The staff working in the CBB Office

Laurel Axam : Secretary

I began working for the Government of Canada in April 1980. My 19th birthday was celebrated one week before this. I was a CR-2 in an Unemployment Insurance (now called Employment Insurance) office when I walked my first picket line during the September 1980 CR strike.

In 1981 (in May if memory serves) I got a CR-3 position at “CIC Metro” in Vancouver, the regional office for Immigration Canada. Then in September 1981 I got a CR-4 position with Labour Canada. Labour Canada became part of Human Resources Development Canada when it was formed in 1994. While working for Labour Canada and HRDC I held a variety of positions with Local executives in the National Component. The union officer position I held the longest was that of Local Secretary.

I stayed with Labour until being assigned to HRDC’s Finance section in 1997. I worked for HRDC (now HRSDC and SDC) until November 2003 when I started working with Deb Seaboyer and Moe Ritchie in the Vancouver Satellite Office, Collective Bargaining Branch of the PSAC.

Luc Guevremont : Regional Negotiator

Luc began working as the Regional Negotiator in 2005.

Deb Seaboyer : Grievance & Adjudication Officer

Deb has been a union member throughout her working life, starting with her first job with the Ontario WCB in 1979. She became a member of PSAC when she began working for Canada Post Corporation in 1984. She became a union activist in 1995 and has held various Local and National positions within the Union of Postal Communications Employees (UPCE). She started her career with PSAC as an Acting Regional Representative in the Vancouver Regional Office. She feels blessed to be the current PSAC Grievance and Adjudication Officer responsible for providing representation to PSAC members in BC and the Yukon, working in the Vancouver satellite office. She has been the G&A Officer since December 2002.

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