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Here are a few photos of PSAC events & activities over the last month …

TB bargaining - Nelson 1 TB bargaining - Nelson 2

Members at the Service Canada office in Nelson supported their TB bargaining teams last week, click the thumbnails for a larger view. Cheers to Sheila Pearce, Treasury Board Area Strike Coordinator for the South Kootenays, for the photos. Visit this webpage to find out how to keep up to date with TB bargaining, or send a message to your TB strike coordinator.

CEIU 20975 agm 1 CEIU 20975 agm 2

Members of CEIU Local 20975 – the Victoria Service Canada office – held their AGM, and re-elected Mandi Schubert as the President. Congratulations Mandi, and thanks for the photos!

staff conf 1 staff conf 2 staff conf 3

The PSAC Regional Staff conference took place last week in Victoria. The Director of the Regional Offices Branch, Penny Bertrand (in black) presented Dave Jackson and Janet Routledge with their long service pins – 20 and 30 years respectively!

pbs union school logo

71 members from across the BC Region – two thirds of whom were attending their first school – recently came together for the 2007 PSAC BC Union School in Burnaby from November 2nd-4th.

Over 3 days, participants were inspired by guest speakers such as National President John Gordon and CCPA BC Director Seth Klein who spoke on the school theme of “Public and Proud! Building Union Resistance to Privatization” and called upon those present to defend quality public services and ensure that people come before profits.

Malalai Joya union school 3 union school 2

click on the thumbnails for a larger photo
there are lots more in the Union School 2007 photo gallery.

Keynote speaker Malalai Joya – Afghan Member of Parliament and women’s rights activist – shared her thoughts on the current situation in Afghanistan.

The school was opened and closed by Aboriginal Elder Phillipa Ryan and made history by providing the first course specifically for Aboriginal members in the region called “Our Community, Our Union, Our Rights.”

Defending Our Communities – Resisting Globalization, Duty to Accommodate and Health and Safety Level II were the other courses offered at the school. Participants on these courses developed a plan to resist globalization, started a network of union activists working on Duty to Accommodate issues and identified ways in which to move forward Health and Safety issues in the workplace.


PSAC photos: October

September and October were busy months around the region … click the thumbnails for larger versions of the photos.

At the end of September women from across the province met at the BC Regional Women’s Conference. The conference theme was “Women and the Environment: Our Health, Our Families, Our Communities, Our Jobs”. Delegates learned more about what is happening to the environment, heard from members who work in the front line federal departments about how government cutbacks are undermining our ability to protect the environment and networked with other sisters in the union.

Regional Women’s Conference - 1 Regional Women’s Conference - 2 Regional Women’s Conference - 3

There are many more photos of the Women’s Conference in the photo gallery.

Cheers to Steve Stewart from UEW 20147 for organizing an outreach table with information about the Union to raise awareness amongst the membership. If you are doing similar events at your workplace, take some pictures and send them in!

UEW 20147 outreach 1 UEW 20147 outreach 2

Treasury Board Area Strike Coordinators and members in BC distributed “I support my Bargaining Team” stickers and “No treats – just treat us with respect” flyers throughout the province. (left to right: Virginia Vaillancourt (Victoria), Patricia LaMont & Christine Walker (Nanaimo), and Sam Wiese (A/REVP, in Burnaby). Read more here.
TB action 1 TB action 2 TB action 3 TB action 4 TB action 5

click for Labour Day 2007 photosThis Labour Day PSAC members took part in the “Public Services Are Cool” blitzes at the labour picnics at Confederation Park in Burnaby and Esquimalt Gorge Park in Victoria.

We’re proud to report PSAC had excellent representation! In Victoria, PSAC staff and members of the Southern Vancouver Island Area Council set up a tent and spoke with the picnic-goers about the value of a strong public service as well as the save our fisheries campaign. Members from many components stopped by throughout the day and an excellent time was had by all.

In Burnaby, staff and members active with the Vancouver Area Council came out and helped with the table. They distributed PSAC materials and asked the public to sign letters to their MPs regarding the second phase of the federal building sell-off. National Vice-President Patty Ducharme was in town and visited the table for a while and REVP Kay Sinclair also joined in in the afternoon. Several PSAC members who were attending the picnic and weren’t aware of the table were there and very pleased to see PSAC out with the whole labour family.

PSAC photos: Solidarity

Here are a few photos of PSAC staff and members taken over the last couple of weeks … click the thumbnails for a larger view.

Cheers to PSAC/CEIU local 20901 for organizing their members and other co-workers at Library Square to take part in a lunch time solidarity action for their neighbours, the CUPE Local 391 Library Workers who have been on strike for five weeks. PSAC/CEIU local 20901 also made a donation to the CUPE local, and CUPE members on the line expressed their sincere appreciation for the effort and support.

CEIU 20901 at Library Square - 1 CEIU 20901 at Library Square - 2 CEIU 20901 at Library Square - 1 CEIU 20901 at Library Square - 4 CEIU 20901 at Library Square - 5

Click for more …


deluxe pride buttonCheers to Alistair Crawford, NAT 20088, for these photos of the Multi-Union Pride float taken at the parade last weekend. REVPs Kay Sinclair (BC) and Jeannie Baldwin (Atlantic) marched alongside dozens of other union members. Click the thumbnails for larger versions – there are more photos at the BC Federation of Labour website.

pride01 pride02 pride03 pride04 pride05

Here are some photos taken at recent PSAC and related events … updated June 28th

Advanced Stewards Training in Vancouver

Members from many different components & locals came together at the beginning of the month to take four-day Advanced Steward Training courses held in Vancouver & Victoria. The objectives of the course were:

  • To identify the roles and responsibilities of PSAC Stewards.
  • To develop participants’ confidence in their ability to be effective Stewards in the workplace.
  • To increase participants’ understanding of how to empower and motivate members.
  • To provide participants with the opportunity to develop and practice the skills necessary to be effective advocates in representing their members.
  • To motivate participants to use their knowledge and skills as Stewards to establish an effective union presence at the workplace.

Stewards from across the province built on their knowledge, skills and confidence so that they could provide effective representation in the workplace and mobilize members. Here are some photos, click the thumbnails for a larger view.

AST 01 AST 02 AST 03

AST 04 AST 05 AST 06

Visit the PSAC photo gallery for all the pictures taken at the Advanced Steward Training course in Vancouver.

Here are the members in Victoria who took the AST, click for a larger view …

AST Victoria


PSAC photos: April

picture 3 png

Here are some photos taken at recent PSAC events in Vancouver and Victoria … click the thumbnails for larger versions.

On April 4th PSAC, affiliated Union, and Victoria Labour Council members attended an event coordinated by the BC Fed to bring attention to Dr. Keith Martin’s (MP for Esquimalt—Juan de Fuca) voting record on Bill C-257. Dr. Martin had originally voted in favor of the Bill only to amend his position at final reading. Jim Sinclair, President of the BC Federation of Labour, Jennifer Burgis, NDP Candidate for Esquimalt-Juan de Fuca and Kay Sinclair all spoke of the need for Anti-Scab Legislation and how disappointing it was that Dr. Martin amended his position at the last minute.

KMdemo1 KMdemo2

KMdemo4 KMdemo3

Dr. Martin also addressed the crowd of angry constituents with a excuse that Essential Services designation somehow played an important role in his change of position. This was really frustrating for the unionized workers present as it has been made abundantly clear that essential services designations would not be affected by this anti-scab legislation.

BC Caucus at PSAC National Pride ConferenceOver 140 delegates, guests and observers attended the PSAC’s 2nd Pride Conference which was held in Vancouver on March 30-April 1, 2007, and chaired by Kay Sinclair and Ed Cashman, REVP for Ontario. Participants attended workshops and regional caucuses, debated resoultions, and elected two LGTB members to the PSAC Equal Opportunities Committee. At left, members of the BC caucus. Visit the national website for a report and some more photos.

GH/UICA course in NanaimoMembers from the Nanaimo area took a Grievance Handling and Understanding / Interpreting the Collective Agreement course, March 31 – April 1. The GH/UICA course, which was facilitated by PSAC Regional Rep. Dave Jackson, gives members the skills and knowledge to effectively solve problems in the workplace and explores key provisions in our various Collective Agreements.

Photos: PSAC BC Youth Caucus BBQ

Youth Caucus BBQ photosOn July 21, 2006 the PSAC-BC Youth Caucus held a very successful BBQ at Trout Lake Park in Vancouver.

Organized by Jamey Mills, Regional Council Youth Representative, and Amy Painter, 1st alternate to Jamey, the event was hot, fun and relaxing. Many young workers and supporters came to the BBQ, got to meet one another, and took part in a “union benefits” scavenger hunt with prizes donated by the PSAC-BC Regional Organizer.

Check out the photos from the BBQ and contact Jamey if you want to get involved!

Cheers to Jennie for sending us this report on the World/Labour Peace Forums, held recently in Vancouver. For more information about these events visit and

Blogging on the World’s First Peace Forum in Vancouver BC, June 23-28, 2006by Jennie Chu, BC EO rep for PSAC-Agriculture Union

I was one of 4500 delegates registered for the World Peace Forum (WPF) and truly was grateful to Vancouver District Labour Council (VDLC) for organizing the 2-day Labour Peace Forum (LPF).

Patty Ducharme, Jennie Chu, Yves Ducharme

Patty Ducharme (NEVP, PSAC), Jennie Chu (AGR EO Rep, BC) and Yves Ducharme (National President, AGR).

The LPF was made possible through the generous financial support from CUPE National, PSAC, BCGEU, CUPW, BCNU, CEP, HAS, CUPE BC, HEU, CAW, COPE 378, BCFED, ILWU 500, CUPE METRO, IUOE 963, CUPE 402, MWBIU 1, UFCW, BCNU Shaughnessy Heights, CAW 2200, IBEW 258, Saskatoon Labour Council, and Campbell River Labour Council.


PSAC photos: June

Here are some photographs of PSAC staff and members taken over the last month. Do you have photos of a Union event or activity? Let us know … send them to Patrick Bragg!

The Nelson Service Canada Office (CEIU 20918) enjoyed a great looking cake during National Public Service Week.

PSAC Public Service Week cake

Cindy Little and Christine Walker lobby MPs in Ottawa to support childcare issues while at the CLC National Women’s Conference

MP Lobbying

(left to right, click for a larger view) Cindy Little-Southern Vancouver Island Area Council President, Jean Crowder-MP for Nanaimo-Cowichan, and Christine Walker-NVP West for CEIU.

PSAC members and staff leaflet Idar’s jewelry store in Victoria, in support of striking PSAC members at the Ekati mine. The ‘Dirty Diamonds’ campaign came to a successful conclusion: workers at the mine are currently voting on their first collective agreement.

Dirty Diamonds leafletting 1

(left to right, click for a larger view) Cindy Little, Sara Cousins-UTE, James Little-PSAC staff, and Al Hadvick-PSAC staff, retired

The PSAC table at National Public Service Week focuses on connecting with the members by ensuring good communication.

Public Service Week

(click for a larger view) Sam Wiese, Regional Council Coordinator for Metro Vancouver staffs the PSAC booth.

Update @ 2PM: Unionized FedEx workers refused to make deliveries to the entire complex where LimoJet’s main office is located. Picketing continues as talks have resumed on both sides. Here are some photos from the picket line.

Picket lines went up at 8:30 a.m. this morning in front of the Limojet offices on Shell Road in Richmond. When Principal Herb Dhaliwal decided to leave the Limojet offices, PSAC Members blocked Herb’s exit using Limousines and their bodies. Despite his best efforts, Herb was unable to leave the parking lot. A few minutes later after parking his car Herb was seen leaving the area on foot and was picked up moments later on Shell Road.

Picket at Vancouver Airport not expected to disrupt services

Mar, 30 2006 – 8:10 AM – VANCOUVER/CKNW(AM980) – A picket line at Vancouver’s International Airport is not expected to disrupt services this morning, unless you’re planning to take a limousine.

Contract talks between Limo Jet Gold and its unionized drivers have broken off, so the 30-members of the Public Service Alliance of Canada have walked off the job.


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