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BC Regional Council

The BC Regional Council is composed of geographic representatives, equity representatives, a representative each for the National Officers, Directly Chartered locals and Health & Safety. All positions on the BC Regional Council are elected from among the membership. The Regional Executive Vice President is a full-time paid position. All other members of the council work in jobs represented by the union and serve the union as volunteers. In addition to chairing the BC Regional Council, the REVP represents BC on the Alliance Executive Committee, the body that runs the union nationally. For more information about the Regional Council, visit the About Us section.

PSAC Area Councils

Area Councils are cross-Component organizations recognized in the PSAC Constitution. At Area Council meetings members from different locals can get together to compare notes about what the employer is up to. Members may find out that someone in a different workplace had exactly the same problem and that they solved it. Area Council members can also raise the profile of the union in the community, build links with other Labour groups, and send members to Regional and National Conventions. We currently have 7 Area Councils throughout the province. Check the events calendar for Area Council meetings in your area, or contact the Regional Rep responsible for your area to find out more about Area Councils.

Human Rights Committees

We have 2 active committees – one on the Mainland, and one on Vancouver Island –  comprised of members from Aboriginal, Racially Visible, PWD, and GLBT groups. They meet monthly to discuss issues important to members from these equity groups. The Regional Rep responsible for the Mainland Human Rights Committee is Regina Brennan, and the Rep responsible for the Island HRC is Dave Jackson.

National Aboriginal Peoples’ Network

At the 2003 PSAC Convention, a resolution was adopted that mandated our Union to create a National Aboriginal, Inuit and Metis (NAIM) Network. The creation of the NAIM Network is a first for our Union. It is a major step forward for our Aboriginal, Inuit and Metis members, and for our Union as a whole. It will help our members, and our Union , to make gains and fight for the rights of all our members included in this Network.

In 2009 the decision was taken to change the name to National Aboriginal Peoples’ Network (NAPN) For more information about the NAPN, contact Alexander Bishop and/or Marion McLarty, NAPN Representatives in BC.


Health and Safety: The British Columbia Regional Union Safety and Health Committee meets to discuss H&S related issues. A Regional Health and Safety Conference was held in March April 2009 and the BRUSH is currently planning for the National Health and Safety Conference to be held in 2009. To find out more about the BRUSH Committee, contact James Little.

Womens Issues

The B.C. Region currently has 4 Women’s Committees – in Vancouver, Prince George, the Okanagan and Victoria. Janelle Ho-Shing is the Rep responsible for women’s issues and the Regional Women’s Committees.

Youth Caucus

Young workers, like all workers, want to be treated with fairness, dignity and respect! Issues and information for young workers. Contact Monica Urrutia to get involved with the Youth Caucus.

International Solidarity/Social Justice

The PSAC is currently taking part in the “Make Poverty History Campaign”. For more information on Social Justice or International Solidarity at the PSAC, email Janelle Ho-Shing.

Political Action Committee

The BC Regional Political Action Committee has been recently revitalized, and now boasts a compliment of 22 members! In conjunction with the BC Federation of Labour, the PAC recently worked on the 2006 Federal Election Campaign. If you are interested in getting involved with the PAC, email Janelle Ho-Shing.

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