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Bob Jackson at the Langley City Parade

Despite the gray weather PSAC BC launched the popular “Think Public!” summer campaign at Car Free Day on Commercial Drive in Vancouver last weekend. REVP Bob Jackson marched in the Langley City Parade, and had an opportunity to meet with MP Mark Warawa to talk about how the government’s plan to cut program spending will affect public public services and the workers that provide them in Langley.

Keep an eye out at community events and festivals in your neighborhood! Over the summer PSAC BC will be attending many events such as these. Staff and members will speak to the public about the value of strong, quality public services and the impact cuts will have on them. The public will also be invited to play “Spot the Public Services” – a game designed to educate and inform around the variety and importance of the work federal public servants perform.

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Postal workers in Victoria took their turn in country-wide rotating strike actions yesterday. Members of the South Island Area Council were there to support and encourage their CUPW sisters and brothers, and members of the North Central Area Council joined delegates at the BC Federation of Labour Regional Conference in Prince George at a rally last weekend.

Check out the photos here and read about what you can do to ensure that Canada Post remains an accessible, quality public service.

Every May 1 we celebrate the many hard-fought battles and hard-won victories for workers’ rights and for social justice.

This May Day, on the eve of the federal election, we have an opportunity to achieve another victory – the election of a government that believes in workers’ rights and in their unions.

PSAC members have already seen their rights, their wages and working conditions and their pensions attacked by the Harper Conservatives. The situation won’t improve with another Conservative government.

We need a different approach. We need a government that understands the vital role of public services in our lives and our communities. We need a government that ensures seniors live in dignity with decent pensions. We need a government that supports parents by making quality, affordable child care readily available.

We want and demand a government that is prepared to put the good of its citizens before corporate profit or political gain.

On May 1, remember the changes workers have been able to achieve.

On May 2, vote for candidates who are committed to workers’ rights and public services.

Here are a few photos of the May Day events in Vancouver and Penticton.

On Tuesday, September 14, 2010 the Local Executive of UTE 20007 organized a lunch time bargaining information session for its members.

Over 70 members attended and heard from Erica Yang, PSAC Youth Outreach Worker, on her work outreaching to young workers in the PSAC. Monica Urrutia, PSAC Regional Representative, gave an overview of the current bargaining timeline, the union structure preparing for bargaining, and how members can get involved. She also fielded several questions from the membership. Here are a few photos …

Think Public on Labour Day – despite the rain!

The rain didn’t stop PSAC Area Councils and the Vancouver Island Human Rights Committee from hosting booths at events in Vancouver, Victoria, and Abbotsford. Members of other unions and the public stopped by to play a game of “Spot The Public Services” and learn about the valuable work PSAC members perform in their communities. Here are a few photos …

PSAC members marched with Pride in Vancouver on Sunday August 1st.  This year, the Multi-Union Pride entry, which won the prize for “Captivating Community Cluster”, took inspiration from Vancouver Pride’s “educate, liberate and celebrate” theme. MUP educated last year, liberated this year, and next year they’ll celebrate!

PSAC BC also hosted a Think Public booth at the Pride Festival at Sunset Beach. PSAC members and the public stopped by to play “Spot The Public Service” and learn about the work PSAC members do. We also gathered over 300 signatures on our long form census petition.

Read more for some photos …


Photo day at! Thanks to Amal Rana and Aly Kanani (President, CEIU 20901) for this report and photos from the Union Pride Celebration at Library Square in downtown Vancouver.

On Thursday, July 29th, CEIU Local 20901 held their 1st annual Union Pride Celebration at Library Square. Everyone was invited to celebrate the LGBT community. The event was also a celebration of culture and diversity. A number of people came out to mingle, enjoy wonderful food and conversation, fabulous decorations and great music. Congratulations to the local executive for such a successful event! We look forward to next year!

Cheers to Garry Fraser and Jennifer Ho (NAT 20088) for these photos and report from the PSAC Think Public booth at Surrey Fusion Festival, July 17 and 18!

PSAC BC set up a Think Public Booth at the Surrey Fusion Festival on July 17th and 18th. Many members volunteered to help promote Public Services and encourage the public to sign a petit…ion to the House of Commons urging them to reverse the decision to eliminate the mandatory long form Canada Census questionnaire.

The event was a celebration of community diversity in the second largest city in BC, Surrey. We had many good discussions with the public on why Public Services are critical for Canada. Many people played our game of spot the Public Service and were given a Think Public prize.


June was a busy month around the province! Here are some photos and a video of some of the activities PSAC members participated in.

Under the theme “Step In to Something That Moves You” PSAC women activists, old and new, joined together at the 2010 BC Regional Women’s Conference in Vancouver. They heard from guest speakers and held discussions and workshops on a variety of topics including childcare, women and pensions, pay equity, work-life balance, violence against women, lobbying and political action/campaign work, and debated resolutions to be sent to the PSAC National Women’s Conference. Huge thanks to Virginia Vaillancourt for putting together a most excellent video!

In Victoria, PSAC staff and members from the South Island marched in the 2010 Pride Parade under the theme “Gay Rights are Human Rights” and hosted a booth at the festival held at MacDonald Park.

In Cumberland, a delegation of PSAC members from the Campbell River and District Area Council attended the Miners Memorial Day Weekend, where they laid a wreath to commemorate the miners who worked and lost their lives in the mines of Cumberland and other workplaces throughout BC.

Meanwhile, back on the mainland, PSAC BC hosted a Think Public! booth at the Surrey Canada Day festivities. Staff and members met with the fair goers and spoke with them about the value of strong, quality, public services and public pensions.

“Read more” for the photos and video …


The UN General Assembly has designated June 23rd – World Public Services Day – to celebrate the value and virtue of public service to the community and to encourage young people to pursue careers in the public sector.

National President John Gordon, NVP Patty Ducharme, REVP BC Kay Sinclair, REVP North Jean-François Des Lauriers, REVP Atlantic Jeannie Baldwin, CEIU National President Jeanette Meunier-McKay, and UTE National President Betty Bannon are in Vancouver attending the International Trade Union Confederation World Congress. They joined many other PSAC members and elected officers at a rally commemorating World Public Services Day where they heard messages of Solidarity from labour leaders from around the world and rallied for strong public services. Formed in 2006, ITUC represents 175 million workers through its 311 affiliated organizations within 155 countries and territories. Here are a few photos …

Public services build a sustainable world

The voices of Public Services International members are being raised from the streets of Europe to international trade union and government meetings in Canada this month.

The message is loud and clear: workers and their trade unions reject public spending cuts that reduce the wages, pensions and social programmes that families and communities rely on. Working people must not be made to pay any further to bail out banks and speculators.

Public Service International general secretary Peter Waldorff says, “Budget deficits and debts must not be used as an excuse to cut public services. This simply opens the way to privatizing desperately-needed public programmes, and will only further benefit financial profiteers at the expense of working people.”


Cheers to Paul Jones, BC Regional Council for these photos & report from the No Prorogue rally, January 23rd in Victoria

Here are some photos from the event here in Victoria that Virginia (Vaillancourt, also on the Regional Council) and I attended. We had amazing numbers and the anger and enthusiasm was a huge surprise. The theme that ran deep was that Canadians do care about what happens in their country and that the Afghan abuse scandal is weighing heavy around what Harper has done to avoid his governments accountability to parliament and the people of Canada. We are such spirited citizens of this country. Everyone should take the time to “care”. It is OUR country!

PSAC Photos: November

It’s been a busy month! Here few photos taken at recent events …

On November 5th, BC members Robert Strang and Tom Hopkins happened to be in Ottawa where they joined a large rally in support of striking PSAC members at the Museum of Civilization and the War Museum. Visit the national website for more information about the museum strike. Also supporting striking workers, members & staff in Vancouver joined with many others to protest Bill 21. Bill 21 imposes a contract on CUPE Paramedics – this marks the first time a government has forced public employees to accept a collective agreement while the union is still at the bargaining table. For more information, visit

On November 13th and 14th Executive members from 9 Locals around the Province along with several component National Officers gathered in Vancouver for the Local Executive Development Conference. They shared best practices and experience, discussed issues at their worksites, and made plans towards strengthening their Locals. They also heard from panelists Jacquie de Aguayo, Coordinator of Representation, on resolving workplace issues at the local level, Agriculture Union National President Bob Kingston on tips and strategies for making the best of regional joint committees, and REVP Kay Sinclair on how social unionism benefits us all. By all accounts the Conference was a great success and we hope to hold another in the future.

Last but not least the first Balikbayan Solidarity box was shipped from the Vancouver RO to the Philippines. Another will follow shortly.

Photos: Pride in Vancouver

cheers to Paul Jones (BC Regional Council), Sue Neumann (CIU 20040), and Garry Fraser, PSAC Regional Rep. for these photos and report from Pride Day in Vancouver

Garry: Alison and I had our Think Public and our Student Campaign Booth set up at Sunset Beach. It was a beautiful day with a nice breeze off the ocean, and we set up early. Carol Pegura donated hundreds of buttons to our booth and they were they a big hit.We had thousands of people come by and talk and laugh, take a bandana, a fan or a button, talk about our Think Public Campaign. Alison would also talk with them about the Student Campaign and she got hundreds of signatures for the petition.BC Regional Council members Paul Jones and Angela Marafon both came by the booth after the parade and dropped off two magnificent sets of rainbow balloons which we tied down to our canopy – it looked incredible! Jack Layton dropped by and said hello and had a photo op with Angela.

Big thanks to Sue, for these photos of BSO’s marching in uniform for the first time in the parade, and Paul for the photos of the Multi-Union Pride group.

Cheers to Garry Fraser, PSAC Regional Representative, for this report and some photos from the Surrey Fusion Festival!

The West Fraser Area Council and the BC Mainland Human Rights Committee joined together to and set up a Think Public! booth at the Fusion Festival on July 18th and 19th. Members from Passport Canada, Western Economic Diversification, Service Canada, Veteran Affairs, Canada Revenue Agency all joined together to get the PSAC Think Public! message out to the public. We also shared our tables with the Service Canada Centre for Youth who were assisting youth in their employment endeavours.

Hundreds of people dropped by the booth where we handed outThink Public leaflets and bandannas and had a petition available in support of the PSAC summer student campaign.We heard from the public of their strong support for public services and had an opportunity to enjoy the festival and participate in the community’s celebration of its diversity. We also sampled many international foods and heard excellent and diverse music from all four corners of the globe.

The Fusion Festival was a great venue to meet the public, we had a great time, and we look forward to next year! Here are some photos … (more…)

Cheers to Mandi Schubert (CEIU 20975) for forwarding these photos! PSAC and other Union members marched with “Pride in Labour” at the Victoria Pride Celebrations, Sunday July 5th.

For more about Pride in Victoria, visit and check out the Vancouver Sun news report.

Click for the photos …


PSAC photos – November

On November 19th in Fort Langley, Parks Canada employees were joined by Parks Negotiating Team member Kevin King and some high ranking provincial dignitaries at the celebration of the 150th year anniversary of the founding of BC. The celebration began with the unveiling of a commemorative plaque at the Community Hall, followed by a parade to the National Historical site of Ft. Langley. Canada Parks members should be very proud of the hard work they did to ensure the celebration of this historical event was enjoyed by over one thousand members of the lower mainland community.

On December 4th in Vancouver, PSAC members, along with ~2000 members of the public attended the Let’s Make Parliament Work Rally at Canada Place.

On December 5th striking UPCE members at Canada Post marked their third full week of job action. CUPW members gathered with them en masseoutside the Canada Post Plant in Vancouver where they presented the strikers with a $1500 donation to the strike fund. Members were hugely appreciative of this gesture and the Solidarity shown by their sisters and brothersworking at Canada Post. Click for more information about the strike at Canada Post.

Members of our newest group, DCL Local 20501, also took to the streets on December 5th, picketing outside Library Square after having been locked out by the Corps of Commissionaires. The lockout came after 40 Commissionaires wore blue jeans to work as a one-day protest against failure of their employer to negotiate a first contract that addressed their health and safety concerns.

And last but not least, members in Victoria attended a 3 day Advanced Stewards Training course.

Read on for some photos, click on the thumbnails for larger versions …


Early this morning in Vancouver, after a very successful evening setting up a surprise picket line at the Richmond plant – the plant director had to come from home to manage the situation – UPCE members continued to picket outside the main depot. Despite the rain turnout was excellent, including one member who is eight months pregnant. Local President Sharon Tieman was interviewed by CKNW radio and Vice-President Neil Brown also spoke to the media. Once again CUPW members took their coffee break en masse and walked around the block in Solidarity and once again UPCE members cheered them on. In the early afternoon, BC Supreme Court issued an injunction barring members from impeding vehicles or workers at specific locations in the Lower Mainland. Members were disappointed with this decision, but vowed to continue to pressure Canada Post. The caucus met this afternoon to strategize, and we shall see what tomorrow brings.

In Victoria it rained as well but picketers were warmed by overwhelming support from CUPW members. Trucks, cars and cabs experienced hour-long delays leaving the processing plant.

Here are some some photos from Richmond and Vancouver …


PSAC staff and members, including REVP Kay Sinclair and BC Regional Council Coordinator Paul Jones, marched under the Multi-Union Pride banner at the Vancouver Pride Parade last Sunday. They joined with other Union members and over 120 other business and community groups to celebrate the diversity of the GLBT community while being cheered on by an estimated 1/2 million onlookers – the largest single day event in Vancouver’s history.

After the parade, summer students Ria and Jade hosted a Public & Proud To Be booth at the festival at Sunset Beach. They distributed Think Public! brochures, buttons, & flyers, and invited festival-goers to take action to defend quality public services by sending a postcard to their MP. Kudos, and much thanks to Karla Backer, Jennifer Ho, and Mark Konrad (all from National Local 20088) who ably assisted.

Here are some photos (click the thunbnail, then within the picture to advance to the next one) …

PSAC members were among 1300 people in Victoria who rallied March 29th to encourage the government to ban the sale raw logs and save old growth forests.

rally 3 rally 2 rally 1

Members in Victoria at the Government Street Service Canada office also wore black on payday in support of their bargaining teams.

black 1

Continuing with the Island theme, the Southern Vancouver Island Area Council met to discuss the resolutions and reports going forward to the Regional Convention.

svidac ac 01 svidac ac 02

And in Abbotsrford, The Fraser Valley Area Council held a pre-convention meeting on April 10. The meeting was attended by both convention delegates and non-delegates. The participants conducted a comprehensive review of the convention resolutions and discussed basic convention practices, strategies and procedures. The Fraser Valley Area Council also recognized the many years of service provided by the soon to be retired Chuck Leech of USGE Local 20054 – Matsqui Institution. Cheers Chuck!

fv ac 01 fv ac 02

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