What is a Shop Steward?

For many members, the Steward is the face of the union. The Steward is the visible presence of the union in the workplace as the union officer who works with and interacts with the members at the workplace and represents them in a specific work area. The Steward enforces the collective agreement and protects the rights members have acquired through negotiations and other union actions. Stewards are elected or appointed within the Local.

If you are interested in becoming a Steward, contact your Local Executive.

As a Steward you are the officer who acts as the liaison between the Local Executive and the membership. It is your job to make sure the members you represent at the worksite know what the union and Local are doing and it is also your job to make sure the union and the Local know how the members you represent feel on any subject.

The Steward is a key person in the union and it is within your power to ensure your Local is strong, representative and successful in protecting membership rights.