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On May 12, it’s time to get rid of Premier Gordon Campbell and the B.C. Liberal government – and the reasons are plentiful and obvious.

Under Campbell British Columbia has had the highest rate of child poverty in Canada for five years straight, with the most recent data putting it at 22%.

B.C. now leads the country in job losses and B.C.’s economy in 2008 actually shrank, while Canada’s grew.

The broken promise not to sell B.C. Rail turned into the biggest political scandal this province has seen in years as we learn new information constantly.

Former B.C. Liberal election campaign co-chair Patrick Kinsella paid $297,000 by B.C. Rail for “business advice” with payments continuing even after CN Rail paid $1 billion for its main operations.

Allegations of political dirty tricks coordinated out of the premier’s office. B.C. Liberal-connected lobbyists turned star Crown witnesses against two ministerial aides – David Basi and Bob Virk – and despite allegations lobbyists bribed to the accused, they face no charges.

Radical fish farm expansion despite massive evidence from Alexandra Morton that sea lice breed in the farms and destroy wild salmon.


On Tuesday, May 12th, we will not only be voting for our M.L.A. we will also have an opportunity to vote for electoral reform.

This is an historic opportunity as voters to be able to change the electoral system from the first past the post system to the B.C. Single Transferable Vote (BC-STV).  The BC-STV method of voting was overwhelmingly endorsed by the Citizens’ Assembly on Electoral Reform, made up of 160 ordinary people, in 2004.

I am supporting BC-STV as I believe the results of the election would be more reflective of the wishes of the people.  I also believe that people in constituencies would be better represented by their M.L.A.s.

The first past the post system often leads to distorted or undemocratic results. The BC-STV is not perfect but I believe it is a more progressive and democratic electoral system.  If we do not pass BC-STV in this election, we may not have another opportunity for electoral reform for years if not decades.

For more information please visit or Visit for an interesting look at the politics behind STV yes and no campaigns – STV: Your guide through the spin and the fear

In Solidarity, Kay Sinclair, REVP BC

Here is an excerpt from an excellent article by Rafe Mair, writer, broadcaster and former Socred Cabinet Minister.

A re-election of Mr. Campbell will mean the not so slow strangulation of BC Hydro, our power company that is the envy the world and it will happen this way. Hydro has lost 1/3 of its employees to Accenture, the bastard nephew of the infamous Enron, and its transmission lines to a new crown corporation, BCTC. Meanwhile, what’s left of our public power utility, BC Hydro, is banned from developing new sources of renewable energy and is forced instead to buy large quantities of expensive private river power that we don’t need and can’t use at more than twice the market price. Buy high and sell low! With just a few private projects now up and running already Hydro owes $30 BILLION on long term indexed prices and every private project adds to the total and tightens that strangling noose. Barred from producing new sources of power and still carrying its $7 BILLION Capital debt, Hydro is on its death bed only waiting for Mr. Campbell to administer the Last Rites.

As he did with BC Rail, Premier Campbell promises to keep BC Hydro publicly owned – that, if nothing else, must tell us what he intends to do.

Visit to read the entire article. For more about the campaign  to return of all BC Hydro’s operations to public control visit

Committing to a strong poverty reduction strategy is one of the best things a government can do to fight poverty. Make Poverty History asked the main political parties in the upcoming BC election to commit to implementing a clear poverty reduction strategy if they are elected.

They worked with the BC Poverty Reduction Committee, a coalition of BC-based organizations who asked the three major political parties to let them know where they stand on developing a poverty reduction plan. The parties were sent an open letter calling for a comprehensive plan with targets and timelines, and commitments in 7 different policy areas.

Visit to view the results of the survey.


The election is only 75 days away, and we need your help! Your ideas and experiences will help us plan our Campaign for change.

This is your opportunity to help determine what issues regular, hard-working people in BC are talking about, and where they want to take this province, so we’ve prepared a survey to help you share those issues with us. Our survey takes only five minutes to complete. Plus, you’ll be entered to win $250 in Translink passes or gas for your car.

The labour movement has always been a force for positive change in BC. Working together, we won the weekend, public healthcare, employment insurance, and so many of the other benefits we take for granted. Once again, we need to work together to protect what we’ve won, and work for the change that our province so desperately needs.

I look forward to seeing you on the campaign trail.

In solidarity, Jim Sinclair, President BCFL

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