth and they were they a big hit.We had thousands of people come by and talk and laugh, take a bandana, a fan or a button, talk about our Think Public Campaign. Alison would also talk with them about the Student Campaign and she got hundreds of signatures for the petition.BC Regional Council members Paul Jones and Angela Marafon both came by the booth after the parade and dropped off two magnificent sets of rainbow balloons which we tied down to our canopy – it looked incredible! Jack Layton dropped by and said hello and had a photo op with Angela.

Big thanks to Sue, for these photos of BSO’s marching in uniform for the first time in the parade, and Paul for the photos of the Multi-Union Pride group.

VANCOUVER Canada Border Services Officers and members of the Public Service Alliance of Canadas component, the Customs and Immigration Union, will be participating for the first time in full uniform in a Pride parade on Sunday, Aug. 2.

Steve Pellerin-Fowlie, who has been working as a Front-line Customs and Immigration Officer for 21 years, will be among those marching in full uniform during the Vancouver parade along with other members of the CIU Vancouver District Branch. Pellerin-Fowlie is also the Third National Vice-President of CIU and has been a labour activist since 1985.

Our union and the labour movement in general have always fought for human rights, equality and diversity and against discrimination of any type in all parts of society, says Pellerin-Fowlie. Our participation in the parade is another way for our union of public service workers to express continuing commitment to that struggle and solidarity with the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered (LGBT) community. We see this as a first in what we hope will be a long series of participation by our members in pride parades across Canada in years to come.


Please join PSAC and MUP at the Vancouver Pride Parade, Sunday Aug 2nd, starting at 11AM.

  • Time for Marchers to arrive: 11:00am
  • Time for the parade to start: Noon
  • Location of Multi Union Pride: Robson Street, between Thurlow and Burrard
  • Entry number for Multi Union Pride: FN4

Our entry will be similar to last year’s, so look for the arches of rainbow colour balloons! T-shirts with a Multi Union Pride log will also be available for marchers to wear.


shiny pride2009 Brings the PSACBC GLBT Members to Multi-Union Pride 2009.

Educate! Liberate! Celebrate! We are stronger in numbers!

Paul Jones, GLBT Regional Council Coordinator invites one and all to join us in this years MULTI-UNION PRIDE Celebration at this years Pride March in Vancouver.

  • When: Sunday August 2, 2009
  • Where: TBA (Marshal point on Robson Street)
  • Time: 11:00 11:30 am

Swag provided. Wear your most colourful outfit! Afterall It’s a gay affair! Download a poster (pdf).

Cheers to Mandi Schubert (CEIU 20975) for forwarding these photos! PSAC and other Union members marched with “Pride in Labour” at the Victoria Pride Celebrations, Sunday July 5th.

For more about Pride in Victoria, visit and check out the Vancouver Sun news report.

Click for the photos …


shiny prideCelebrating 40 years of freedom!

Forty years ago, it was a crime in Canada to be gay. Homosexuality was severely punished, and the police regularly raided bars and saunas to arrest and prosecute gay men, lesbians, bisexuals, transsexuals and transgendered people.

In 1969, the Criminal Code was amended, and the state was officially thrown out of the bedroom: since then, our GLBT brothers and sisters can no longer be arrested and prosecuted because of who they choose to love.

The fortieth anniversary of the decriminalization of homosexuality is an event that is important to remember and to celebrate. This historic landmark paved the way for the many significant reforms in labour law, in civil law and in human rights law that were won by GLBT activists over the years.


2009 Brings the PSAC BC in support of the Victoria Labour Council as one of this years Victoria Pride Sponsors. This year is about the visual! We are stronger in numbers!

Paul Jones, GLBT Regional Council Coordinator invites one and all to join us in this years PRIDE IN LABOUR celebration at the Victoria Pride March: Sunday July 5, 2009. We’ll be meeting@11AM on Broad St (in front of Victoria Events Centre). Beads provided. Wear your most colorful outfit! It is a gay affair!

Download the poster (pdf).

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