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Bob Jackson at the Langley City Parade

Despite the gray weather PSAC BC launched the popular “Think Public!” summer campaign at Car Free Day on Commercial Drive in Vancouver last weekend. REVP Bob Jackson marched in the Langley City Parade, and had an opportunity to meet with MP Mark Warawa to talk about how the government’s plan to cut program spending will affect public public services and the workers that provide them in Langley.

Keep an eye out at community events and festivals in your neighborhood! Over the summer PSAC BC will be attending many events such as these. Staff and members will speak to the public about the value of strong, quality public services and the impact cuts will have on them. The public will also be invited to play “Spot the Public Services” – a game designed to educate and inform around the variety and importance of the work federal public servants perform.

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Ottawa – The federal budget that was tabled in Parliament today by the Harper Conservatives aims to reduce the deficit on the backs of hard working Canadians by slashing essential services, said the Public Service Alliance of Canada. In response, the PSAC launched a national campaign to reach out to Canadians in workplaces and communities across the country.

“Cutting public services and jobs is the wrong priority at the wrong time,” said John Gordon, National President of PSAC. “A majority in Parliament does not give Harper the license to ignore the Canadian public.”

The national campaign will begin with a Google and Facebook ad campaign that will direct people to send a message to Stephen Harper and Tony Clement in favour of public services. PSAC is also calling on everyone to Tweet their support for public services to @TonyClementCPC.

A secret Cabinet committee led by Tony Clement will make the final decisions on cuts to services. But the vast majority of Canadians did not give Harper a mandate to cut the services they depend on. Instead of listening to Canadians, the Harper Conservatives have decided to transfer $4 billion from vital public services to corporate bank accounts with no strings attached.

“Tony Clement has a responsibility to safeguard the public services Canadian families depend on,” said Gordon. “He also has a legal obligation to uphold collective agreements.”

Standing together with its partners, PSAC will work to ensure this government respects its obligations to protect quality public services and jobs for all Canadians.

In the coming months, PSAC will organize its members to engage their communities from coast to coast to coast, and meet with Parliamentarians in their constituencies to ensure public services are not eroded in favour of corporate tax cuts. In addition, the union will be contacting and bringing thousands of its members together to train them in their rights and in a campaign to defend services.

For more information, visit

Cheers to Garry Fraser and Jennifer Ho (NAT 20088) for these photos and report from the PSAC Think Public booth at Surrey Fusion Festival, July 17 and 18!

PSAC BC set up a Think Public Booth at the Surrey Fusion Festival on July 17th and 18th. Many members volunteered to help promote Public Services and encourage the public to sign a petit…ion to the House of Commons urging them to reverse the decision to eliminate the mandatory long form Canada Census questionnaire.

The event was a celebration of community diversity in the second largest city in BC, Surrey. We had many good discussions with the public on why Public Services are critical for Canada. Many people played our game of spot the Public Service and were given a Think Public prize.


Brothers and Sisters of PSAC, we want to thank all of the Public Servants for all you do.  Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) members are all part of a safety network for the Canadian people.  All of our jobs are connected in some way to the safety and security of the citizens of this country.  Lightkeepers are only one of the many faces of that service, but right now we are the one on the block.

On both coasts, and across Canada, the public is in an uproar over the potential loss of the services of lightkeepers.  They understand that this is the outpost, the beacon of the their society’s framework of social good.  They understand that the abilities of humans cannot be replaced by machines. They understand that investment in the safety of a society pays off.  They want to stop the dismantling.  We owe it to them, and each other, to help.  We cannot allow the government to pick apart public service bit by bit.  This is our line in the sand.  Let’s push back.

In solidarity, Lightkeepers of BC, Steve Bergh – President, Alice Woods – Vice President, BC Lightkeepers Local 20232 PSAC

Read letters and emails of support from …

Please ask you members to sign the attached Lightstation Petition in support of our cause and then to return the petition to the Victoria Regional Office at the following address: 210-1497 Admirals Rd Victoria, BC V9A 2P8.  Please return the signed Petitions by October 15, 2009.

Agriculture Union calls for swift implementation of House of Commons Agriculture Committee recommendations and call for inquiry into CFIA actions over listeriosis

Chalk up another victory for food safety and the influence of the Agriculture Union with federal politicians.

In an eagerly-awaited report, issued June 18, the House of Commons Agriculture Committee called for a number of measures to tighten up the countrys food system, including a public inquiry into the response of both the Conservative government and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency into last years listeriosis crisis.

What follows is a CBC report — one of the first media reactions — to the Committees report. As can be seen, our union is already calling for swift implementation of the Committee recommendations:


OTTAWANine months after a deadly listeriosis outbreak, the union representing federal food inspectors says there’s still a critical shortage of staff to oversee meat processing plants.

The agriculture section of the Public Service Alliance of Canada bases that conclusion on a survey it conducted in major metropolitan areas, a copy of which was obtained by The Canadian Press.

Union officials, who are to appear Monday at a parliamentary sub-committee on food safety, said the survey results suggest it’s almost impossible for federal inspectors to verify industry compliance with safety rules because staff are overwhelmed.

The union estimates that the number of inspectors specifically devoted to monitoring processed meat plants would have to double to 400 from the current 200 to do a proper job.

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Please take a minute to send B.C.s Health Minister a message today.

Tell government to ensure that its private contractors provide living wages and safe working conditions to the housekeepers and food services workers responsible for keeping our hospitals clean and safe.

Why now? As you read this, hospital housekeepers and food services workers are in the process of taking this message to their MLAs and health authorities. They are also bargaining with their multinational employers – Sodexo, Aramark and Compass – for family supporting wages and safe working conditions. But workers can’t do it alone. Government needs to take steps to ensure their contractors create the wage and working conditions for clean and safe hospitals. And they need to hear from you.

Living wage successes in the UK, and in hundreds of U.S. cities were achieved because of people like you who took a few minutes to speak out for healthier communities, stronger local economies and quality services.

Send your message today. Thank you.

P.S. Be sure to check out the new TV ad. And take a minute to hear the stories of four workers who describe what a living wage would mean to them.

PSAC members at in Vancouver, Campbell River, and Surrey spent Canada Day reminding Canadians of the value of quality public services. At Canada Place members of the Vancouver Area Council distributed leaflets, bandanas, and fans. In Surrey members distributed over 2000 “public services are cool” fans & 200 bandanas, while members in Campbell River set up a booth at their local Canada Day celebration, and spoke with the public. Here are some photos …

Our lucky winner!PSAC-BC is proud to announce that Guinevere Sanderson is the winner of the Public Services Are Cool giveaway.

Guinevere is a PSAC member who works for Canadian Heritage and is a member of the Green Team there. She was excited to win the zero-emission scooter-style electric bike and plans to use it to commute to work.

Congratulations Guinevere & thanks to everyone who signed our petition, emailed their MP and entered the contest!

Gwen and bike!update: Gwen just emailed us … Thank you so much for coming down this morning to deliver the certificate. I was so excited that I went to the shop on my lunch and picked it up! I rode it back to work and was able to show it off to the office. I think it’s really really cool and I’m so happy to have won. Thanks again!


PSAC members all over the Province, coordinated by their Area Councils, are spending the summer letting the public & politicians know the value of strong public services – services that should be protected and improved. They are attending events in their communities, meeting with the public, distributing fans and leaflets with the Public Services Are Cool message and website address, and encouraging people to send a message to Ottawa …

Federal public employees are on the job every day to protect our health, safety, environment, culture and standard of living. Our quality of life would be poorer in Canada without them. As workers, citizens, and neighbours, they contribute to strong communities.

I expect their employer, the Government of Canada, to treat them with the respect they deserve. That means compensating them fairly for their labour, providing them with the equipment and infrastructure they need to do their jobs well, and ensuring there is enough of them to get the job done properly.

I support federal public emplyees because their work supports me. Quality public services bring us quality of life. They help keep us safe, healthy and secure. Social programs and benefits support us in difficult times: when we’re ill or unemployed, or facing economic hardship. They provide security in old age.

Quality public services promote social equality and cohesion, and are vital to our prosperity and a sustainable environment.

Quality public services: they’re the ties that bind us together.

Visit to send a message to your MP, sign on to the petition, and enter to win an enviro-friendly bike.

Here are some photos taken at various events around the province …


The PSAC Vancouver Regional Office recently switched from drinking bottled water to tap water … here’s why.

Our union recently identified Defending Quality Public Services as one of our key priorities.

Water is the most important public service in the world. It is also a fundamental human right and according to the United Nations, “the human right to drinking water is fundamental to life and health.”

Unfortunately, the majority of people in the world do not have access to this fundamental human right. Over 1.7 billion people lack access to safe drinking water and each year, millions of children die of disease caused by unsafe water. The numbers are increasing as multinational companies turn water into a commodity that is being privatized, bottled and sold back to us in the guise of being “purer, healthier and safer,” even though much of this water is re-filtered from our municipal supplies.

We need to defend and keep water as a quality public service that everyone in the world has the right to access without paying for it.


Cutting Taxes != Increased Revenue

True or False?

  • You are paying too much tax.
  • To be fair to all, everyone should pay the same tax rate.
  • A reduction in taxes would help working families.
  • Individuals can’t influence governments when it comes to tax cuts.

Try the new tax quiz at the national website.

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