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Call Out: B.C. Regional Triennial Convention – May 13-15, 2011 – Public Services Not Private Profits

The 5th B.C. Regional Triennial Convention of the Public Service Alliance of Canada will be held at the Four Seasons Hotel Vancouver, 791 West Georgia Street, Vancouver, from Friday, May 13th to Sunday, May 15th, 2011.


Delegates to the B.C. Regional Convention will be s/elected based on Section 9 of the B.C. Regional Council By-Laws and Regulation 1 (pdf).

Local and Component Delegates

  • Local and Component delegates will be s/elected within the Locals and Components, and therefore nomination forms do not apply. We will be contacting Component National Officers to discuss and provide delegate entitlements.
  • For more information, see BC Regional Council Bylaws, Section 9, Sub-section 1.
  • We require that names of Component and Local delegates be provided to the REVP Office by March 13, 2011.

Equity/Youth/DCL and Separate Employer Delegates

  • Equity delegates: One delegate will be elected from each of the following equity groups: Racially visible; aboriginal; lesbian, gay, transgendered, bisexual; and members with a disability.
  • Youth delegates: Three delegates will be elected amongst youth members.
  • Directly Chartered Locals/small Separate Employers: One delegate will be elected from amongst the applicable locals. (We will contact the affected locals.)
  • For more information, see BC Regional Council Regulation 1, section 2 and 3.
  • Nomination forms for Equity, Youth and Directly chartered locals/small separate employers will be sent out under separate cover.
  • Mail-out ballots will be sent out once the nominations have been closed. To nominate or be nominated you must be a member in good standing.

Area Council and Committee Delegates

  • Area Council, Regional Women’s Committee, Human Rights Committee, and BRUSH Committee delegates will be s/elected within their respective constituencies.
  • For more information, see BC Regional Council Regulation 1, section 1.
  • We require the names of Area Council and Committee delegates be provided to the REVP Office by March 13, 2011.

Automatic Delegates

  • Per BC Regional Council Bylaws, Section 9, Sub-Section 2, B.C. Regional Council members, PSAC members who hold a PSAC national elected office, National Aboriginal Peoples Circle representatives, Equal Opportunities Committee elected equity representatives and Component National Officers who are members of the B.C. Regional Caucus shall be entitled to attend B.C. Regional Triennial Conventions as delegates.


Delegates to the B.C. regional convention have re-elected Kay Sinclair as their Regional Executive Vice-President. Kay is particularly active in human, women’s and LGBT rights, as well as on issues involving health and safety and the environment. She has held the REVP position since May 2006 when she replaced now National Executive Vice-President Patty Ducharme, following elections at the PSAC triennial convention.

Megan Adam, a member of the current PSAC bargaining team for the Program and Administrative Services unit, was elected alternate REVP. Megan, a member of the Union of Environment Workers, is a Communications Advisor at Fisheries and Oceans Canada and community and anti-poverty activist.

Guest speakers PSAC National President John Gordon and Jim Sinclair, President of the B.C. Federation of Labour, were given standing ovations as delegates pledged to renew their commitment to political action federally and provincially in support of quality public services and in opposition to service cuts.

Delegates also acknowledged and thanked Regional Coordinator Janet Routledge for her hard work and commitment to the PSAC. She leaves to join the Federation of Labour later this summer.

The convention was held in Vancouver from April 18 to 20. We will have a full convention report, updated list of regional council members, and photos available on the regional website shortly.

It is a privilege to submit the report of the Regional Executive Vice-President to the delegates, observers, and guests of the 2008 BC Regional Triennial Convention and to the membership of the Public Service Alliance of Canada in BC.

While the REVP-BC is required by the BC Region By-Laws to submit this report to Convention, I do so on behalf of, and thanks to, all members and staff who contribute to PSAC BC. Whether it is as a member of the PSAC BC Regional Council, a Local or Branch Executive member, an activist on a regional committee, a Component national or regional officer, a strike captain, a steward, a rank-and-file member, or a PSAC regional staff member, you make a difference in our Region, and you make our Union strong.

This report highlights some of our main accomplishments over the past three years, and perhaps more specifically since I took office as REVP for B.C. in May 2006.

Download this document as a .pdf: Report of the REVP to the 2008 BC Regional Convention or continue reading below


Here are the resolutions that have been submitted by Locals, Area Councils & Committees to the 4th BC Regional Triennial Convention. The Finance, Bylaws, and General Resolutions Convention Committees have been working hard on their reports and we plan to have them available to members and delegates by the end of this week.

Download the …

Please note they are all .pdf documents.

Also please note the Regional Office will make a list of Convention delegates available to any delegates that require them.

Convention LogoCall Letter: 4th Triennial British Columbia Regional Convention, April 18-20 2008

The British Columbia Regional Convention of the Public Service Alliance of Canada will be held at the Hyatt Regency Vancouver at 655 Burrard Street, Vancouver, from Friday, April 18 to Sunday, April 20.

Delegates to the B.C. Regional Convention will be elected based on Section 9 of the B.C. Regional Council By-Laws and Regulation 1 (below).

Information on funding available to delegates will be provided under separate cover.

The following positions will be elected at the B.C. Regional Convention (subject to any by-law changes)

  • The Regional Executive Vice-President (REVP)
  • The Alternate REVP

Geographic Coordinators to be elected:

  • North Vancouver Island 1 (one)
  • South Vancouver Island 2 (two)
  • Northern B.C. 2 (two)
  • Okanagan/Kootenay 2 (two)
  • Fraser Valley 2 (two)
  • Metro Vancouver 3 (three)

Constituency coordinators to be elected:

  • Women 1 (one)
  • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered 1 (one)
  • Racially Visible 1 (one)
  • Aboriginal 1 (one)
  • Members with Disabilities 1 (one)
  • Directly Chartered Locals/small Separate Employer Units 1 (one)
  • National Officers 1 (one)
  • Youth (under 30 years of age)
    1 (one)
  • Health and Safety 1 (one)

Delegate s/election:

  • Equity delegates: One delegate will be elected from each of the following equity groups: Racially visible; aboriginal; lesbian, gay, transgender, bisexual; and members with a disability.
  • Youth delegates: Three delegates will be elected amongst youth members.
  • Directly chartered locals/small separate employers: One delegate will be elected from amongst the applicable locals. (We will contact the affected locals.)
  • Mail-out ballots will be sent out once the nominations have been closed.
    To nominate or be nominated you must be a member in good standing.


  • Nomination forms for above-mentioned delegates must be received by the REVP Office by January 14th, 2008.
  • Ballots for Delegate elections will take place in January/February 2008
  • Please note that Local and Component delegates will be s/elected within the Locals and Components, and therefore the nomination forms do not apply. We will be contacting Locals directly to confirm their delegate entitlements.
  • Please also note that Area Council, Regional Women’s Committee, and B.C. Human Rights Committee delegates will be s/elected within their respective constituencies.
  • We ask that names of delegates be provided to our office by February 15th, 2008.
  • Resolutions to the B.C. Regional Convention must be received by the REVP Office by February 15th, 2008. We welcome resolutions written in clear language format.


For further information or assistance contact:

Kay Sinclair, BC REVP or Dellie Lidyard, Assistant to the REVP

302 – 5238 Joyce St. 604-430-0191 (phone)
Vancouver, B.C. V5R 6C9 604-430-0194 (fax)
email : 1-866-811-7700 (toll free)

We look forward to our 4th Triennial B.C. Convention – we see it as a forum for advocating for quality public services, advancing the rights of PSAC members, advocating for and with allies in the community, and perhaps even having some fun.

Minutes of the Regional Council Meeting

October 28 & 29, 2006

Continue reading below or download the BC Regional Council meeting minutes (pdf)

Present: Kay Sinclair, REVP, Sam Wiese, Alternate REVP, Benilde Gomes, NorthWest Coord., Carol Pegura,
Surrey, Delta, Langley Coord., Cindy Little, South Island Coord., Craig
Langston, Aboriginal Coord., Debbie Stangrecki, North Central Coord.,
Floyd Knelsen, Persons w/Disability Coord., Gail Jewsbury, North Island
Coord., Jamey Mills, Coord. For Youth, Jayne Johns, Fraser Valley West
Coord., Megan Adam, Metro Coord., Nick, Humphreys, National Officers
Coord., Patt Holmes, Regional Women’s Coord., Sargy Chima, Racially
Visible Coord., Sharon Brine, South Island Coord., Sharon Tieman, DLC
Coord., Sheila Pearce, Southern Interior Coord., Steve Houston,
BLT&G Coord., Susan Yaciw, Northern Interior Coord., Terri Lee,
Metro Coord.
Excused: Angela Marafon, Metro Coord.,
Joy Hennen, Health & Safety.
Proceedings Action
Swearing-in Alternate REVP and new RC Coordinators
were sworn in by REVP.
Agenda Motion: Adopt agenda as amended.

Patt Holmes: Addition to Agenda
– Election of Alternate to RWC

Sheila Pearce: Donations Committee Report
add to Agenda first thing Sunday morning as Committee hadn’t met.

Gail Jewsbury: Announcements?
Kay suggested announcements to be made at the end of the day.

Megan Adam: Add Colombian Frontline
Report under Reports.

Moved: Adoption of Agenda
– Sam Wiese

Seconded: Steve Houston


Previous Minutes
– Apr 2-3, 2006

Errors & Ommissions

Adoption of Minutes as presented

Steve Houston:
Agenda Item should be BC Fed Human Rights Instead of just Human Rights
as it may cause confusion.

Typo error on second page, should be
were instead of “ere”.

Motion to adopt minutes as amended.

Moved: Sam Wiese

Seconded: Megan Adam


Reports Motion: Adoption of Reports
as submitted.

Moved: Sam Wiese

Seconded: Sargy Chima

Discussion followed.

REVP Reports Concerns raised:

    – Equity representation in
    the CFIA bargaining unit.

    – Table 3 mailout ballots.

Area Council Bylaws being reviewed nationally.

Timeline – probably December.

There will be recommendations as well
as analysis.

Report to the Board – Comment on the difficulties encountered
by organizers in this province. Suggest writing a letter to the
Minister. Alt REVP will assist in drafting the letter.

– Table 5 decided to go with Table 3
re dispute resolution process. Concern that we might have to go
back to our members as a result.

– Flag Resolution 15, expand definition,
review when it comes time to amend the constitution.



Metro No comments.
North – Correction on Northwest report –
MOU instead of YOU.

– Some discussion on a line referring
to harassment. It was deemed to be generic and not a breach of
confidentiality. Some value in mentioning incidents of harassment recognized,
as it gives RC an idea of how prevalent it is and it is also an opportunity
to share burden/information.

BC INTERIOR — New coordinator concerned about duties.
Report indicated that she is doing everything a coordinator should be

– Concern about a local union leader
who did not post upcoming courses. New contact being developed
in the local.

Surrey, Delta, Langley Commended on good work done on Surrey
School Board .
PAC No comments.
International Solidarity Megan Adam talked about “Defending
Public Services: From Canada to Colombia” and her experiences
during her travel to that country,

See full report on Regional Website.

Motion to adopt the reports with
Moved: Sam Wiese
Seconded: Sargy Chima

Motion carried with one opposed.

Registered against: Patt Holmes
Financial Update Megan Adam presented budget update.
Budget options for Regional Council Meetings and 2008 Convention were
provided to give everyone an opportunity to look them over for discussion
at the latter part of the meeting.

RC Committees – A list of the different RC Committees
passed around. Everyone requested to put their name under Committees
they wish to be part of.
– Short discussion on Coordinator’s
Budget – Do Coordinators have to ask permission for every expenditure?

Refer back to Finance Committee with instruction to come back with written

Moved: Jayne Johns

Seconded: Sharon Brine


Donations Committee Rejected as outside guidelines:

  • Canadian Diabetes Assoc.
  • Juvenile Diabetes
  • Royal City Foundation

Already Given to:

  • Doctors Without Borders
  • Sierra Legal Defence Fund
  • David Suzuki Foundation.


  • Coalition of Child Care Advocates
  • West Coast Leaf
  • Pollution Probe
  • Marguerite Dixon Society
    – $50


Implement recommendation of Donations Committee.

Moved: Sheila Pearce

Seconded: Floyd Knelsen



for discussion/


Negotiations with
TB & Agencies Evaluation Report
Discussed at CB Training, however question
raised about No. 10 of the Conclusions/ Recommendations which states
that: the Regional Council play a greater role in building strategy
and mobilization.:

  • Is the RC meeting its obligation
    under this section?
  • Should be raised at the regional
    bargaining conferences so that it can be dealt with at the national
  • Regional presence on national
    committees would be an asset.
  • Collective bargaining and
    regional strike structure will be on the agenda for RC spring meeting.
Component Updates Will be part of report to Regional Council.
Role & Responsibility
of Alt. REVP
This requires changes/amendment to Bylaws.
Refer to Bylaw Committee to be dealt with at the next
Convention. Jayne Johns asked to submit a motion re proposed
changes by next meeting..


Moved: Jayne Johns

Seconded: Megan Adam


Area Councils
  • Planning session for AC to
    come together

    to look
    at priorities.

  • Have an Area Council Conference
    as in Ontario region.
  • Proposal prepared by Joanna
    exploring possibility.
  • Conference should be Area
    Council specific.
  • Focus more on community.
  • Each RWC and other equity
    groups need to be represented in Area Councils.
  • Solicit input from area representatives
    on the affiliation question by email.
Table 3
  • REVP did not think it
    is necessary to go back to Board to ask them to reverse their decision.
  • Ballot kits already been prepared
    and mailed out.
  • If there is significant vote
    for arbitration, REVP prepared to support another vote or stay on arbitration
    for the next round.
Ships Crews Designated
Bargaining Unit
– PSAC looking into separate bargaining
unit for Ships Crews.

– Meeting with Components to develop
evidence/strategy for separate bargaining unit.

– Not happening this round of bargaining
because of timeframes involved.

Increase Council
Meeting by 1 Day
– Propose increasing Council meeting
by one day:

– Part of the day for AC strategizing.

– Part of the day for National
Officers to meet.

Discussion to be continued at next meeting.

Communications Officer
for Vancouver Region
Only three full time positions will
be allocated to the regions, there are 7 regions.

To be discussed at next meeting.
Will report back in a month or two.

Federal Election
& BC Fed Convention
Jim Sinclair spoke about finding ways
to work together at the next federal election.
Count Me In Difference between Count Me In and Better
Choices Campaign:

Better Choices:

  • non partisan
  • issues based

Count Me In:

  • allow people in communities
    to have their own choices.
  • Need to build on what we did
    last time.
  • More calls, more work on targeted
  • New system will be used by
    Count Me In, which tracks people who worked on campaigns.
  • Seen as taking away workers
    from NDP.
  • Not meant to compete for volunteers
    but enhance use of volunteers..

What we need to do:

  • start earlier
  • use strategic communications
Janet Routledge
To contribute $5,000 to the B.C. Fed federal election campaign.

Moved: Sam Wiese

Second: Megan Adam


Regional Strike
Strategy Meeting
Will be discussed at next meeting.
Motion to adjourn.

Moved: Sam Wiese

Seconded: Terri Lee


Present: Patty, Janet,Kay, Sam, Megan, Angela, Jayne, Denis, Sheila May, Benilde, Debbie, Pat, Gail, Craig, Sargy, Floyd, Parveen, Steve, Joy, Sharon, Nick & Jamey
Absent: Cindy

download the BC Regional Council meeting April 2,3 2006 minutes (pdf) or continue reading below

Agenda Item Proceedings Action
Opening remarks by Patty. Patty
  Swearing-in of new Alternate REVP and Fraser Valley West Coordinator. Patty
AGENDA Additions to Agenda:

  1. June 19-23 – UN Habitat Forum
  2. World Urban Forum
  3. Feeding the Cities – UBC Robson .Sq.
  4. World Urban Youth Forum
Adoption of Agenda Moved: CraigSeconded: NickCARRIED.  
Errors & Omissions Should have been dated Sept. 17 & 18, 2005Debbie should have been on the list of those present.
Minutes Move to accept minutes as corrected: SteveSeconded: SamCARRIED.  
Items Arising:    
Committee Composition It was decided to leave the decision as to changes in committee composition until after the convention. Anyone who is interested in participating in a committee should email the REVP Office. They will keep track of the list. Effort will be made to have representative committees and for people to be named to the committee they wish to be in.  
RC Members Action Plan Members provided with copy of Priorities identified by Council as well as training notes.  
Agenda Item Proceedings Action
Coordinators’ Reports:Fraser Valley Coordinators’ Reports were provided in a package to RC members.Joy pointed out that the 2nd page of her report was missing. Report will be re-sent to RC members. It was also noted that Cindy’s report was inadvertently missed. This too will be sent separately.
Jayne provided an update on her report. She and members of the new Fraser Valley Area Council attended the first meeting of the new Abbotsford/Chilliwack District Labour Council. There are 9 unions represented in this Labour Council. A Steering Committee was struck and Anne Marie, a PSAC member, will be representing this union on the Committee.
Other Committee Reports:    
B.C. FedHuman Rights Steve felt that there was a great imbalance on the Committee and not everyone is on the same page. As an example, before Craig joined, there were no Aboriginals on the Committee. It would be good to hear from the other RC members after convention as a follow-up.  
Health & Safety Joy gave a brief update on the recent health & safety conference.She also mentioned that she had developed a survey to assist in identifying health & safety activists.  
PAC Nick thought that it was time we put the new MPs’ feet to the fire and educate them around our issues and concerns. A couple of training opportunities were mentioned, one in Victoria and one at the New West District & Labour Council. Jayne and some members from the Area Council will be attending.  
RWC Parveen provided a report on the activities of the Regional Women’s Committee as well as a brief recap of the Women Delegates’ Meeting.  
Youth The youth campaign has just started and the region has additional money for the pilot Youth project. Jamey was recently trained by BC Fed to be facilitator on the Youth Program.Jamey has already made a presentation to high school students, which was very well received and very successful.Jamey was also elected as 1st VP of the Vancouver Area Council. He attended the CEUDA, Vancouver Area Council and UTE meetings. Attended the Governexx Conference and the BC Fed Youth Committee meetings.  
Financial Update Members were provided with copies of the Budget Update for 2006 as well as a copy of the previous year’s. Kay presented the report and explained the reason for the deficit.Proposed Budget for 2006 was passed at last meeting.  
PAC Budget Passed at last meeting.  
Agenda Item Proceedings Action
  Questions asked about what happens to leftover monies from Coordinators’ budgets. Patty explained that the funds are used to pay for deficits in other areas and the remainder goes to the Reserve.  
Donations Committee The Donations Committee met and came up with a list of organizations that they want to recommend to the RC for support. The guidelines for the donations, however, was not available, Approval was recommended, disbursements to be made once it has been established that they meet the criteria.  
  Most of the requests they looked into were from groups that have consistently requested donations from us. The Committee would like to fund most of them.  
  The organizations considered and recommended for funding were:

  1. Sierra Legal Defence Fund – $225
  2. Doctors Without Borders – $100
  3. Amnesty International – $100
  4. Council of Canadians – $156.25
  5. Leyte Disaster (Philippines) – $50
  6. CCPA – Prov. Chapter – $300
  7. David Suzuki Foundation – $100
  8. Friends of CBC – $70
  9. Project Plougshare – 0
  10. Canada Post Literacy award – Not really a solicitation.
  11. Pro-Choice Action Network – $50

    TOTAL = $1,151.25

  Once it is verified that the organizations meet the criteria, funds will be distributed.  
Regional Convention Resolutions Follow-Up All outstanding resolutions were dealt with as per By-laws and PSAC Constitution.  
CODE BLUE BC Fed and CLC involved and have done a lot of work around this issue. Petition will be passed around or it can be done electronically.  
WORLD PEACE FORUM June 23-28. There will be a labour forum, education, and other events such as living in a world without war.  
WORKERS OUT CONFERENCE Will be held in Montreal. Steve will be going from this region. He suggested that members check the website for further information.  
WORLD URBAN YOUTH FORUM It will be good for us to provide a workers’ perspective in this forum.  
CLC WOMEN’S CONFERENCE Subsidy available for one woman to participate. The region, however, will have to come up with additional funds. More info at a later date.  
Agenda Item Proceedings Action
NEXT RC CAMPAIGN Campaign building will be discussed at next meeting.  
NEXT MEETING Date to be set after National Convention. It will be sometime in the fall.  
ADJOURNMENT Meeting adjourned at 4:40 p.m.

PSAC BC logo

Congratulations to Sam Wiese who was recently elected as the alternate REVP.
Sam will be staying on the B.C. Regional Council but in her new position. Sam is now also on the Executive Council of the B.C. Federation of Labour. Sam is a long-time PSAC and workers’ rights activist with a particular interest in health and safety.

Vacancy: Alternate REVP BC

PSAC BC logoTO: PSAC National Officers and Local Presidents in the BC Region (Please post and distribute within your membership)

FROM: John Gordon

RE: Vacancy: Alternate REVP BC

Since Patty Ducharme has been elected National Executive Vice-President at the 2006 PSAC Convention, Kay Sinclair is now assuming the responsibilities of the REVP for B.C. Therefore, we need to proceed to the election of the Alternate REVP BC.

The following election procedures will be followed:


psac logoTO: Voting Delegates from the BC Region to the 2005 BC Region Convention – Still in Good Standing.

FROM: Nycole Turmel

RE: Alternate REVP BC

Dear Sisters and Brothers:

The ballots in the elections to the above-noted position have been counted and Kay Sinclair received a majority.

Therefore, I declare Sister Kay Sinclair the new Alternate Regional Executive Vice-President for the BC Region.

Congratulations Kay!

In Solidarity, Nycole Turmel, National President


As part of the BC Region, this individual will work closely with the Regional Executive Vice-President (REVP) providing support in the day to day work and assisting the REVP in responding to a wide range of requests. The individual will possess good organizing skills and will be able to work independently, as well as part of a team; will be able to keep informed of issues sensitive to the union and to the office of the REVP, sort the information and bring important issues to the attention of the REVP; will have good research skills and excellent communication skills, both orally and in writing.


Dear Brothers & Sisters:

The federal election on Janauary 23rd is a critically important event for most PSAC members. While all voters in Canada will be electing a government, most PSAC members have the opportunity to elect their employer. As a result it is important that PSAC members participate in the election campaign, and do what they can to ensure that candidates for election understand issues that are important to PSAC members and are willing to champion those issues in Parliament. In this mail out you will find a Brochure from the Canadian Labour Congress on their Better Choices Campaign and a summary of the issue leaflets that the PSAC has prepared and posted on the under the Think, Ask and Vote icon.

PSAC members have had the right to engage politically at the federal level since the union challenged the restrictions under the previous Public Service Employment Act (PSEA) back in 1991. The Supreme Court of Canada ruled that the only federal public sector workers who faced restrictions on political expression were deputy heads of departments. The Public Service Modernization Act changed the PSEA which has created new restrictions on all public service workers.

It has been brought to my attention that some departments and agencies are advising our members that they are not allowed to participate in the political process. This statement is overly broad and misleading.


Approved at the RC meeting May 13-14, 2001

Requests for conference grants should

  • be in writing (email or paper) to the REVP’s office
  • be received 3 weeks prior to registration deadline
  • contain a rationale why this conference would be valuable for the applicant
  • give an indication how the information/experience obtained at the conference will be used by the participant in union activities
  • indicate any other efforts the applicant has made to obtain funding

All requests will be forwarded to the Grant’s Committee for approval.

The following considerations will be used to award grants:

  • is the conference is labour, political or social activism related?
  • will the Region benefit from our participation in this event?
  • has the applicant been awarded previous grants for conferences? if yes, when?
  • normally we will not fund more than 3 participants for the same conference
  • exceptions to the above should be mostly in the lower-cost category


Conference outside BC: $500.00
Conference in BC, and participant has to fly: up to $500.00
Conference in BC and no need to fly: $250.00

There should be a written report to the REVP’s office within one month of the event.

Download a conference subsidy application (pdf).

Regional Council at

Your are currently browsing the archives for items filed under the Regional Council category. You can find more information about the BC Regional Council, including a list of Regional Council members, the various council committees, and the REVP’s schedule under the About Us link above.

Minutes of the Regional Council Meeting,September 17 & 18, 2005

Download the BC Regional Council meeting minutes, September 17 18 2005 (pdf) or read below.

Present: Patty, Joanna, Bob, Sam, Megan, Angela, Kay, Jayne, Denis, Sheila May, Benilde, Debbie, Pat, Cindy, Gail, Craig, Sargy, Floyd, Parveen, Steve, Joy, Sharon, Nick, Jamey, Marie & Guest: Ron Stipp, CLC  
Agenda Item Proceedings Action
Agenda The e-tutorial has been postponed and replaced with “RC members’ job descriptions, action plans”. An update from Component Conventions will be held Sunday.Steve will incorporate his communication issue within his report.  
Moved (Craig) Seconded (Sheila May) that the agenda be adopted as amended.  
Minutes Moved (Nick) Seconded (Gail) that the minutes of April 7, 2005 be adopted.  
Items Arising Patty reported that the Political Action funds were secured and donated to the Count Me In campaign.  
Minutes Moved (Pat) Seconded (Sharon) that the minutes of April 9, 2005 be adopted.  
Minutes Moved (Sharon) seconded (Jayne) that the minutes of April 11, 2005 be adopted.  
Items Arising It was agreed that the resolutions that had not been dealt with at the Regional Convention be deferred until the next meeting.  
RC Committees Moved (Steve) Seconded (Megan) that the committees be adopted as circulated (copy attached).  
Agenda Item Proceedings Action
Finances Moved (Megan) Seconded (Nick) Accept the Financial Update. (Copy attached). donations line item is $705.
Finances Moved (Megan) Seconded (Kay) to adopt the report on the Proposed 2006 Budget for the BC Regional Council.  
Discussion on the motion: Items for next RC meeting, the need for a meeting of Convention Delegates to coincide with that meeting. Tentative dates: March 31, April 1, 2 & 3, 2006. Marie to check hotels for meeting location.
Motion Carried.  
Action Plans All Members reported back on their priorities and action plans.  
Moved (Steve) Seconded (Sam) to accept the reports of the RC Members.  
PSMA Joanna provided RC Members with an overview of the PSAC training efforts respecting the PSM Act. She explained the objective of promoting availability of training and the delivery thereof, throughout BC. Members discussed at length the concerns relating to the devolution of authority, which the Act contemplates and our union’s efforts to make Local Union officers and members aware of the Act’s implications.  
Regional Convention Update 08 Patty reported that The Coast Plaza at Stanley Park had been booked for the Convention and that we were fortunate to be able to lock in the room rates that we received in 2005.  
Donations Committee Report Moved (Floyd) Seconded (Sheila May) that the RC donate $50 each to Rape Relief and Van. Women’s Health Collective and that the remaining $605 be used for year-end food initiatives sponsored by the BC Fed and District Labour Councils.  
Agenda Item Proceedings Action
Regional Coords. Budgets Patty gave a brief reminder of how budgets are accessed, their appropriate usage and alternate financing. Items for discussion included a leaflet about Regional Council Members & their duties, the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, Women’s issues and a piece on the Regional Council in Area Council newsletters.  
Comp. Convention Highlights Regional Council members gave presentations respecting the highlights of their Component Conventions and plans for their portfolios (note: continued following presentation on municipal elections.  
Municipal Elections Ron Stipp, CLC Representative from Pacific Reg. Office gave a presentation on the following: the importance of the Municipal Campaign, the CLC and LC involvement in municipal elections,endorsing & assisting candidates, working with local elected representatives and getting involved with your Labour Council. Renew efforts to facilitate Local’s affiliation to Labour Councils.
Members Action Plans Regional Council Members broke into smaller groups to work on their Action Plans. They were challenged to review the job description contained within the Council By-Laws and take into consideration the elements of the “strategic plan” work they had done during RC & Staff training when creating an Action Plan that would work in their area. Members will report back when Council reconvenenes with their plans. All RC Members to receive training notes.
Agenda Item Proceedings Action
Resolved: Moved (Steve) Seconded (Sam) to endorse the book tour of PSAC member, Doug Janoff, who has written the book, “Pink Blood”.  
Moved (Sam) Seconded (Steve) to endorse the Vancouver World Peace Forum and that Patty Ducharme be instructed by the RC to seek endorsement and National PSAC organizational support.  
Priorities Priorities for 2006:Federal Election, (CMI)National Convention

Service Canada

Out Workers Conference

Adjourn Moved (Sam) Seconded (Debbie to adjourn.  

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