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Bill C-257

To: PSAC members in BC

As you may know, Bill 257 (Anti-scab legislation) was defeated on March 21 during the 3rd reading in the House of Commons 177 votes to 122 votes. Despite this, we have a lot to be proud of. The CLC coordinated a well organized campaign of which the PSAC played a key role both in BC and in Ottawa. And we couldn’t have done so without your participation.

Many of you took the time to write, phone, fax and email your MP to build support for the bill. In particular, our Area Councils sent letters to each MP in their region identifying the number of PSAC members in their riding affected by the bill.

I want to thank all of you: your hard work and positive response to our repeated requests for support are much appreciated. While I’m disappointed that more MPs did not support working people on this issue (and we will remember them at election time, scroll down to see how they all voted) I truly believe that our union is stronger from this experience.

Thanks again. In Solidarity, Kay Sinclair, REVP BC


bill c257Congratulations to all of you who helped convince your MP to vote in favour of Bill C-257, the Anti-scab Legislation, at Second Reading. Not surprisingly, business leaders mobilized during the committee stage to get MPs to change their mind. You may have noticed the fear mongering in the media. Under the leadership of the CLC your union has worked hard to counter the business lobby.

We are running out of time. Bill C-257 will be voted on at Third Reading on March 21. Members of Parliament are in their ridings until March 16. This is your last week to talk to your MP in person and let them know that you are watching and you expect them to vote in favour of Bill C-257 and working people. The following MPs particularly need to hear from their constituents:

  • Ron Cannan (Kelowna Lake Country)
  • Raymond Chan (Richmond)
  • Hedy Fry (Vancouver Centre)
  • Colin Mayes (Okanagan-Shuswap)
  • Keith Martin (Esquimalt- Juan de Fuca)
  • Sukh Dhaliwal (Newton- North Delta) Update: We have been informed Mr. Dhaliwal supports the legislation and will vote in favour of it.
  • Stephen Owen (Vancouver Quadra)

Please take a moment to call or send an email to your MP and let them know that replacement workers are bad for working families, bad for business, and bad for Canada!

In Solidarity, Janet Routledge, BC Regional Coordinator, Public Service Alliance of Canada

bill c257 at psacbc.comAs most of you are aware, the PSAC has been actively participating in a national campaign led by the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) to have changes made to the Canada Labour Code to retract the use of scabs in the event of a strike or lock-out. Visit the national website for more information.
MPs will vote on the final reading of the Anti-Scab Bill (Bill C257) during the week of March 19, 2007, and we need your help. Please take a few minutes to call your MP or send an email to let your MP know how important this bill is for working people in Canada and to urge them to support it. MPs are back in their ridings March 2, 2007, through to March 16, 2007, and they need to hear from their constituents who support the bill.

Contact your MP and help make sure that anti-scab legislation is adopted once and for all.

clc-ctc.jpgTo: BC Federation of Labour Officers

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

You are likely aware that Bill C-257 passed at a second reading vote in Parliament last week. The vote was 167-101, with the entire NDP and Bloc caucuses voting in favour. Most of the Liberal caucus and a few of the Conservatives also voted in favour. Attached (below) please find a list of how the BC MP’s voted, and provincial totals from across the country.

I would like to thank you, your organization and activists for the tremendous effort that helped to get this result. Some MP’s received huge numbers of calls and letters, and these undoubtedly influenced how they voted. BC Labour Councils did a great job of getting in to see all MP’s, many of them for second and third times.


OTTAWA – The Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) applauds the adoption today, in second reading, of Bill C-257, the anti-scab legislation introduced by the Bloc Québécois.

“After several attempts to have this piece of legislation adopted,” says Patty Ducharme PSAC National Executive Vice-President, “Members of Parliament have finally accepted to give workers a more level playing field in their relations with their employers. It’s a great day for working women and men in Canada.”

Bill C-257 is a Private Member’s Bill introduced by the Bloc MP for Gatineau, Richard Nadeau. It’s inspired by the anti-scab legislation currently in force in Québec, which prohibits employers from using strike-breakers during a strike or a lockout.  Today’s vote will send the Bill to a House of Commons Committee before coming back for a final vote.


bill c-257 logoUnion members are meeting with Members of Parliament October 23-25, 2006, to secure their support for the second reading of Bill C-257, which will amend the Canadian Labour Code to prohibit the use of replacement workers during a labour dispute. PSAC members across the country have been busy over the summer and fall contacting and meeting with their MPs to build support for the vote which is scheduled for Wednesday, October 25, 2006, at 5:00pm.

Four PSAC – Union of Northern Workers members participating in the lobby, Andy Anderson, Richard J. Charlo, Ian Kelly and Troy Oslanki, have recent first-hand knowledge of the reasons why Canada needs anti-scab legislation. They walked the picket line this past spring during the strike against the multinational corporation BHP Billiton at the Ekati Mine in the Northwest Territories. They experienced the negative effects replacement workers can have on a community during a labour conflict.

“Scabs make a labour conflict last longer because some employers choose to hire them instead of negotiating with the unions,” said Troy Oslanki, vice-president PSAC Local 3050 in Yellowknife. “Also scabs create deep and long lasting divisions in the small communities where the workers live.”

Continue reading about the anti-scab legislation lobby at the national website.

Stop the use of scabs!

scabsWe have another occasion to push for the adoption of an anti-scab legislation. Act now!

This fall, you can perform a simple act to stop the use of scabs by employers by asking your federal Member of Parliament to vote for Bill C-257, which would ban the use of replacement workers (scabs). If adopted, this legislation would apply to all employers governed by the Canada Labour Code.

The PSAC joins the Canadian Labour Congress and many other unions in supporting this Bill that was tabled the Bloc Québécois, as well as a similar Bill tabled by the New Democratic Party.

If you want to stop the use of scabs and restore a true balance between workers and employers, tell your MP that you want him/her to vote in favour of this amendment to the Labour Code. Remind your MP that she/he was elected to represent you.

Read more at the national website.

clc-ctc.jpgOTTAWA – After the first debate on Bill C-257 – An Act to amend the Canada Labour Code (replacement workers) – Canadian working families feel more confident that Parliament will finally adopt legislation to ban the use of scabs during labour disputes under the Canada Labour Code.

“It’s a matter of fairness and balance,” explains Ken Georgetti, president of the Canadian Labour Congress. “The prohibition to use scabs protects the interests of working Canadians and their families against the might of large, often global, employers with no roots in the community.”

Such legislation exists in Quebec since 1977 and in British Columbia since 1993; causing, in both cases, a general decline in the loss of work time due to strikes or lockouts, and marking a diminution of their length and intensity.


TORONTO – While 400 of its members at the Ekati diamond mine north of Yellowknife suffer the consequences of having scabs in the workplace, the Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) applauds the anti-scab Bill introduced today by the Bloc Québécois aimed at stopping this practice.

“During the last session of Parliament, the Bloc introduced Bill C-263 which was lost by only 12 votes,” explained PSAC President, Nycole Turmel. “We will work with the Bloc Québécois and other Canadian unions to ensure that finally, workers under federal jurisdiction are protected by anti-scab legislation.”


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